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Published: Monday, Oct. 1 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Some have commented about the pollster, Mr. Dan Jones. I don't understand why the Deseret News uses him (and pays him) to poll. He is a democrat and his wife is a state legislator in the leadership of the democratic minority in the state House of Representatives. Furthermore, no one looks over his shoulder to keep him honest as he compiles his poll numbers.

If one were to track his polls over the years, one would find that he is wrong as often as he is right, and when he is right, it's due to obvious factors inherent in the State of Utah: the majority of voters are Republicans, and hence a Republican has the better chance of winning a general election than a democrat - and it doesn't take a poll to reveal that fact.

I urge the Deseret News to change its pollster and go with someone who does not have the bias baggage and poor record of Mr. Jones.

Sandy, UT

Bill McGee

Like all good democrats you are trying to run from responsibilities and accountabilities, instead of helping wants to be helped.

Please put some fight and try to be self-suffient

Orem, UT

It sounds like the Utah Dems are coming out of their holes. I also take issue with the gerrymandering comment. Redistricting was taken very seriously this past year and in no way was it rigged to eliminate Matheson. He has represented the second district which is just as Republican as other districts in the state. What Matheson and other Dems don't understand is that we are facing a fiscal cliff. If we don't turn it around very shortly, then don't worry about Pell grants or other legislative candy. It will of necessity be eliminated because over 90 percent of the budget will be paying for entitlements such as social security, Medicare, and now Obamacare. Our country is facing a Greek-like bankruptsy with no one to bail us out. We need Mia Love to vote for legislation supporting a Romney/Ryan budget, not Jim Matheson who will support an Obama/Pelosi spending binge with no budget. The voters in the fourth district need someone who represents them, not big government, special interest Washington as defined by the Democrat party.

Springville, UT

"If those who drew the districts want Utah to remain as a one-party state, they've done a darn good job of it."

Sounds like someone is upset here, and that someone happens to be married to a Democratic legislator in this state. Oh, and that person also just happens to be the pollster--Dan Jones. His obvious bias gets in the way--again.

Dan's good at "push polling." And that's about it.

DesNews, find someone else. Please.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Red Smith

Before you start playing the "Matheson = Pelosi" card, you might be interested to know that in all of the Congressional roll call votes since October 2007, Jason Chaffetz has voted on the same side as Nancy Pelosi 22% of the time, and Rob Bishop has voted on the same side as Nancy Pelosi 23% of the time. Granted, in the Congressional roll call votes since October 2007 Jim Matheson has voted on the same side as Nancy Pelosi 59% of the time, but that means that he has voted IN OPPOSITION to Nancy Pelosi 41% of the time (absences and abstentions have been factored out). So, the claim that "a vote for Matheson is a vote for Pelosi" doesn't quite square with reality (at least 41% of the time).

Oh, and by the way, Mike Lee has voted on the same side as Harry Reid 30% of the time, and Orrin Hatch has voted on the same side as Harry Reid 40% of the time.
(Source: OpenCongress website, Head-to-Head Voting Comparison)

It would be refreshing if the guilt-by-association arguments would be retired in favor of substantive discussions of candidates.

Durham, NC


Well, if you have concluded something about my bias, you are filtering it through your own. I am actually right now working on Pat McCrory's campaign for Governor n NC.... I think you will find his party affiliation defies your presumed judgement of my political leanings. I am in fact an Independent - grew up Republican and very active in politics. And yes, I find the tea party absurd.

What I do object to is people passing off falsehoods as facts and 2) the DN, as owned by my church, pretending to be an independent voice, when it is clearly not. So what if it is right leaning, this is not a problem. And yes, I do hold the DN to a much higher standard than any other outlet than other by virtue of who its owner is.

What's the problem with the DN declaring its allegiances or supporting a candidate? It would gain far more credibility if it acted openly and transparently. I too listen to NPR, read FoxNews, and many others. When you know someone's POV, you can better contextualize what they say. That isn't necessarily a bad or negative thing.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Bill McGee Alpine, UT
"But don't start complaining when your kids can't get a Pell Grant or student loan ...."

No, if Mia Love is elected children won't starve, police officers will still get bullet proof vests, and there will still be firemen to put out fires. Matheson's mud slinging campaign ads laced with fear of dire consequences have backfired on him.

Perhaps Matheson should get Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid to come to Utah and campaign for him. Well ..... maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea.

American Fork, UT

The poll is skewed. It's the lame stream media introducing conservative bias into all the polls. Yeah that must be it.

Arm of Orion
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I am a supporter of the Republican cause and am in no way a bleeding heart liberal however I have to take issue with those that are personally attacking Dan Jones and the way he practices business. The man does not do push polling. Neither is he a schill for Democrats. He does the polling and has done the polling for several Republicans, Gary Herbert being one of them. Those personally attacking Dr. Jones need to understand that he is honest and speaks his mind. I think in this case he has a legitimate point there have been some Gerrymandering in Utah. Look at the boundaries and how skewed they are in favor of the Republicans so far as the congressional districts goes. Further, this kind of activity is killing participation in Utah.

Enough with defamation people. Debate issues attack reasoning but to attack the character of an upstanding citizen is beyond the pale.

Provo, UT

JMT, by that logic, California should have zero Republican congressmen. Even San Francisco liberals aren't anywhere near so brazen about gerrymandering- for now.

