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Published: Saturday, Sept. 29 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah


Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

There were times tonight I was glad we were playing UNLV and not the y. Aggies need to change how they come out in the 3rd quarter knock off the dumb penalties after the play is over.

That said, can't wait for the big game Friday. USU will be ready with a better team than the y, better qb than the y and better coaching than the y.

Go Big blue!!!

Evanston, WY

Utah State is the best team in Utah this year and a pretty good overal in the nation. Congrats to Coach A and the great job he is doing. Keep it up

Farmington, UT

Glad you guys support your team and I just hope UDOT doesn't close down northbound I-15 in Davis County at 10:00 pm to one lane like they did after the Hawaii game. It's already a long drive home after one loses without being stuck in traffic for an extra 45 minutes.

Until after the game is played we really don't know who the best team is in Utah, although it certainly doesn't appear to be Utah. But get excited, Aggies, since it's been sooooooo long coming. (Most of you weren't born yet when it happened last time.) And if USU has a 2nd fairly good season, watch Mr. Anderson statrt to be on everyone's short list as a potential hire; he won't stay in Logan unles USU has another mediocre (historical) record.

Ogden, Utah

The Aggies are a good team. It should be a really good defensive game against BYU. I agree with Big Blue....some of those 15 yard personal foul and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties were costly. Its great to be aggressive but once the whistle blows, know when to quit.

Springville, UT

Congrats to the Aggies. Seeing the Aggies enjoy some long deserved success and respect is great.

At this time it's pretty evident that the Aggies are on a roll and got the real talent to do some things this season. But now comes the showdown.

I hope the Cougars put up a good game. BYU has some offense problems and QB issues. Beating Hawaii really didn't prove much but did allow Hill to play. It will be up to the defense to keep the Cougars in the game.

Aggies are definitely the real deal this year. I'm hoping it won't be a blowout for either team. Looking forward to a tough fought game.

I'll be ok with who wins this game either way. If the Aggies do it then all the more respect to them. If the Cougars win then it will show they have turned a corner.

I wonder how many Ute fans will become Aggie fans this week? LOL

Good luck Aggies!

Richmond, VA


The Aggies are indeed smoking hot and I have no problem conceding that they are for real. But, let's wait til after they rumble with BYU before we make any claims to being the best in the state of Utah yet. If they win, the honors are all yours. If not, well then, you, us, and the Utes are all equal. Aggies beat the Utes, they beat us, and hopefully we beat them.

So go Cougars! But if the Aggies win, then they rule, and owns the right to brag as being the best in Utah. I will have no beef with that!

Clearfield, UT

Why do I see USU and BYU as two defensive freight trains speeding towards each other on the same track.

Logan, UT

Well if we use A>B>C, Utah State is the best in the state right now because Utah State>Utah>BYU... That being said, they need to prove it with a win this week... Im excited for the game should be great! Defense will rule out the winner though, I think USU's offense is better than the Y's but the Y's defense is better than the Aggies, so its going to be a great game... Can't wait.

Cedar City, Utah


Not one aggie will wait til after the game to make the best in the state claim. They are so pompus they think they don't need to wait for it. Yes I will give the aggies this, the cougars suck this year. And Utah sucks but you can't make the claim until after the game. So all I'm saying thebigsamoan is you don't need to waste your breath asking the fan's to wait for the game. They don't understand you.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

Stang08, I'm an Aggie fan (a graduate and local from birth) and I'm waiting until after the game to claim that the Aggies are the best in the state this year.

Now you are either a false prophet or a blowhard. I'll let you claim which.

Cedar City, Utah

Joe Moe,

I'm a true fan. Put that under whatever catagorie you want. You may be the first aggie to say you aren't pompus enough to make the claim. Good for you. Glad to see one aggie is gonna wait for the game.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

I'm hoping the Riley for chuckie trade goes through. I hear Riley will get two more years to play in Logan Wouldn't that be fun to watch!

Cedar City, Utah

Didn't he leave Logan? That was a smart move for a talented kid. He had a great carrer and will continue after getting over this injury.

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