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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 3 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Eugene, OR

For all the talk about the "liberal media" here, they were always going to give Romney kudos for simply not running off the stage in tears. Romney's supporters will say he won, Obama's will favor him, and not much will change as far as where the election is headed. On the other hand, Romney came across as rude and arrogant (smirking and talking over Jim Lehrer) and also provided the Obama campaign with plenty of ammo (He admitted to the world that he wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system.)

Romney may have had a good night that will fire up his base, but anybody wanting a game-changing moment isn't going to get it. And with two debates to go (three, if you count Biden/Ryan), this isn't remotely over.

You may now resume your gloating...

Spanish Fork, UT

Eric S. ... loved your line "Matthew's leg went numb." Very funny.

I never mark off the debates as to who won or lost because unless my guy makes a fool of himself I always think he./she won. But, I watch the Twitter, Facebook, other social media and the national media. It was universal that Romney not only won but dominated.

Does that mean he'll win the election? If he'd done poorly does it mean he lost the election? Either way, winning leads to winning and tonight helped Romney make his case directly to Americans without the media filters.

More to come.

Provo, UT

I support Obama, but I thought Romney did a better job in this debate. I still don't like what he has planned (or what I think he has planned since he tends to switch things up depending on his audience), but I thought he presented what he wanted to present in a more effective way.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

KJB1, the key is what undecided voters think. A CBS poll showed HUGE gains for Romney in that category tonight. This debate was a game changer.

Austin, TX

@ KJB1

You're right. It isn't over and there are still three debates left. And that's precisely why O and his supporters should now be terrified.

Personally, I can't wait to see Ryan absolutely destroy Biden. Tonight's beat down will pale in comparison.

county mom
Monroe, UT

Teleste, I agree,I am feeling a little sorry for Biden. "It is terrible to go into a war of witts totally unarmed".
It was obvious that Romney understands the free market and how to create jobs. Obama has been working under the illusion that the government can do this. Only the possibility of profits will get people to hire people. A flat economy and over taxed businesses can not create the jobs on the volume this nation needs.
No matter how much money we put into education, if there are no jobs when we graduate, the money is wasted!!!

Eugene, OR

I thought Romney's discussion about how ObamaCare was shoved through Congress without any bipartisan support was powerful. I have not seen much discussion from the pundits about that theme. For all the media's handwringing about "the people" wanting bi-partisan solutions to problems, the media is noticably silent on that issue where Romney shined tonight. "Trickle-down government" was an excellent theme as well.

Prior to the debate, Team Obama played down expectations and Obama still couldn't meet those low expectations. I guess he should prepare more for the debates and less on his golf swing.


'Romney scored major substantive hits on several occasions, including repeated hits on Medicare, tying the $716 billion Medicare trust fund shift to Obamacare around the president's neck.'

Eric, you fail to mention that the $716 billion are a savings from cost reducing measures - fraud, waste, reduced payments to providers - and that there will be no reduction in benefits to Medicare recipients, as was mentioned by Obama. Romney had a lot of energy and was on his game, but how about dealing with the facts of the debate. You also fail mention the prescription drug cost savings that the 'shift' afforded to seniors. This too was mentioned by Obama.

Romney made an observation that reduced payments to providers may result in fewer doctors accepting Medicare patients. A good point for discussion. But let's not let the facts of the debate get in the way let's just talk about ' tying the $716 billion Medicare trust fund shift to Obamacare around the president's neck.'

Sandy, UT

Mr. Romney did a great job of acting.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

JJL, in regards to the fact that no Republicans favored the ACA, let us recall that congressional Republicans said point blank at the start of Obama's administration that they would oppose EVERYTHING Obama put forth, regardless, for political gain. Sight unseen, they would oppose it. Even if they were Republican ideas originally. EVEN if they thought it was good for the country, in and of itself, they would oppose a bill if Obama supported it. Politicking at its worst, short of graft and fraud. And this Republican will not soon forget or forgive it.

