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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 3 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Carter spent his entire election season trying to vilify Reagan as an unacceptable alternative - because Carter knew he could not be elected on his own record. Reagan blew away all those vilification's at the debates and won handily.

Romney is not Reagan - but Obama is worse than Carter - and all those nasty comments about Romney from the Obama campaign are now clearly just that - nasty. Undecideds are not going to go for Obama - they have already decided against him - they merely needed to have a reason to be pro Romney - and now they have it. Any states that Obama does not now poll above %50 in, are now completely lost to him.

@LDS Liberal
"Mitt Romney FINALLY got away from the uber-far-right-wingnuts who've high-jacked the GOP, was more himself, and showed his mor moderate Centrist self"

And Obama continues to demonstrate he is captivated by the far far far far far far (limit of 200 words) left.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
"Why do I post this? Because I'm SICK and tired of the Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, FoxNews addicts who keep saying and blaming the media."

They posted it because to do anything else would have destroyed their credibility and they can't allow that ..... even for their friend Obama.

The liberal media was left with no other option but to call it like everybody else saw it.

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT

I love when people try to make a candidate out to be the villain. With President Obama he hates America and wants it to be weak and he is a Muslim. IT'S NOT TRUE!

With Romney, people say he hates the poor, has never worked hard, is materialistic, rude, etc.

Neither candidate is a villain. Both are good men, both have character, it simply comes down to who will help this country and its people thrive the most. My vote is for Romney, but it doesn't change the fact that the President is a good person who loves America.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"....Romney has shown his true colors over and over in his overt display of disrespect for others and his narcissistic need for control...."


The race for the Presidency does not exactly attract self-effacing individuals and that’s as it should be. You have to have an above normal ego to aspire to such an awesome job. Romney’s ego shows in how he answers questions feeling no obligation to tell the public precisely where he stands on issues. It's as though he sees it as his prerogative to decide what voters need to be told and only when he’s good and ready. Voters can decide for themselves what they think of that.

Obama’s ego showed last night in how he reacted to Romney with what struck me as smug dismissiveness. If the President didn’t respect Romney before last night, he does now. Or at least he should.

Salt Lake City, UT

One thing that is patently clear in the debate... Romney is not honest and thinks Americans can't do math.

He lied about taxes (the math doesn't add up on his claims about the rich not having their taxes lowered... also he's lying that his plan doesn't reduce taxes on the rich since he's said all along that the job creators, i.e. rich, are overburdened with taxation). He lied about Medicare since the Ryan budget has the Obama cuts to it in it, and Romney would affect current seniors since getting rid of Obamacare opens back up the donut hole. He lied about repealing Obamacare as a means of reducing the deficit (between the tax increases and Medicare cuts, Obamacare pays for itself).

He presents his tax plan hoping Americans can't figure out that to make it revenue neutral as claimed he'd have to get rid of some important middle-class used tax credits, like the ones for children, mortgages, or earned income. His deficit reduction plan consists of getting rid of Obamacare (CBO says repeal would increase the deficit) and getting rid of PBS while cutting revenue and increasing defense spending.

Hayden, ID

The reason Obama lost this debate is because it was about IDEAS, SUBSTANCE! For the first time in this campaign America saw Mitt Romney as he really is; intelligent, informed, an insightful and a credible leader with real solutions. Not the usual Democrat attempts of character assassination. That’s all the Democrats have! Don’t believe it? Watch what the Democrats do next!

Salt Lake City, UT

"As many Obama supporters on this forum have demonstrated, nothing will sway their vote."

Why would I have my vote swayed when I'm someone who knows Romney was lying through his teeth for most of the debate? Winning a debate doesn't make someone the better President. Gingrich won some debates in South Carolina after all, that didn't make him better than Romney (though the loons in South Carolina did give him a primary win for it). If I were to be convinced by Romney he'd have to show some math and details on his tax plans and his deficit reduction plans but he doesn't. Probably because Americans wouldn't like what they'd see.

