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Published: Friday, Sept. 28 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

It is so nice to see all the fans jump off the Riley band wagon for the next great BYU QB. And, help who was the QB that helped the Y beat that horrible USU team last year?

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

A win our Cougs had to have. They did exactly what they should have done on the ground against such a pourus Hawaii defense. However, let's keep the game in perspective. Utah State will be tougher competition, and then we get Georgia Tech, et. al. I'm still concerned we're not able to get the ball into our playmaker wide outs more often- Apo and Hoffman. But, great outting for Hill to get his confidence going.

U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT

If Bronco really cares about the team, fans, and winning, he will start Hill going forward. However, his ego and love affair with Riley are first and foremost in his mind. Riley will start against USU and BYU will lose. Bronco is not stupid; he knows Riley hurts the team, but he is unwilling to admit that fans/media are right and he is wrong.

Carthage, MO

Great game Cougs. It was great to see the offense get going after a couple of down weeks. The D is simply outstanding. I hope we can keep this type of performance going. Congrats to the men in blue!

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

@ Y Ask Y

Yes, a 22-year old true freshman. Exactly how many times did the two ESPN announcers make that point? No more than 20-25 at least.

With no mention of the amazing 17-year old true freshman Jamaal Williams age.

Actually, this is two shutouts in a row for the Amazing defense, as they did NOT allow a single point last week against high-octance Boise State. The only points came off BYU Offense.

This may be a once in a generation BYU Defense.

Utah State will be a very interesting game-as the Aggies are an underrated power to be reckoned with.

Centerville, UT

@Alpine Coug

"Utah State will be a very interesting game-as the Aggies are an underrated power to be reckoned with."

Thank you. You are one of the first BYU fans I've seen who isn't expecting the Aggies of old to show up on Friday night. This is a different team. I think too many BYU fans are expecting an automatic 'W' in this game.

Murray, UT

Part 1. Bronco and Doman just don't get it. After seeing the future of BYU Football in the hands of Hill last night, his first comment following the game is that Nelson, so long as he is or can get healthy is his starting quarterback. They gave up on Jake Heaps in favor of Nelson last year and continue to place their full trust and loyalty in Riley rather than giving what's best for the team that same measure of trust and loyalty. Although Riley unquestionably has leadership and courage, he has demonstrated that he has no other discernable skills such as passing the football and making consistently good decisions in game situations.

Murray, UT

Part 2. Our losses to Utah and Boise are squarely on Riley for failure to take himself out of those games when he was obviously injured and couldn't make plays on just his leadership and heart. I like what Bronco has done for BYU Football since becoming head coach. It would be so refreshing, however, if he could manifest the same leadership and courage he says he admires in Riley to make the much needed quarterback change for the good of the team and the good of the program that has been absent in his coaching decisions during the Riley era.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Hey sports nutz. I don't know about winning the game but I am pretty sure I could outplay Riley! Thanks for the compliment anyway.

Seattle, Wa

eagle43 - The losses to Utah and BSU are squarely on the shoulders of the head coach and offensive coordinator. The Board of Trustees needs to bench those guys.

South Jordan, UT


Only blind BYU fans will over look USU next week after the last 2 games I expect it to be close and defense controlled low scouring game something like 17-14 no prediction on who wins I am not as talanted as chris b. Looking forward to a good game

Anaheim, CA

Silent Lurker

You're just jealous that gimmes aren't "automatics" for the kids on the hill.

Although that's almost always the case for Bronco, it's decidedly not the case for Kyle, who's proven time and time again that he's capable of losing to ANYBODY - see 10-loss Colorado and 10-lost UNLV!


@Wayne Rout i suggest that you apply for Broncos job at BYU if you think you can handle the job,if not i suggest you shut up and let Bronco be the coach ,and stop the constant complaining ,all i have heard from you is your constant rants against Bronco and i for one am tired of hearing it,and i,m sure there are others as well just be quiet and stop trying to be the coach or go apply

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Taysom Hill showed he is clearly a notch above Riley Nelson, even in spite of his inexperience. And Hill would be a very quick study with each game in which he plays.

Sorry Bronco - you should not let your pride dictate your decision making when it comes to the most important position on the BYU football team.

Hill is the better QB. Start him next Friday.

U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT


So in your mind, one cannot criticize unless he could do better? That's absurd. I don't think I have the time, knowledge, intellect to be president of the U.S., but I still believe I can voice my opinion regarding presidential decisions. Likewise, I could not coach a D-1 football team. However, I can opine on a coaching decision that is clearly, in my opinion, based on poor judgment and/or unwillingness to admit error.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

RE: 61Cougar "The losses to Utah and BSU are squarely on the shoulders of the head coach and offensive coordinator. The Board of Trustees needs to bench those guys." Amen, brother! I couldn't agree with you more.

West Jordan, UT

Cougar fans! We all need to calm down and look at the situation with a little more objectivity. Taysom's performance against a horrible Hawaii defense was good but not great. He had barely 100 yards passing on a 57% completion rate, and he threw an ugly interception. Against this same defense last year Riley Nelson threw for 363 yards on a 67% completion rate, with no interceptions, and he did it with a broken rib and a punctured lung. Dont get me wrong, I think Taysom has the potential to be a very special quarterback for BYU, but Bronco is right not to get caught up in all the fan hype and anoint another freshman the way he did with Jake Heaps. Nelson is the senior and the chosen leader of this team, and if he is healthy he should be the guy. If he is not healthy then Taysom should start, but he should start as the backup. Having said that, Nelson should be on a short leash if and when he starts again. Bronco and Doman waited too long to pull him in the Boise State game and it cost BYU the game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sports Nutz,
After reading your comment it is certain than you name is 50% correct.

Tooele, UT

I am not a Taysom Hill fan, yet. All his passing yards came on short routes with some excellent running after the catch by the receivers. I think his long passes looked horrible. He's lucky he didn't have more interceptions. He needs to learn how to lead the receivers and let them catch up to the ball. Hoffman and Apo were open and he underthrew them time and time again. As has been said, he only completed 57% of his passes. I'm holding on my judgement until we see how he does against stiffer competition like the Aggies this week. I think BYU is in trouble this week. Hopefully, Bronco will have the "guts" to make the right call and let Hill start. I don't really care who wins this week as I have been a BYU fan all my life, but am a USU alum and root for them all other games and am happy when they can beat the Y.

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