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Published: Saturday, Sept. 29 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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What a waste of money Romney keeps going though in this campaign.. He keeps talking about economics but is out of touch in spending (or taking in) millions in a losing effort. Is this the leader he wants to be seen as? He is done, I wish the GOP voting bloc was smart enough to see this a few months ago -- but you got what you voted for....

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

We laugh at the thought that everybody knew for certain that the Earth was flat. We laugh at some scientific attempts to do what we know is impossible. We laugh at Prime Minister Chamberlain who exclaimed that he has made peace.

If we reelect Barack Obama, people in the future will laugh at us. I want everyone in the future to know that I was not one of the people who was fooled into believing Obama's lies, and I was certainly not foolish enough to vote for somebody who has proven to be a failure.

As bad as Romney MIGHT be if elected, there's almost 0% chance he can possibly be any worse than Obama has been.

John Brown 1000
Laketown, UT

First, Romney's campaign isn't sinking. The RCP average and recent polls are crock because the vast majority of those polls have weird sampling that skews heavily Democratic instead of reflecting the current electorate; they're also mostly of registered voters instead of likely ones.

Second, Rasmussen Reports is using a sample that actually reflects the electorate and uses likely votes.

Third, national polls don't matter. What matters are the battleground states.

Fourth, using current Rasmussen polling, today Romeny would probably take Colorado, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Iowa. Obama would probably take Wisconson. That would bring Romney to 225 and Obama to 247. Ohio, Virginia, and Florida are the last 3 battleground states. The candidates are 1 point apart in each, way too close to call. Romney would need all 3. Obama would need 2.

Romney's campaign isn't sinking or even close. This is going to be a very tight race.

Kaysville, UT

When a person is a leader, mistakes are going to be made as they are leading the way. Mitt Romney has had experiences over the past 40 years to help in his judgement relating to business and with government. Government is a service industry providing citizens of states and nationally with utilities and transportation access. It also provides for the common defense, domestic and internationally. Over the years, the United States of America has become bogged down with social and individual entitlements that our ancestors did not deal with at the same level.

President Obama's didn't have business or real government experience leading anyone. Joe Biden still has to be led by the President in his limited ability.

I cannot see anyone believing that we are better now than we were 4 years ago unless there are shaded eyes and coverings. Even the cabinet members are stymied in their actions as they don't have an approved budget. They just keep on spending what they don't have. They have expanded programs which rob from other programs leaving those entitled people grasping at straws for what they believe is theirs forever.

This debate will be interesting for both.


I think you have to throw out precedent when analyzing this election cycle's presidential debates. Our economy is so horrible that it's a completely unique situation. I don't have any figures to back this up, but I would be willing to bet that there is a large number of people who don't want to vote for Obama, who can't bring themselves to vote for him, but who also aren't convinced Romney is the answer and are therefore likely to just sit the election out. This is where the debates are huge. If Romney and Ryan can own the debates they can give those people the incentive to feel good about actually going to the polls and voting for them. I really think nobody except the hardest of hardcore liberal actually wants to vote for Obama. So it's all about Romney being able to get his message out and providing himself as a solid alternative. At the debates he can do that.

Tooele, UT

I have to agree with MapleDon, the media isn't telling everything. The media is not being honest about what the people really think about the incombent. They flatter Obama, but they really don't tell the truth and unfortunately many are believing that "all is well with these United States"..well it's not OK. Obama is in the hot seat. Obama has trashed the economy, and it makes me afraid for my children and grandchildren..the damage that has been done in such a short time by this president. He has no international experience and that has been shown with what has happened at that U.S. Embassy and with the death of the U.S, Ambassador, he doesn't know what to do! IF Obama is elected for four more years..I dread to think what will happen to the economy, our healthcare and our freedom.

Casa Grande, AZ

The best thing Romney could do is let those rich people keep their $50,000 a plate. Romney will be squarley debating himself and his past self. Obama couldn't have asked for someone better to run against. He just implemented Romney's former policies. Like bailing out the olympics with federal tax dolars and forcing Massachucheians to buy healthinsureance.