Salt Lake City, UT

Agree with most on these posts -- Romney won! I'm an independent and vote for who I think would do the best job. I'm going for Romney, not because he has all the answers, but he's a business man. Just judging what he did with the Olympics here in Utah shows he knows how to turn things around. Look at past presidents -- how many of them have been lawyers -- how many business men. It will take someone saavy with business ideals to turn this country and economy around. As far as the medicare voucher program, tell me if I missed something. What I heard was nothing would change for people on medicare or those close to retirement. The future would include the program as is OR the voucher program -- the person would decide.

When you look at the split screen of the debate it's almost like a child being chastised for something he knows he did wrong with Obama looking down the entire time, and every so often looking up for a second. I've seen that look on my kids when I'm confronting them about something they did wrong. Looking towards next weeks :>D

Pleasant Grove, UT

If you look at the candidates education and background, you should have known the outcome of last night's debate as soon as they said it would be about the economy. Obama was a constitutional professor. He knows the law. Romney has the financial and business training and experience. Watching the commentary early this morning by the CNN group, they seemed surprised. Again, I believe the outcome was pretty much not a surprise. Additionally, Romney is up against an overall liberal media that hasn't painted him in a kind light throughout the campaign. Last night he said the very things he has said for years, but he was front and center, and not speaking at some obscure area of Ohio, etc. Obama is an intelligent man who really does have concern about our country, but he does not have the skill set we currently need.


It is easier to win when you are right, when what you say is true, when the facts are overwhelmingly on your side.

The reason Romney's demeanor was so strong, enthusiastic and effective is because he knows he has the truth on his side. When you do not have the truth on your side, you will look down, look away, not make eye contact with your opponent and you will ramble.

When Romney pointed out that President Obama said he would cut the deficit in half and then he doubled it, what can Obama say? He blamed it all on what had happened before he was President. I found that insulting to the American intelligence and a response hopeful of our complete ignorance and stupidity (Web definitions: a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience.).

After all, the President was well aware at the time of all those things he pointed out in defense of his failure, whether they were accurate or not, yet he made those campaign promises anyway in order to get elected. For four years he has continued to blame others for a tremendous failure to do what he said he would do.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


"One thing that is patently clear in the debate... Romney is not honest and thinks Americans can't do math."

He's right - Americans can't do math. Our school test scores stand as a testament to that. As does the fact that the average American has over $55k in consumer debt.

I'll take it a step further and say that Americans aren't smart, period. Why else would so many of us fallen for Obama's student-body-president-esque promises in 2008 and elected him?

What Ever
Salt Lake City,, UT

I am so glad I read your comment. I will sleep much better knowing that in spite of our HUGE deficit, record high unemployment rates, the Medicare crisis running rampant, that President Obama and his wife are planting a garden. Why worry?!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I must say, of all the Romneys I’ve seen, this debate Romney is my favorite.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Look at past presidents -- how many of them have been lawyers -- how many business men."

Yeah but... the businessmen were Hoover and the Bush's. That's like one average president (H. W. Bush) and two presidents that left behind massive economic disasters.

"As far as the medicare voucher program, tell me if I missed something. What I heard was nothing would change for people on medicare or those close to retirement. "

Not exactly. Repeal of Obamacare gets rid of some of the benefits for seniors in there like closing the donut hole. Personally, my parents are just below 55 and my mom has diabetes. I don't care if Romney really has no effect on those 55+ since I don't want my mom to have to deal with trying to get insurance in a marketplace that can discriminate based on pre-existing conditions (Romney was deceptive, his plan only protects those with continuing coverage from pre-existing conditions... not everyone which does nothing to help the sick or those who lose their jobs for more than 3 months and have their health insurance lapse) with a voucher that is thousands below what's needed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Please educate me as I really don't know. Many of these posts say Romney has to lay out his economic and tax plan so we all know what it is. Am I wrong, or does Romney have access to all of the numbers concerning the taxes, economy, and budget for the US? My thinking would be like going into a new job. You're aware things aren't right and things need to be done, and you can make the comments that there needs to be a new budget, new rules, etc., but until you're actually there, you have no real idea what's involved. I don't think Romney came across as arrogant, as a bully, or disrespectful -- I just saw that Obama was way in over his head. He just doesn't have the answers, if he's tried, things haven't worked. I like the comment by Romney that he didn't try to work any further than Pelosi. It's obvious he hasn't worked with Congress.

