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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 3 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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one day...
South Jordan, UT

I think it was a good debate, Romney showed energy, Obama shows being tired of the sick nation he got years ago and I don't think has been an easy task to recover from that point.

I don't really like these candidates, that's the truth, we need a strong leader for these bad times, a lot of people think that the new president needs to be a sort of magician in order to create jobs and put the country on track again, but this will take years, to recover will take years.

We need more jobs in order to produce and pay taxes, both of them are saying no more taxes, but honestly, we need to get some extra money from someone like it or not, military spending to be cut and get the robot from mars, it doesn't make any sense that!!! plus the candidates to donate the campaign donation to the country and debt!

Buena Vista, VA

While I was watching the debate last night, Romney's voice and face seemed to morph into Reagan's. It was like watching the Reagen vs. Carter debate.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: KJB1 Eugene, OR
"Romney may have had a good night that will fire up his base, ..."

It isn't Romney's base you should be worried about. Like 'Joe Moe' said above, it is the undecided voters that should have you worried.

Provo, UT

True, Romney was smooth... like an experienced used car salesman.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Romney won because he moved to the center. He stayed away from his tea party talking points. He is very talented person and a politician. The devil however is in the details. Over the coming weeks he will have to start putting specifics behind his tax plan. He hinted at limiting deductions, and that could mean a tax increase for middle class Americans even if he cuts the rate. The next few days will be interesting as some of his "new" positions are vetted by the democrats. He may have made a mistake when he said that "there are no tax breaks for moving jobs overseas, and if there were he needs a new accountant". That comment is going to lead to a push to see his tax returns for the last 10 years to see if he has taken any tax breaks for outsourcing jobs.

Yesterdays win maybe tomorrow's loss.

Las Vegas, NV

It looked Mitt gave the student in Obama great lesson in economy 101

Salt Lake City, UT

I voted for Obama in 2008. I did this because I believed he would make a change. Four years later... we are worse off. He didn't even try to fulfill many campaign promises. I volunteered during the 2002 Winter Olympics and saw what Mr. Romney did with that upside down situation. If Mr. Romney can do to our economic mess even a fraction of what he did with the Olympics - I am for him. We NEED a change. This isn't a football game, there are too many "fans" that no matter what will cheer for their "democrat team." I'm NOT one of them. I'll be voting for Mia Love this year too. We really need an economic change.

Ogden, UT

Romney looked like a petulant bully through the entire debate. He also lied through his teeth. There was nothing substantive in what he said -- it was all ambiguity and fluff. The President provided the substance and the specifics . . . and the rationality and level-headedness. One thing though -- Romney proved why he should never be elected.

Springville, UT

I am going to vote for President Obama (big surprise to all the regulars on these comment boards, I know), but Mitt Romney did the better job last night. He defended his position very well and he hit President Obama's weak spots. President Obama, by my count, missed three opportunities to call out Romney, but failed to do so,

1. Not answering the moderator's 1st question about "Trickle Down Government."

2. Not revealing the historical numbers that every GOP administration in the past 60 years has made government bigger (# of employees) and most Dems have reduced the size of government.

3. Not explaining the $716 Billion issue better.

My last comment is about the rules of the debate, which both candidates ignored:

If you are going to have a debate and not force your candidates to stick to the rules, what's the point? I think it's time for a new set of rules. Perhaps Oxford Rules, or something along the lines of a more effective adaptation of the Lincoln-Douglass format.

Centerville, UT


" this isn't remotely over."

A statement I don't think any Obama supporter ever dreamed they'd be saying before the debate started last night. Nixon was sweaty and pale. Reagan said, "There you go again." Michael Dukakis floundered with a question about his wife getting raped and murdered. George H.W. Bush looked at his watch. Barack Obama looked at the floor while Mitt Romney taught him.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Furry1993 Ogden, UT
"Romney looked like a petulant bully through the entire debate."

