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Published: Monday, Oct. 1 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Meadow Lark Mark

We need Mitt Romney as President. I hope he makes it.!!!

American Fork, UT

The mormon in mitt needs to become more than ever the mormon IN mitt. At least if he's taking up public office. Because I'm not voting for mormon in chief. And, if he were elected, he needs to be a lot more than just mormon to be able to claim to represent me and my america.

middle class
Cedar City, 00

Mitt vs. Barack.

Mitt born into wealth. Went to elite private schools. Part of the elite LDS heritage. Never even heard of worry over money, worry over a medical bill, worry over what to eat, how long will the 15-yr old car last. His inner thoughts about the 47%. 4 mansions. 6 houses. Money stashed, etc.

Barack born into a fractured family. A minority. Criticized all his life for being black. Spent his early career working in tough neighborhoods. Helping downtrodden. Having to prove his birth. Cheerful, even with his sorrows. Great father even without the role models. Optimistic even against great opposition. Loving even when hated. A faithful Christian even when wrongly accused.

I'll choose Barack.


wow middle class, you tried really hard to say everything you could think of that could be viewed as negative about mitt, and everything positive about Obama. Could you work equally as hard to show us the oposite sides of both of these HUMAN men? Does a great father who had role models deserve any less recognition than the great father who had none?
Judged by the content of their character not color of skin, remember Dr. King? How about the years of service done by Romney in his church? How about his philanthropy? as for oposition, you think Mitt has avoided that? Faithful Christian even when wrongly accused? Mormons deal with that daily in some areas.

How about the marxist professors Barack heralds from his college days? How about his work with corrupt Green jobs, or blindingly corrupt SEIU? Do I even need to bring up Rev. Wright?
Point is, there are positives and negative in every person. Be willing to see both and accurately judge the content of character, not soley on the merits of the side you like.

Sugar City, ID

Why not compare and contrast Reid and Romney with Mormon? Where does the name Mormon come from?

Salt Lake City, UT

Middle class: you are misinformed. Obama had a rather privileged childhood, too. He attended private elementary school, and somehow went to an Ivy League college with no apparent income. His mentors (his mother, his grandparents and Frank Marshall Davis were all avowed Communists. And by Obama's own admission, he surrounded himself with Marxists in college.) He taught a few law courses and then was a "community organizer" for ACORN (a corrupt organization to the core). When he became a senator he voted present or far left. He doesn't care about the downtrodden. He uses them to further his agenda. He was not criticized for his race. In Indonesia and Hawaii it was a non-issue for him...and that's again according to his own story. If you think that "Liberation Theology is Christianity, you better check it closer. You have drunk the left's Kool_Aid and don't really know Obama, the man. By the way, I'm not a Republican, but I am independent and vote across all party lines. But Obama is a very different kind of president. He scares me to death.

non believer

To Kathyn, you need to learn a few more facts besides an unauthorized biography! Everything you stated has already been proven false or half truths, which are still lies! I could badmouth Mormanism all day long, but choose to be respectful. Your spreading untruths is very disrespectful! Pick a topic such as the last 4 years or something you can state true facts about! As your comments stand now, you are drinking the Kool Aid and speaking gibberish!

Saint George, UT


Thanks for the rnc/fox news propaganda/talking points.

I can see why you would be scared to death.

Lehi, UT

Do I even want to know what Time magazine has come up with? Isn't that sort of like a book published by the Third Reich on its "exploration" of Judaism?

Wasatch Front, UT

RE: Middle Class @ 4:11 -

Dude, you are aware aren't you, that B.O. reported personal income in-excess of $8 MIL last year, aren't you?!

So don't try to sell this lame, phony concept that he "cares" ONE IOTA more about the people of this country than does Romney.

A highly-experienced business executive with a lifetime of "turn-around" expertise is EXACTLY what our country needs right now. One does not have to have grown up poor or underprivileged in order to be the better president.

Romney has been "criticized all his life" (DECADES). Romney has "helped the downtrodden" many-times-over what B.O. has ever done. Romney has been extremely "cheerful" throughout his life-- even through some very dark trials. And I can't imagine a better father than Mitt, nor could anyone.

Mitt is an extremely "optimistic" (even against horrendous opposition), "loving" (even when hated), and a tremendously "faithful Christian" (even when wrongly accused and severely disrepected).

Romney far surpasses Barack in virtually every "category", PLUS he's a highly-accomplished executive and HIGHLY-experienced community, political, religious, family, business and American leader!

Light-years ahead of Obama!

Tremonton, UT

Beyond a doubt, an article by Time Magazine will be well researched, unbiased, and authored by an intelligent, scholarly author. Yea, right. Time is the tabloid of the news magazines. It is, and always has been a wanna be among the big boys like U.S. News and World Report.

