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Published: Saturday, Sept. 29 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

To make any type of a iffeence, Romney is going to have to pretend that he cares about, and will work to impove the lot of, people who are not in his affinity group -- the mega-wealthy. In other words he is going to have to lie through his teeth and make it sound like he isn't prevaricating. I don't think he's that good an actor.

Springville, UT

Why are the stakes high for Romney?

Because the left-wing media will tear him to shreds and only dish out praise to Obama. Same goes for the DesNews, which has to-date refused to post a single article critical of him or his administration.

The crazy thing is that Obama should be on the hot seat.

Our nation's economy is in the toilet, the Middle East is on fire (and focused against the U.S.), ambassadors and other U.S. personnel murdered, gasoline prices more than doubled, coal and energy facilities being shut down, unemployment at depression levels, national debt growing at an alarming rate, food stamp enrollment doubled, the real estate markets still in the dumps, borders left open, health care on the brink of government takeover, on and on.

The only reason this president has a prayer of a chance for a second term is because the media controls public opinion.

And it seems to me the American people haven't had enough pain. I'd say they like it. How anyone could vote for someone with this bad of a record is beyond reasoning.

Joey D

Would seem the stakes are much higher for Pres. Obama defending his record over the last four years, not to mention the constitutionality of many of his actions.


Obama's jobs program was for foreign citizens. America's youth should flock to Romney for a future. Competition with 11.5 million more people will cut your wages and force you to pay higher taxes.

The people won't decide this election, the media will.

Alpine, UT

Looks like the perfect storm is coming, precipitated by a dumbed-down electorate prejudiced by a media and education system that are in bed with obama and progressives. Mapledon is right. People love to be swayed by glib tongues without scrutinizing one's record. I asked a sixth grader who he wanted for President. He shyly said, "obama." I asked why. He said , "Because he won't raise our taxes." I then educated him on the 20+ taxes hidden in Obamacare, including the youth tax, and others which will hit the middle class and medically burdened.
Don't forget, in 1980, the polls had Carter up by 10 points one month before the elections.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Romney's candidacy is circling the drain, But he is the one who pulled the drain plug.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

The only way Romney can win is to not open his mouth and say something he will later regret. Oh oh, that's asking for the impossible.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Which romney?

Las Vegas, NV

Despite the efforts of the liberal media in trying to make you think that Obama has won re-election, it ain't gonna happen. Mitt will be president...just watch Mitt destroying Mr. No-experience on Wednesday night.

Mesa, AZ

No up-side to participating in the liberal media controlled debates. Besides, independents and undecided voters at this stage do not exist, they are liberals who just want to make hay. If you are on the fence, or so unaware of the consequences of this election, our nation truly is in peril.

Let's hope that there truly is a huge groundswell of disenfranchised democrats who will poll as with Obama, but in the voting booth vote Romney. The novelty has worn off with trillions in spending, bypassing congress with creation of czars and thousands of new six-figure government jobs, and by-passing congress with executive orders, etc.

Payson, UT

If we have to have Obama re elected; we need a Republican Congress that is veto proof, so that Obama gives clear meaning to lame duck and he will get upset and resign from office.

Mike in Texas
Cedar City, Utah

RH2011. Dream on little dreamer dream on...

Well Read

It is crazy for people to blame the media because Romney is behind in rhe polls. Those of you who think that thee media is biased stop and look closely at what you are saying.

Romney seems to put his feet, both of them, in his mouth almost every time he speaks. He sticks his finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing before saying anything.

He has not given any clear details about what he plans to do if elected to solbe the nations problems.

He picked or he was picked for him the most right wing person that could be found and then wonders why those who are not in favor of the T party have turned against him.

His gaffs have been to numerous to mention. I do not have the space.

The media did not make all this up! Romney and the republican right have done it to themselves! For all of Obama's presidency the republicans stated goal was to deny Obamma a second term. From day one this was their goal.

The republicans and Romney have done it to themselves without any help from the media!

m.g. scott

The vast majority of the voting population have not really seen Mitt Romney. Most did not watch the convention, most have only seen a few seconds of ads or news media soundbites. When Mitt stands up there with Obama, most of America will really for the first time see a President Romney. Romney has everything to gain in the debates because he will for the first time have the attention of America. As for Obama, everyone knows him. He will come off as old news. And with the domestic economy still worse than when he came into office, combined with the foreign policy mess, Romney will have too much ammo to use. Obama will be on the defensive for the debates. People will finally see the old news president as the failed old news president.

Provo, UT

Reading these comments, it is apparent that De Nile is also a popular place in Utah...

But that's OK, just blame the "liberal media" instead of taking a good hard look at yourselves. The rest of the citizens of the US are wrong, and you few are right... sure... just keep telling yourselves that.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

‘Stakes are high for Romney in first presidential debate’

at first I thought it said;

‘Stake President Romney is high for first debate’
my bad...

Colorado Springs, CO

Okay, Folks, the liberal media argument is getting a little old. Bush won two terms, despite the "liberal media." I think Romney will win the election, but it will not be won or lost by your so-called liberal media. For those of you who argue that point, it is just a copout for not believing enough in your candidate.


It's amusing the way Romney supporters whine about bad press and how mean the media is to Mitt. If he can't take the American press he should go back to the the car elevators and dancing horses and leave the governing to adults.

m.g. scott

If the point that many of you seem to be making is that there is NO media bias toward the Democrats, then I don't want to hear any complaints about FOX News. OK.

South Jordan, UT

Mitt Romney is the best qualified man in the running. His resume knocks the socks off BHO who had zero experience coming into office, still does, and is only good at campaigning. Anyone who cares about the economic growth of this country and a hand up (jobs) will vote for Romney. Anyone who wants a handout will vote for Obama. I vote for the growth of this country and a proven leader. We are headed down, down, down with BHO as we have been for the past four years. It's a no brainer. Let's see if America has the good common sense to vote coreectly. It's very clear to me.God bless Mitt Romney in this ucoming debate, and God bless America!

Romney-Ryan 2012

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