Visit Real Clear Politics and see what the knowledgeable authorities have to say about last night's debate. Romney cleaned Obama's clock ..... and that isn't good news for Jim Matheson who finds himself trailing Mia Love for his seat in the US House of Representatives.

Hayden, ID

Romney demonstrated great leadership in the debate, especially when asked about his specific details of reducing the size of deficit and other changes he said, several times, “he will take PRINCIPLES into the White House and in a bi-partisan way, the details will be hammered out but within the bounds of the principles he brings”. If you go into any negotiation with its my way or the highway (like how we got Obamacare), that’s not leadership, that’s dictatorship!

Colorado Springs, CO

I don't watch the debates, but watch to see what the pundits say afterwards. Seems Romney won this debate. Good for him. I have always said he is going to win this election, and his gap will widen very shortly, debates or no debates. However, can he deliver? It's one thing to promise; it's another to actually deliver!

Allen, TX

I thought it was interesting how little Obama really knows about how the economy really works. The main thing he doesn't understand is that you can raise overall tax revenue while lowering tax rates. If lowering tax rates gets more people working and more businesses selling more, you get more payroll taxes, more business profit taxes, more sales taxes, more property taxes from increased housing starts. This is a foreign concept to Obama, but Romney understands it.

Spanish Fork, Ut

The most telling parts of the debate were when Obama continually quoted all the good things that happened during the Clinton years but almost no mention of his own record. I think that said it all. In 2008 Obama campaigned on "hope and change", "change and hope". He never had to say anything of substance because he didn't need to. It was clear he didn't know how to handle direct face to face criticism of his own record. He looked like a deer in the headlights. The sheen has come off.

Eugene, OR


Yes, there are two more debates. The first is a town hall format, where Romney isn't going to be able to get away with talking over a roomful of voters. The second focuses on foreign policy, where Romney's experience consists of offending Great Britain and wishing we weren't only fighting one war.

Personally, I wish Obama had been more energetic last night, but there were no real gaffes on his part, nothing the opposition can point to as a mistake. Romney, on other hand, left himself exposed in other ways: Medicare into vouchers, a tax plan that makes no sense, "firing Big Bird." Look around online and you'll already see that the fact checkers aren't being kind to him. And, contrary to what some people here are saying, there are few undecideds left and Romney has to win virtually all of them to beat Obama. Yes, he had a good night and will get a bump, but there's nowhere left for him to go from here except down.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I hope this jarred the White House enough to wake them up to the reality that Obama might not be able to win this race by playing it safe. Last night, Romney sounded like he's become his own man who's now playing for keeps. He doesn't need to schmooze up to the right wing any longer and a sound whupping by Mitt might be just what the President needs if he hopes to persuade voters to give him a second term.

Hayden, ID

@ KJB. I heard that Hugo Chavez endorsed Obama. That should give Obama a bump among liberals. No word if the debate changed Chavez’s mind!

St. George, Utah

KJB1 Eugene, OR
"Romney's supporters will say he won" Even the libral press said he won, did you not read all those comments?
"On the other hand, Romney came across as rude and arrogant (smirking and talking over Jim Lehrer) and also provided the Obama campaign with plenty of ammo (He admitted to the world that he wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system.)"
Had that been Obama, I am guessing you would have said he was agressive and Presidential?
I saw your comment comming in some form, how the media approached these debates, in one report they set up the idea that Romney needed to back off his arrogance to show him being a common person, then turn around and say he needed to be agressive to show the country he could stand up to the world for the United States. How I saw this was they were setting up Mitt Romney so they could spin what ever happened to say I told you so and make it look bad for him.
But first reports even from the liberal press was he did greet, lets see over time how their going to spin for Obama.

metamora, IL

PTM: the "savings" in Medicare are largely the result of paying less to providers which Mr. Romney countered by noting that an estimated 15% of providers would then refuse to accept Medicare -- which includes our office (we perform a $2500 service for which Medicare reimburses $525, plus a $125 co-payment).

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