Who really cares what Time Magazine thinks?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Oooh, let's explore the childhood of Obama and how that might color his style of governance. Time magazine would never touch that.

West Jordan, UT

I don't care what their privileges/challenges are/were.

I want to know if they are going to fix this economy!

Get real folks. We have seen what the democrats plan is for our country going forward.

There is no secret here. Do we accept their direction or not?

Platitudes about who we feel more fuzzy about is irrelevant!

Let's choose the one that can fix this economic mess!!!!

I am convinced that it is Mitt Romney.

Centerville, UT

@middle class

No politician is 'in touch' with you and your needs, Obama least of all. It is frightening that people drink so deeply of the kool-aide.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Forget all the rhetoric and religion mumbo jumbo and let's vote on who is going to get us out of this mess. Obama has shown his cards and it looks like a losing hand to me. Nothing better, tons more debt, alienated nations and continues to support many that could help themselves.

We need someone that will do what needs to be done and not what sounds good or puts off the inevitable. We can not get out of this mess without pain. We all have to be a part of the pain. Most of us will be worse off until the nation is better off. But the ending is much better for our kids and grandkids if we do it now. Brings to mind the old commercial: You can pay me know or pay me later. I think any intelligent person can see the ending to this story if not fixed NOW!

I wish I could keep writing checks when I was out of money. At all the companies I have worked for if the CEO went 4 years and did not turn things around he would be let go. Time for a new CEO.

Ontario, OR

Let's stop using the term "drinking the Kool-Aid"! Some of you may be too young to remember that almost 40 years ago, a cult leader had his followers drink Kool-Aid laced with poison in a mass suicide. It was a horrific thing. One person's having a different political opinion or philosophy from another person is perfectly normal, acceptable, and American. Just as it is inappropriate to call someone a "Nazi" or refer to a minor catastrophe as a "holocaust," it is inappropriate to refer to someone's holding a different political belief as "drinking the Kool-Aid."

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX

Middle Class,

>Mitt born into wealth.
Please explain explicitly why this disqualifies Mitt from serving as an excellent president (Washington, Jefferson, or Kennedy)

>Criticized all his life for being black.
Really? What about Mitt being criticized all his life for being Mormon? It is still acceptable to make jokes about Mormons. You can't even make a legitimate complaint about the deficit without being labeled a hate monger racist.

>Spent his early career working in tough neighborhoods. Helping downtrodden.
Yes, clearly you have never spent any time as a Mormon Missionary or Bishop or Stake President. Missionaries spend some time in church but most of the time in the street where, you guessed it, we get criticized for being Mormon ALOT.

>Great father even without the role models.
Why is this relevant to being a president? Is Mitt not a good father? Does having good role models preclude you from being president?

Middle Class, your criteria for choosing president should be, "Who had success at what he was able to do? Who understands how business and economics really work in the real world? Who has had success in foreign relations?" It sure hasn't been Barry. . .

Surfers Paradise, AU

Anyone who is willing to pay $2 million to keep his college transcripts "sealed" should have our vote people. Imagine how much will be spent to keep Fast and Furious sealed as well.

Kaysville, UT

By their works you will really know who the posters are by their names, nicknames, and that is really what they want in their names.

We all have the freedoms to carry our posting names to signify what we believe and let others know our real thoughts before posting anything along with those personal online names.

This election season has picked up more followers to the DN by the day. Not as many as the SLT but will be soon.

I hear people say that religion and politics don't go together but there is nothing Mitt Romney, a proven leader can do, without having his religion, leadership, parenting, relationships and even personal thoughts brought up.

President Obama on the other hand has only had his birth certificate mentioned as a question mark. Everything with Mitt Romney is questioned by the media, day in and day out.

This President is a millionaire, as mentioned and was treated with kid gloves throughout his life, so far, along with his wife.

They are not the normal citizens of Illinois, having lived ther 9 years. He can do almost anything without question to his motives and what the law requires of him.

Salt Lake City, UT

I stand by my remarks. Most come from Obama's own words and biography. Remember "Dreams From My Father"? Non-believer, I suspect that your facts come straight from the Democrats' talking points for the day. I've noticed multiple cable and network news people all using the exact same words all on the same day, and this has happened multiple times. Coincidence? I think not!
You want facts?!? Open your eyes and You must see that our country is in the biggest mess ever. Obama has been given so many passes by the liberal media. (If a Republican had done half the stuff Obama has pulled, he would have been crucified in the media.) I read all the world news and know that we are in terrible trouble. Nero fiddles (plays golf) while our country burns!

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