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Published: Saturday, Sept. 29 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

To worf 1:35 p.m. Sept. 30, 2012

Which candidate can take a little and grow the country back to prosperity?


Certainly not Willard Mitt Romney. His experience is in taking over companies, over-burdening them with debt, raking off exhorbitant management fees for company executives (to the detriment of the company), and then putting the companies into bankruptcy. The workers lost their jobs, or the jobs are out-sourced overseas during the time before the company is closed.

A few companies didn't suffer this fate, but this is generally how vulture capitalists like Romney and Bain work. Too many did.

That is NOT what this country needs or deserves. I really don't want Obama to be re-elected, but he is not even close to being as bad as Romney would be. I really wish that the Republican base had shown some comon sense and selected Huntsman. He is competent, qualified, moderate and he is just about the only prospective candidate this year who had/has a chance of beating Obama. Of course he wasn't enough of an extreme far right radical to satisfy that far right base. That's sad.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

MapleDon Springville, UT

Yes. Yes. Yes.

"Left Wing Media."

It's so funny. "Left Wing Media" is any media operation conservatives don't like. It is not an evaluation of reporting/news analysis. It is only a question of "do these guys reinforce my views/prejudices!" Even "politically neutral" news sections of the major newspapers get criticized for what stories they run and how the basics of news reporting are handled. Where there is no bias, conservative readers want bias toward their personal perspective, otherwise it's another "left wing media" hatchet job.

So, conservatives prefer to listen to "Right Wing Media" for their non-information regarding issues and events. Wingnut talking heads on Conservative Radio. The lucrative print media of conservative books and newsmagazines. It's a big business and many have found money to be made catering to the conservative mind even unto the most extreme views. Even with so much right-wing opinion out there, to many conservatives, there isn't enough. One might think they want a government Ministry of Propaganda to make sure that no one would be able to escape their message (and the opposition could be shut down).

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

It's obvious that the posers on this thread who shout "Anybody but Obama" and say that he is "destroying America" must know what hyperbole is and they are playing the game, not to convince, but to overwhelm. They're like first-year debating students who learn to argue any side of an issue depending upon which side is benefits themselves the most.

So much anger. So much hate. So much incivility. So much that runs counter to the American character. It's almost like they want another American Civil War to erupt so that they can alter the results of the first civil war. They don't know history, otherwise how can the make statements like " . . . he's the worst"? It's all for shock effect!

For them, defeating the opponent is more important than finding solutions. This must be because there is a lot of money (i.e. power) at stake. Republicans use social issues and a contrived narrative to protect the interests of the wealthy. They specialize in fear and anger and have moved to the extreme Right. Democrats have been pulled into the place previously occupied by old-style conservatives leaving us with little choice.

Salsa Libre
Provo, UT

John Brown 1000 Laketown, UT

The only poll that matters is taken on election day.

Political polls are extremely complex and nobody has the perfect procedure. Questions can be confusing, answered in multiple ways depending how the person understands the question and is thinking at a particular moment, reflect the bias of the person doing the interview, and very dependent upon the nature of the population selected for the interview. And people don't tell the truth for whatever reason.

A poll is more like the wet finger stuck up into the air to sense the prevailing breeze. It does absolutely no good in a hurricane.

So quote Rasmussen all you want. It makes no difference to those who understand the problems in the process and the ways statistics can be manipulated for favor a particular position. You can ask 10 people a single question and get the same response from all 10, a different response from each, or some combination along the range. This is why the current fight over 47%, 43%, and the remaining 10% is so bogus. Except for the ideologues (and I'm not all that certain about them), people are fluid and like to change.

Tremonton, UT

Stakes are High for Barack Hussein Obama as well... although you wouldn't know it reading the headline, or the coordinated media "spin" in favor of Obama.

The sand is shifting under their feet and they don't like it. Romney is on track to pull off a victory...don't believe the "cooked" polls.

