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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 2 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Way to go, Sarah!

Good write-up!

Encinitas, CA

Become a Mormon e-missionary . . . I am encouraging members of my quorum to “join the growing army of Mormon e-missionaries” by preparing their own profile at mormon.org . . . and by using the pass-along cards . . . anyone can use the term e-missionary

Pullman, WA

These cards are easy to pass along and make an almost effortless way to introduce strangers, associates and acquaintances to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

Why do I feel that atheist pass along cards would not be well received by my neighbors? So far I see three comments here and they are all positive toward this article. One wonders if all the liberal comments are being filtered out or if I have been the only one so far to have a negative comment denied.
In any case, as a Utah resident, I know of the existence of the LDS church and I have been offered to partake many times to the point that I no longer appreciate the offer. I have lost count of how many people I know who feel the same. Not just in Utah but in other areas. In that spirit, I hope that at least my Utah neighbors will consider me and others already informed and save their efforts (and a tree perhaps).

nick humphrey
kent, WA

"We encourage you to be as creative as you wish in using these new cards."
is that a dare? ;)

nick humphrey
kent, WA

By the way, I like the red-haired woman's sleeveless blouse =) I'm so glad they've changed that policy =)

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