Election 2012 Romney vs Romeny!!

Phoenix, AZ

I am convinced that it is going to take a mirace to get Mitt elected, he has my vote, but if he does not do well in the debates he may be finished. The media has made it clear that they want Obama re-elected and are doing everything they can to make sure it happens. I see him starting to slide in the polls and I wonder how much is really accurate, will the American people buy into the distortion and the lies? I fear greatly for this nation if Obama should be re-elected the future will be very different and our feedoms will be in grave danger, hopefully the American people will make the right choice. I have hope that come November 6th we may see a mirace unfold, before it is too late.

Clearfield, UT

Blaming the so called left wing media for Romney's failure to connect with voters is lame. Rmeney governed MA as a moderate. Now he is trying to run for president as a tea party conservative. I am dissapointed in Romney. Still respect the man. I don't think he has a clue as to what it is like to be poor or even middle class in America. I don't see how writing off half the voters as government free-loaders is a good strategy to win an election. Reagan and Clinton connected with voters. Romney appears determined to prove his detractors correct, that he is an out of touch elitist.

Salt Lake City, Utah

You guys crack me up. Mr. Romney has been a disaster the republican policies are a disaster, and yet they continue to blame the media. It would seem that you are saying that if (when) Mr. Romney loses its because the American people are not smart enough to see through the evil liberal media. I prefer to believe in my fellow Americans, and their ability to to make an educated choice. I have watched this political season carefully, I am a registered republican, and I have not seen Mr. Romney give me a reason to vote for him. He is all over the map every time he opens his mouth. But at the end of the day he continues with negative campaigning to appease the tea party. I could vote for Governor Romney, not to sure I can vote for the Presidential Candidate Romney.

American Fork, UT

Stakes are high for the President and nation as well. We can only hope romney flounders.

Provo, UT


I agree with your analysis, except for your overly- optimistic view of the debates. Based on Romney's and Ryan's "not-ready for prime-time" performance so far, the chances are slim to none that they will be able to miraculously give us hope enough to earn our votes.


The stakes are equally high for BOTH candidates in the debates. This is one more one-sided article written by the politically prejudiced DN.

I hope each time Mitt answers a question, the panel or the President points out that he has given the exact opposite answer before.

Kaysville, UT

Mitt Romney can do well and is the most qualified to be President and win the debate. The media will find anything wrong with his message, tactics and presentation and will even say his shoe laces are not tied correctly.

People are the Jay Leno in the street people that don't realize what is happening to them. It is like putting the frog in cool water on the way to boiling.

Centerville, UT

Unless David Letterman and the ladies of The View will be moderating these debates, it seems like the stakes are MUCH higher for Obama. He might actually have to defend his lousy record without the comfort of his teleprompter. Imagine that. Real questions and no written script. That is Kryptonite for Obama.

Kaysville, UT

We all have to remember President Obama doesn't go by the rules. He plays street basketball with his cronies from Chicago. Chicago was a good place for President Lincoln and is a good place for the President to Retire and teach the real Constitution of the United States of America. He can fool us once but should not have the opportunity to fool us again with Hope and Change.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

"Anyone who wants a handout will vote for Obama." "Let's see if America has the good common sense to vote coreectly." BYUalum. BYUalum. What did you major in? Right wing talking points?

Eugene, OR


Are you really still on the teleprompter kick? Yes, Obama uses one. So does Romney. So did Bush. So do the General Authorities who will speak at Conference next Sunday. It's part of public speaking.

And based on his "why don't airplane windows roll down?" comments, I'd say that Romney has more to fear from debating. It's not enough to just bash Obama; he has to give specifics. Can he?

Sugar City, ID

What I hope to see in the debates is that Mitt Romney's concern for us all is unfeigned and without guile. The tapes have to be overcome in that respect.

Mcallen, TX

Amazing how a little seed can take root and grow into a large tree.

America took from little, and grew to the greatest country in history, but is now choking from the vines of debt, and corruption.

Which candidate can take a little and grow the country back to prosperity?

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