I will not condemn Obama for "not working with Republicans in congress." He tried, on several occasions. Obama is not Satan. He is just a Democrat. And some of his ideas and efforts have been good and praiseworthy.

Eugene, OR


Why is Obamacare needed to save costs? Why not implement "cost saving measures" such as "fruad, waste, reduce payment to providers" without the 2,700 pages of regulations - too much for even the Supreme Court to wade through?

Also, Obama's claim that he has identified 4 trillion in specific cuts seems a little too slick. Including counting 1 trillion from the winding down of two wars - reductions that would happen regardless.

Obama tried to run on Clinton's record, rather than his own.

Montesano, WA

it was like watching The Holms Tex Cobb fight. Mitt being Holms and Obama being Tex Cobb!

Springville, UT

Could not be happier with the performance tonight from the next POTUS.

Mitt controlled this debate and Obama's body language telegraphed his discomfort and irritation of this epic beat down.

Talk radio and the polls will be on fire on Thursday.

Can you imagine what Paul Ryan is going to do to the 'intellect of the Democrat Party' next week.

Can Biden say 'mommie'?

Fresno, CA

Before listening to the debate, I was going to vote against Obama because he has failed to do the things he promised to do in 2008 that I wanted. Instead of cutting the deficit, he increased it; instead of closing Gitmo, he refurbished it; instead of repealing the Patriot Act, he extended it; instead of lowering unemployment, it lingers at 8%; instead of prosperity, we have higher poverty.

After listening to Romney, I will be voting FOR Romney and not just against Obama. He seemed to understand how economics and business and leadership work. I love that he met every Monday with leaders from both parties to figure out solutions for his state. Pres. Obama can't even be bothered to sit in on his security briefings. Such a huge contrast in leadership, experience and skill set.

Having said that, I am looking forward to the VP debate. That Joe Biden is a hoot! You never know what's gonna come out of his mouth. He's like Obama's Life Insurance policy. We are all praying that nothing happen to Barack because that'll leave Joe in charge!

Stephen Kent Ehat
Lindon, UT

Reaching across the aisle and getting things done. I can do it. I have done it. I will do it.

That is what I heard, first and foremost from Gov. Romney. He told how President Obama could reach out no farther than to Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to push through Obamacare.

Isn't it strange that President Obama has not been able to reach across anything to get Mr. Reid to pass a budget? Think about that! No aisle. No party difference. No ideological barrier. No need to compromise principle. Simply no reaching at all. Same party. Same love for America. Same need to come to our aid. And yet no budget.

And I still hear future president Romney, over there at that other podium, speaking from experience, saying, I can reach across. I've done it. It can be done. I'll do it.

Indeed, I can even in my mind's ear hear him proclaim: "I'm going to make it a point to unleash your Congressmen and Congresswomen, and let them shine and have favorable ratings in your eyes. They are your representatives. I'll work with them. We'll succeed.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Obama will blame it on George Bush.

Franklin, IN

The greatest thing about this years election is that potentially everyone wi s if Romney Ryan win! If they win America can be restored to the land where everyone is granted equal right (not equal results) and those who don't like that can move to France and have what Obama offers!

Mesa, AZ

Undecideds do not exist. You either believe in capitalism or socialism. Problem is that so many more of us are out of work, or disheartened from even looking, that we have become addicted to government support, and disillusioned into believing that socialism is the only hope to move forward.

Washington, UT

Obama had nothing to defend, what's he's done (or failed to do) cannot be defended.when you've deceived America for four years, it's difficult to come out with a straight face and convince them your deceit was in fact truthful. And Obama has gotten a pass from the lackey press for four years--tonight, he got no pass, and he couldn't handle it. Now we know why Obama never has press conferences, he's a stumbling, fumbling, stuttering disaster when he has to actually defend his actions. November 6th can't come too soon.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

Totally destroyed. Obama has no clue and Chris Mathews's legs are completely numb.

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