In my schooling, I've learned that laws, etc come through Congress -- not the president. He's limited in what he can do. Right or Wrong?

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

If a "strong performance" means pushy and dogmatic, then Romney carried the day.

Fortunately, I have kept up with the issues. so I already knew that Obama's argument is correct; Romney's tax plan does not compute and neither does the rest of his Regan-retread, wishful-trickle economics.

I am no fan of Obama because he stands with Republicans in the movement to privatize education and he has abandoned the cause of working men and women. Right to work states have the poorest families and the worst education outcomes, yet this is the plan that the right has for America, and the left no longer opposes.

The sad truth, that neither party will admit and no American wants to be told, is that the human worker is becoming obsolete, thanks to globalization and advances in technology, robotics and artificial intelligence. Politicians are bought and sold and accountable only to those at the top. But as long as a Republican waves a flag; pays homage to God and founding fathers; scape-goats immigrants; and chides the poor, they have the vote of conservative ostriches who only want to be told that "all is well in Zion."

Provo, UT

Romney "won"?

Not necessarily.

Take, for example, a CBS poll of undecided voters. 46% of them said Romeny won; 22% said Obama won; but 32% said it was a tie! That makes fully 54% who either picked Obama or said "tie." Romney's 46% hardly constitutes a blowout. That's lower than the totals he's been getting in national polls lately. And these were previously undecided voters, not Romney's dyed in the wool base.

Provo, UT

Even though Romney cleaned the floor with Obama last night, the pundits are saying that Romney is lying about his plans or changing his tune for the debates. What is humorous about his is that the pundits and Obama campaign have created a straw man that they have labelled as Romney Policies and Beliefs. So when Romney clearly and articulately states what he believes and what he will do, they freak out because it doesn't agree with the straw man they created. It's kind of humorous to watch.

Romney looked very presidential last night. Obama looked like a child being scolded in the principal's office.

Springville, UT

@Joe Capitalist2

Not so.

I clearly stated my reasons for why I believe President Obama lost the debate. Those reasons have nothing to do with my personal politics. I support President Obama, but that does not mean he hasn't given me reason for pause. My decision to vote for him is based upon my personal viewpoints and who I believe the best person is to be President. No debate will change that, but not because I am some mindless lemming, but rather because I made my mind up based upon my beliefs, my interpretation of events over the past four years (and really the events of the past 40 years), and what I believe as a U.S. citizen, a veteran, a teacher, a husband and father, and a member of the world-wide community.

I give everyone else that consideration, and would hope the debates give the candidates an opportunity to clarify their beliefs as well as convince undecided voters.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

From where I sat, Romney was relatively well-received. Athough there were many times where looked like his was not feeling well, he appears as if his stomach were acting up, he did extremely well in putting forward his position. He was a new Romney expounding moderate views which came across a perhaps a reality check for his conservative base. Also, the two men were very cordial and mature in the discussion.

However, saying that Romney "won" and Obama "lost" is juvenile since we need to analyze what was said and the accuracy of those statements. The so-called "pundits" have an agenda. They are not paid to be honest and unprejudiced. What they say today they will say something different tomorrow. Those looking for Obama to "come out swinging" don't want civil discourse. Romney had a few "zingers" to excite his audience, but he did his job and disappointed everyone who thought he do poorly.

Romney had a different debate experience than he did during the primaries. Then he had to "Out Right" people like Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum. Here he etch-at-sketched himself back toward the center.

Nonetheless, two debates remain.

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