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Published: Monday, Oct. 1 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Mormon, conservative and father of two girls: This was a FAIL.

The girls looked cute. Lighten up folks!!

Flying Finn
Murray, UT

@ jzwillows
So who made the rule you reference and was that rule carved in stone? Adults ignore stupid rules like the one in Salt Lake City against no idling. Kids will ignore stupid rules just like their parents.

Sugar City, ID

If the referee in a football game didn't call someone out of bounds and his excuse was "Well he was just a couple inches out of bounds," how well with that go over with the fans? A second look at the photos (instant replay)--none of the dresses came down to the knees. If the policy is that the hem come down to the knees then the girls were in defiance of the rule and the enforcers didn't have a choice but to tell them not to come in. But, we can still blame the school because it is obvious that if the girls think they were within the standards,the schools need to do a better job of teaching human anatomy.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Do what the Utah legislature would do...

Do away with all dances!

Problem solved.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


Thank you for the kind response.

Please consider this-

Modesty is no more cultural than truth. What is true (such as the Word of Wisdom) doesn't change based on where you are from. Setting aside revealed truth for an occasion or social convenience isn't right. Nothing replaces what is right.

I want to stress- my point here isn't criticizing others dress standards but defending the expectation of higher standards from others as virtuous.

1) The more lenient we get, and the lower the standards go over time- the more the moral strength of young men and women is threatened- the harder it becomes to do what is right.

2) Having a dress code is justifiable, even admirable when society standards decline.

3) What's revealed on morality is given for the benefit of all mankind, not LDS members only. Nor is this imposing LDS beliefs on others as school boards are democratically controlled.

The truth isn't overly strict, just something to strive for. Consider a ladder. The top isn't harsh, perhaps just far from someone's location. I'm not advocating "top or no deal", just moving in the right direction.

Mchenry, IL

Absolutely ridiculous.

"LDS standards are for all not just LDS." Let's just put them in clothes to their ankles in Pennsylvania since there is an Amish population there. There will always be stricter or more loose standards somewhere. It's a public school. It isn't BYU. I find it crazy that this is all put on the girls. Near the knee means not mini. I hope the families are able to financial reimbursement for the dress and the tickets. Girls brought dresses, they changed the standards. Families should not be put out. They could have written knee length or longer before the dance. And that I would fight that as a parent. This is homecoming, how long are the cheerleaders skirts? Not strapless means there is something holding up the dress. So any strap would be fine. LDS or more conservative dress students may exceed the standards.

The dress was fine with their parents.

Maybe there should be no school dances? Maybe couples should just dress formal and have a nice meal and go dancing, like adults. Without so much intrusion from outsiders.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

It's good to have standards. If a school has standards that a parent feels are too "lax", that parent can apply more strict standards. Trust me I know. My mom and dad both quite enjoyed being a pain in my butt about these things while I was in High School. No, I don't anticipate putting my daughter through the same, but there will be limits.
Conversely, if a school applies standards that go beyond what a large percentage of parents would choose, those parents' rights have been compromised. PUBLIC schools funded with tax dollars need to be more liberal. That doesn't mean individual parents have to be liberal. But when in doubt, more choices; not fewer. As a general rule, this is how we create societies where people get along and don't resent eachother.
In short, standards regarding "morals" need to be applied to a lower common denominator. Not the lowest. But lower. I know this offends people who love to get all pious about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but it is what is fair.
We don't all share the same standards. Please deal with it.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

VOR: Priesthood authority is not relevant to a conversation regarding what should happen on a secular level. Never has been; never will be. Since your LDS church gives so much lip service to the idea that a person (gay) can withstand "temptation", I would say that boys who see an attractive girl should also be able to withstand temptation. It is not your place to set standards for society. It is for you to set standards in your own home. Please get that straight. In a democracy, the minority should still have rights. If you don't agree now, you will the first time that 50.00001% percent of a group tries to take away your freedom to choose based on subjective values.
Sportsfan21: The word "near" leaves room for interpretation. It simply does.

If girls find it impossible to find an "appropriate" dress without traveling far and wide, the standard has been set too high. Parents who wish for more conservative standards are free to choose to implement them. It is not the place of secular organizations to cater to the most religiously conservative people in a group.

Provo, UT

The oppression of women in Utah continues its backsliding to the 1950s... Paranoia of "progressivism" has launched Utah into a deliberate REgressivism!

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

Knee caps are ruining everything!

Mchenry, IL

What was the requirement for the boys attire?

Wasn't this the same school who sent home a student wearing a perfectly acceptable shirt, short sleeve sweater and dress shoes last year?

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

My first impression is that the dresses were OK. But after listening to Voice of Reason I agree with his principle of modesty. Why don't the boys show up in tuxedo tanktops and tuxedo shorts. Girls are showing up in something as revealing. Why doesn't our fashion permit that for the men?

The reason is because men are aroused by the visual. Men like to look at women. It gives them a buzz. Fashion is encouraging women to dress so they can be looked at. We are going along with a cultural custom that objectifies women.

Saint George, UT

WOW! The pictures on the facebook link in the article "HS Homecoming Massacre" of the girls in California are stunning. I realize that those are typical dresses in California but my goodness. I think the white dress in the center is actually a lingerie piece. The woman looked gorgeous in it and thats the very problem...I'm sorry but its tough to keep your thoughts clean when you see a woman in that white lingerie...er, I mean dress. I would challenge any red-blooded man to look at that photo and keep his thoughts straight.

Logan, UT

Voice of Reason & sportsfan21

AMEN! AMEN & AMEN !!!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm surprised the Principal wasn't present at one of the biggest events of the school year.

Provo, UT

I'm surprised the Principal is still employed out there.

Talk about a failure of leadership! There have been multiple problems like this from that school, hitting the news. What gives out there, folks?

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