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Published: Sunday, Sept. 30 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Worf, Utah beat BYU. Be, well, rational.

Salt Lake City, UT

""The shuffling at offensive line produced a culture change that was strong and apparent to me," Mendenhall said."

A culture change?

Oh, that Bronco were 65 and I could look forward to his retirement...

LaVell never tried to be an Organizational Behavior Professor, though he got a doctorate.

LaVell never tried to be chief evangelist at BYU, though I hear he was a great Bishop in his actual calling as a Bishop. Edwards also went on an actual mission.

LaVell spoke comprehensibly, rather than long collections of words that are combined in a way to make them:
A) incomprehensible
B) a sentence so long you lose interest before he finishes
C) A 100 word sentence that conveys a 5 word thought

It was refreshing back in the day to have a coach that actually HAD perspective, didn't just talk about it.

It was nice to have a coach who chose people based on performance, rather than fire a coach he didn't like who could perform and replace him with one he did like who couldn't.

Mostly, I liked an overachiever who was humble, as opposed to an underachiever who isn't.

Farmington, UT

@ Aggie84

I knowe all the USU fans are upset that BYU changed their shade of blue, but tell me....why/how does USU own a color? When did they buy the rights to the color and what did it cost? If another team had black would that prohibit Utah from having those new goofy Black helmets?

So the Y changed shades of blue---GET OVER IT!

Build a decent sized stadium and then you won't have to worry about a 2 - 1 series with the Y for revenue; just filling your stadium each week. UNLV, CSU, a weak Wisconsin and So Utah aren't exactly quality opponents and hasn't really proven much except that you can win at home. Congratulations, by-the-way, on finally selling out your small stadium for other than BYU or Utah (who won't play you any more).

I expect a good game on Friday. It wouldn't surprise me to see BYU win. If they do it might be by more than 3 points, too.

West Jordan, UT


"This game will be for the state championship as the two best teams will do battle."

Only if the Aggies win. If BYU wins there will be a 3-way tie for state champion.

Frisco, TX

By all accounts it should be a good game.

Riley has proven that he is a quality QB when he is healthy, but he has proven that his mind is stronger than his body when trying to deliver blows to D linemen and LBs. He's played injured in most of his games.

Against, Utah and BSU, his self admitted 65% was dreadful. I resent him for taking the field in those games. He cost us wins in both of those games. Last year, against Tulsa, he was 90% and played poorly, except for the final drive - where his grit, determination and leadership pulled us through.

I know Riley will want to start against USU, but if he is less than 90%, he should sit for another week or two. If he does start, I hope Bronco and Doman give him a short leash. Two turnovers or two unprodictive drives, and he should be holding a clipboard and give Hill a shot. Even if Riley is 100%, I hope we use Hill on a lot more "wildcat" plays than we did early on. Try Riley at QB and Hill and RB for a little trickery!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

The OLines are starting to gel with T. Hill along with J. Williams and you want to put R. Nelson? That will mess up the layout. Sorry Bronco, you are crazy.

Nice to see this Rugby Paul Lasike in out football team this year. He seems to hold on the ball quite nicely and a hard hitter.

Saint George, UT

Bring on the Aggies! This game is going to be awesome. Both teams are playing good football. Chuckie Keeton is the real deal and the Cougs will have to play their best game of the year to beat them but I believe BYU learned from the Utah fiasco and the Cougars will be very prepared for the Aggies. Should be a great game!

Nampa, ID

Best D in the country? Of course not. We're too slow. But BYU is pretty good at assignment football on D and they got a couple great athletes. I like BYU's D. Bronco always finds great linebackers. I wish he could get some secondary, though this year's secondary isn't so bad.

I really think players do what they're told. I wish Doman could spread the field a bit more. I didn't understand why they weren't working on their passing game the last half against Hawaii. I think BYU has established a decent run game, but the pass would be a great balance.

I wish Bronco didn't make those "fan" comments. It really does seem to say you have to be on his good side to play. Almost seems like play quality doesn't matter. I want to see Taysom throw. Its strategy to say Nelson will start. I think he's hurt.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Normally I wouldn't care who wins this game. But Duck Hunter, Sammy G and Snack Pack have made me feel otherwise. GO AGGIES!

Mcallen, TX


Worf, Utah beat BYU.

Let's get this straight. BYU beat themselves, not the utes. Be honest about it. The best team doesn't always win.

Bristow, United States


Those who chose to put their oly sports in a conference who plays in venues the size of HS gyms, shouldn't complain about venue size. That basketball arena those cougs have is pretty big though, maybe they should try filling it.

Logan, UT

you like attacking don't you. Honestly I have never met a real Aggie fan who cares what color BYU wears. The UTE helmets got national attention... By the way in a couple of weeks BYU is going to be in "goofy" black... I personally think its pretty cool. Ask Duke's basketball team if venue size has anything to do with skill... Their gym houses the same as the Spectrum in Logan... Venue size is irrelevant as far as skill goes... It has more to do with student body, (USU has 17000 students, BYU over 30000).


Sorry, but Utah beat BYU... If BYU wins by less than 10
1. BYU
1. USU
1. Utah

3 way tie. Sorry
If BYU beats up on USU... Then yes they can be number 1, Utah would still be number 3

If USU wins,
1. USU
2. Utah
3. BYU

BYU comes out as 3rd best in state.

USU lost the game against Wisconsin, they gave up a punt return touchdown, and missed a field goal, but Im not about to claim that USU is better than Wisconsin... They beat us... Too bad...

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