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Published: Sunday, Sept. 30 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, , UT

So does jamaal get the start now then?

Go Utes, CA

Has Mendenhall lost his mind? He suggests Riley would be the starter because Mendenhall has more "history" with Riley? Absurd. Then he suggests it is not his decision whether Hill played well enough to be the starter? The buck does not stop at the head coach?

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Home sweet home. It will make all the difference. The players will be ready and the fan base will be ready. Go Cougars!

Draper, UT

Agree with the prior post. He's a Riley Nelson fan? What? He should be the head coach and leader of the team. He should be a fan of all his players. He should be a fan of winning. Because he has more history with Nelson that should make him the starter? Not the best player? Bronco has completely lost perspective. How do I feel if I'm Taysom Hill or any other QB and Bronco isn't MY fan? It is truly a ridiculous position to take.

Rock Springs, WY

What about the history with rest of the senior players. 10 turnovers and 2 loses should be enough history.

Logan, Utah

It will be tough for the Aggies to score against BYU's defense (best in the country according to BYU fans).

Farmington, UT

Well, I'm looking forward to this game. It's been since 1978 (about time) that USU came to Provo with a legitimate threat to win. (That's why BYU over-looked them last year.) There have been some pretty good programs come to Lavell Edwards Stadium and go home empty. (Several PAC 12 schools come to mind and a defending national champion from the State of Florida, as well as an independent school from South Bend, Indiana. Of course those teams have been successful in Provo, too.)

So expect a decent game on Friday; I'm looking forward to it.......

Las Vegas, NV


BYU's defense "best in the country according to BYU fans."

Umm, I don't think most BYU fans believe that. What is more accurate is BYU's defense "best that BYU has had in a long time." That is more accurate and most BYU fans (including myself) would agree with that. Look, it will be a good game against USU. USU has a good defense in there own right and a very good passing game.


I understand that Mendenhall says things that make people wonder, but I still like him as a coach. No fool would dare fire a coach that has led their team to 5 top 25 finishes in the past 6 seasons. There are a lot of big time (BCS) programs with good coaches who can't even boast what Mendenhall has done for BYU in the last 6 seasons and if they're keeping there jobs than I don't see a problem with Bronco keeping his. Once a consistent decline happens than it will be time to make a change. The guy could coach defense that's for sure.


Sounds like Bronco is actually laying the groundwork to play Hill at QB. He keeps saying Riley will play "if" he is ready. It will now be easy for Bronco to simply state, "Riley wasn't strong enough so we had to play Hill".

I still see Riley starting Friday, but not finishing.

South Jordan, UT

I think the Aggies are hoping Bronco starts Riley, too. We'll see what happens.

Orem, UT


"It will be tough for the Aggies to score against BYU's defense (best in the country according to BYU fans)."

As Mark321 said, I don't think most BYU fans believe that. What is more accurate is BYU's defense is the best defense that BYU has had in a long time.

The numbers speak for themselves. After five games, including two PAC 12 opponents, and always tough Boise State on the road:

BYU is #5 in the nation in Total Defense, #4 in Scoring Defense, #11 in Passing Defense, #19 in Passing Efficiency Defense, #2 in Rushing Defense, #3 in 3rd Down Conversion Percentage Defense, and BYU has only given up THREE scores in the red zone all season, the fewest of any team in the country.

You don't rack up numbers like that simply because of weak competition.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ BlueCoug

Yes you do.

Utah, Boise, and Wazzu are all weak on O, Weber is an FCS team and Hawaii might as well be an FCS team too. The next few weeks will really tell us what BYU's D is all about.

Salt Lake City, UT

Two For Flinching

Who exactly has Utah State played?

The same "weak" Utah team that BYU played, only at home instead of on the road, a Wisconsin team that barely beat 1-4 UTEP, 1-4 Colorado St, 1-4 UNLV, and So. Utah?

Wisconsin, is 109th in passing, 98th in rushing, and 99th in scoring.

btw, Hawaii is only averaging one point less per game, than Utah.

Not exactly a plethora of offensive firepower there either.

Idaho Falls, ID

BYU has not faced a Chuckie led offense as of yet (too many weapons). The Y has faced a tough defense (Utah). The Y can't figure out who is qb. The Y can't figure out that the Aggies had the true blue first. The Y will win 8 games this year. Just not this one.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't know when Bronco changed his belief from "best player plays" to "I have a history with...". Riley won't last any game with the offensive packages Doman has for him. He'll get hit a few times, and that will be it. Why even bother? Hill does just fine, he just needs to work more on chemistry with the receivers and the passing game. Really disappointed in Bronco being blinded by emotion and history. Do what's best for the team and gives them the best chance to win.

Danbury, CT

I think USU is a GREAT test for BYU and a very good team in their own right. Close losses to Wisconsin and Auburn in away games prove that. I wouldn't be surprised to see USU beat us at home given our uncertainty at QB. I expect great things from the Aggies with their current coach and program and hope to see them start beating some of these national powerhouse teams.

Alpine, UT

Hill is the better QB and deserves the start, whether or not Riley is healthy. He's also a lot more fun to watch. I can't remember any head coach claiming to start someone simply because he's a fan of that player. Fans belong in the stand watching the game, not making decisions about who should start.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I've read the comment twice now that Utah State "surprised" BYU last season. I certainly hope not.

Two years ago, Utah State surprised us, handed it back to us on a platter, whupped up on us and generally embarrased us. Last year was no surprise. This year isn't either.

I think the Cougars will be ready. I'm hoping it is as good a game as advertised. It COULD be a laugher BYU's way, but if it IS a laugher, the recent odds of it ending well for the Cougars are not good.

Here's to defense! Rise and Shout!

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Here is my 2 cents as an Aggie Fan.

I hope Bronco starts Hill.

Still a lot of bitterness about Riley leaving U State.

I think Riley has a mental edge over U State and I think he has a lot more confidence playing us. I think Bronco knows this and wants to have him get it back.

That being said, I think the players want Riley to start, I think they want to say "hello".

This will be a test for U State offense, facing a very tough BYU D.

I think my Aggie are up to the challenge!


Mcallen, TX

As it should be. This game will be for the state championship as the two best teams will do battle.

Weber , Dixie, and Southern Utah round out the top five.

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