How can an incumbent president be comfortable with tied or polls that (when averaged) are within the 3 point margin of error? (And yet the media had Romney suddenly losing and beyond hope as of two weeks ago...Ridiculous, and Scandalous).

Kaysville, UT

When I see that Mitt Romney gets criticized for working in his life and making decisions everyday and the President who was a law review editor didn't have too much but community work.

When you make a lot of decisions in 40 years that affect companies and jobs, it is not easy to have everything work out the way you planned.

However, since the law review didn't affect many jobs and the community action process was run by a group of people with government money, it is not quite the same nor impacting the same. Government type programs keep on going and are not necessarily based on performance.

The country and the budgetary process is a bigger process. President Obama has some very qualified people in his administration but they need a real leader not just David Axlerod who worked for both President Clinton and Obama.

Companies run on budgets and performance. The country needs a budget and a way to make the economy profitable with all their various programs and high paid consultants, Secretaries, Czars and personal assistants.

We need a President that understands providing for the common defense of our nation, economic, military, and commonsense.

Salsa Libre
Provo, UT

Gr8Dane Tremonton, UT

OK. Romney and Ryan are trying to lower expectations. They continue to "insist" that they will win, but they sense that not all is well.

It will be very interesting how you and others will respond if Romney loses after being so sure that he will win. Will it be 2009 again with the hostility and anger vowing to, in Rush Limbaugh's words, " . . . make Obama a failed president"?

It's an option you need to accept within the realm of possibility even though you are quite convinced that the polls are wrong and your guy is a winner. What will you do? Blame the media for swingings the vote against you? That could be an accurate statement if you consider the SuperPACs and their hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on this election to be a big part of the media since their political advertisements are essentially "media".

Or will you do your best to work towards solving problems and not undermining the efforts of others?

Just be prepared.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Furry 1993 said:

"...In other words he is going to have to lie through his teeth ..."

Like your boy Obama has lied through his teeth with no shame.


The picture attached to the story is all to telling. Would you trust or even befriend this smug guy? He is a joke and as unlikable as they come. He is running jsut for power not to govern -- Mitt is a bad choice.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

If Romney's such a great manager and decision maker, then why has his campaign been so bad that even Republicans are shocked with its ineptitude? At least GWB ran a campaign that got him into office, although the good times lasted less than a year. Obama's campaign outlasted Hillary Clinton, who had more money and staff from Day One. Mitt had half the money on the planet, and it was all he could do to overcome Rick Santorum, a guy whose last election had been a 16 point loss. You want evidence who'd make the best president? It's right in front of you.

Mcallen, TX


It was Clinton who got us into outsourcing with NAFTA.

Obama outsourced our stimulus money to China, Japan, Australia, Finland, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan, and others.

Romney hasn't been president, therefore judgement is made up.

Ogden, UT

"The only reason this president has a prayer of a chance for a second term is because the media controls public opinion."

And the church controls yours.

Romney doesn't have a prayer.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

I am sure that many of you that have written todate in regard to the upcoming election, do not have a lot of years behind you. However, for those of us who have actually cast a vote every election since we became old enough to vote ( 60 years or so) hopefully, we oldsters can set the proper example and actually use a little common sense in casting our vote. My family has been involved in both parties, sometimes they voted wrong, but to my knowledge we have never had such a wide example of the kind of man that should be leading this country. I am praying for Brother Romney, and hope my prayers are answered in the affirmative.

Cedar Hills, UT

All I can say is if America is dumb enough to re-elect Barack Obama they deserve what they get. Ronald Reagan couldn't win today because this is a lesser country and lesser people today compared to 1980 and the entitlement mentality is set in stone. I have to wonder who and what American's are going to blame after our debt hits the tipping point which causes unemployment to jump into the teens? The response from the White House will be "well this was really an 8 year job to fix the broken economy" and unfortunately many Americans are dumb enough to buy it. I have to think China is going to pass America in the next two years GDP wise and militarily soon thereafter. Then what???

"What me worry?" (Alfred E Newman)

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