House districts are supposed to represent a cohesive geopolitical area. SL County voted Democrat in the last national election. Matheson has won most of his elections quite handily (by a ~14 point average). The only times he's been in any danger are the years immediately following redistricting, when the Legislature's careful neighborhood-by-neighborhood gerrymandering is fresh. Just four years of post-census moving and growth is enough to mix up their gerrymandered political boundaries and restore things towards the equilibrium where Matheson wins handily.

All those of you rooting for tight gerrymandering to successfully force him out of his seat are really rooting for the overthrow of representative government, and this will likely come back to bite you as the extreme left gains power throughout the country.

Finally, Matheson has had nothing to do with the mud-slinging in this race; every time anybody's brought up things like Mia Lov's immigration story, he won't touch that, instead bringing it back to how they differ on the issues.


What a great piece of news. I pray Utah elects nothing but Pubs with conservative ideals, ideas and patriotism that Love has shown. Here is Ca., we have so many liberal Dems in office, that our state is going bankrupt. Now if this Love House race goes her way, it will keep Pelosi from ever again being Speaker and help the entire nation not to fall into the destruction that liberal Dems have foisted on Ca.

Farmington, UT

Your assertion that Mia Love is stupid like Sarah Palin is highly insulting to all women and and any thinking person. These are both caring, hardworking and smart women who are attacked simply because they are conservative women. The idea that they can do well must scare the stuffing out of democrats and liberals. The liberals think they are such lofty friends to women but constantly reduce women as simply a voting block that cares only about their reproductive organs. It's truly ridiculous. They couldn't even come to grips with putting their own Hillary Clinton in the White House. Blue, do you actually know any women that you like and think are intelligent or do we all have cotton candy brains?

San Diego, CA

I can't believe it! Utah is going to dump Jim Matheson for Sarah Palin (i.e., Mia Love). It makes me ashamed to live in Utah County.

San Diego, CA

But actually even Sarah Palin is miles ahead of Mia Love. "All gut, no brain," it was said of Palin in 2008. Like Palin, Mia Love appeals to our baser instincts, our gut--only more so.


I live in the 4th District and am happy that at last we CAN vote for Jim Matheson - THE only moderate national voice from Utah. I have met Mia Love where she spoke to a small gathering of neighbors and think she is quite smart...until I read her ideas to slash benefits for the poor and needy.

Will the Republican Party of Utah be satisfied when they have ALL Republican Utah elected officials to national offices and the Republican veto-proof legislature - OR will they beg for more super PAC money from the RNC to have every elected official in Utah a Republican?

Morgan, UT

I am tempted to move to the 4th. district just so I can vote for Mia Love...I have been counting on one hand what Mr. Matheson has done for us...I am still thinking and I still have a thumb and four fingers left...I'll keep thinking.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

A Republican winning in Utah... How is this news... Real news would be if Matheson won again. He has done a great job for Utah despite all the efforts, time and again, to vote him out for being a Democrat. People here claim to be unbiased, yet most Utahns I meet can't get past the R and the D on election day. Funny and sad at the same time.

I vote for who I believe will do the best job. Some Republicans get my votes, some Democrats. I wish more people would grow up and do the same. I understand it's easy to just claim a party and go with it. When a person does that, it's easy for them to find a 'friend' who'll support them after the fact ... all they have to do is look to another member of their party and they get 'congratulated' for a job well done.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Bored to the point of THIS! Ogden, UT
"People here claim to be unbiased, ..."

Baloney!! People in Utah are no more nor no less biased than people any where else in the United States. And no, there is no badge of honor associated with running around without an opinion.

West Jordan, UT

A couple of responses -

To UtahBlueDevil -

You said "I think you will find his party affiliation defies your presumed judgement of my political leanings"

hmmm - Just what is my judgement concerning your political leanings?

I said "Your viewpoint and bias is loud and clear as evidenced by your many posts."

You seem to take offense that your biases have come out in your posts.

You are responsible for what you write and others will make judgements based on what you offer. If you have a problem with those judgements, (of which I offered none other than the criticize your assertion that there should be no bias in the DNews) then change what you are offering.

You control your brand.

As far as holding the DNews to a"higher standard", They are a business. They have to monetize their offering in order to stay in business. They appeal to the predominate crowd here in Utah.

There are a multitude of media outlets that appeal to different markets.

As far as I can tell, the DNews has never claimed to be an impartial purveyor of information.

Why, I have heard that they even have an editorial board and offer opinions!

West Jordan, UT

@SG in SLC

How many times did Jim Matheson vote for non-Democratic house leadership?

How many times did Jason Chaffetz vote for non-Republican house leadership?

How many times did Rob Bishop vote for non-Republican house leadership?

That would be Zero, Zero, and Zero.

So, in response to your statement "that "a vote for Matheson is a vote for Pelosi" doesn't quite square with reality", really isn't such the departure from reality that you assert.

This election is about the direction of our country. It is about future generations and what kind of society they were inherit from us.

Each elected official becomes a member of a coalition in Washington. Unfortunately, those coalitions are currently formed around the two major political parties.

I vehemently disagree with the direction of the Democratic Party has taken us.

Therefore, my vote goes to Mia Love because she will be part of a coalition that seeks to reverse the direction we have been taken over the last six years.

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