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Published: Friday, Sept. 28 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Note to bronco Riley isn't feeling well and wont feel any better this season. Stay with Hill.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

Note to Real Bass......Hawaii is horrible and you could have been the QB and byu still would have won tonight. Hawaii gave up 69 points last week at home.

West Jordan, Utah

Taysom Hill reminds me of a 'what might of been' former Utah QB Corbin Louks. The Utes went with Wynn and Cain when Louks was the #1 QB going into fall camp. When Louks lost the starting job, he bolted town (Heaps style).

Taysom Hill has better speed than Riley and can also take hits. Louks was even faster with a clocked 4.2 time in the 40. He could fly. Hill probably has the better arm and throwing motion. Although Louks had a strong arm to throw it deep. It's just he had an awkward throwing motion and we never saw his intermediate game at Utah. It was either do a QB run or throw deep. Hill is put together a little better. Louks had the wire build. Hill is trim but has more frame.

I am not sure Louks would have panned out, but despite the promise Wynn showed his freshman year (4 surgeries ago), Louks might have had a good two year run for Utah in 2009 and 2010.

Hill has a ways to go but his game time hopefully will increase if you are a Cougar fan, and more time and experience is needed.


Riley isn't hurting that badly. He could have played tonight. I hope Bronco uses this injury excuse as the reason to bench Riley again next week. It doesn't matter that Hawaii didn't play well, Hill is a much better QB.

Riley starting against USU = loss for BYU.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Hawaii's only hope was for Riley to play. He will be playing against Utah State so we can chalk that game off. Bronco cannot admit to a mistake be it going for two or making Riley the starter. To play anyone else at quarterback would be admitting a mistake. Notice Bronco's constant jabs directed at Jake Heaps as he compliments Riley to Hill by mentioning things that allegedly Heaps had as weaknesses. It was very hard for him to find anything good to say about Hill. It seemed clear to most folks who should start the remainder of the season, but not to Bronco. According to BYU TV, the Offensive Coordinator did not know Hill was starting until after arriving at the stadium. Do we have an OC?

Farmington, UT

Sportz Nutz

Hawaii scored 10 against USC when the Trojans were the #1 ranked team in the country and the game was in southern California. Even though they lost by allowing Nevada to score 69 last week, they still scored 24 in that game. Give some credit where it's due and don't bother citing the USU/Utah vs BYU/Utah games as a comparison because like the field goal you missed and the one we missed, had Utah not been called for Offensive Pass Interference they would have defeated USU. So the games have been close with USU finally winning a close one this year, as opposed to last year when they couldn't win if it were handed to them in a bag. They also lost a close one again, too, this year.

How many 3-2 teams are two plays away from being 5-0? Just expect a good, close game in Provo again this year. I can hardly wait.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Bronco quote reported in the national game story but not in the Deseret News:

"I am a Riley Nelson fan."

Nothing has changed since the Boise game.

Riley (healthy or not) vs. a highly motivated Utah State team should scare all BYU fans, including the head coach, who seems to place pluck and grittiness over talent in his player evaluations.

Later games with Notre Dame, Oregon State, and even Georgia Tech are downright terrifying given the recent history against all but the weakest of schools.

South Jordan, UT

Great game. Big loss of Michael Alisa. We hope he recovers quickly. Back injuries of any kind are so painful. We also wish Riley Nelson well. It was great to see him on the sideline cheering and encouraging his teammates on and off the field. He's a great leader. Taysom Hill defied the odd makers who said a true freshman could not win his first starting game. This team needed a BIG win Friday so that whoever the QB or RB is, they know they can work together and win. The BYU defense is stunning!

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

It's hard to fathom how Bronco could even consider going with Nelson over Hill. In a head to head match-up, Hill would win in every category. Isn't it Bronco's job to field the best team possible? Sounds like his ego is over riding his common sense.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

There you have it folks, in print. Fire Bronco, hire Wayne, all our problems are solved.

Sandy, UT

Here's a tip Bronco

You weren't hired to be a Fan.
You weren't hired to be anything other than a Coach.
That's what you are paid to do.
A Million+ dollars a year, I might add.

That means being objective and leaving your emotions out of it.
Every year BYU loses 2-3 games they should win.

Why? Because you're not evaluating your players ability objectively.
And remember Bronco, this is BYU's program, not yours.
You are only it's current steward, act accordingly.

Now, you can remain to post 8-10 wins a year or take the next step.........

Taysom Hill is by far the best QB on your team.
Do what's right. The fans deserve it.


I want to give a shout out to Ziggy A. What a stud! This kid is freakishly athletic and will only get better the more he plays. He has the size and stature of my South Carolina Jadevion Clowney who was the #1 recruit in the country out of high school in 2011. This BYU defense is good and we as BYU fans should enjoy this team. If the offense can get it together it could be one of those "If only we would've beaten..." seasons. (Already is but we can ruin some others' seasons. So sit back and enjoy folks...I know I will.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

That was a nice win! We are also seeing some future stars emerging. Good to see couple of young running backs make a big impact. Hill had a nice game and has some serious wheels. That safety chasing after him on the td run was losing ground. Sad to see Alisa out though. Anae and the Oline looked much improved as well.

I love our defense. Ansah and Van Noy are so fun to watch and the future is bright with Kaufusi.

All in all a great game and the program seems to be heading in the right direction after a year or two of confusion. Hopefully Doman is getting some good experience as OC and the learning curve is getting more manageable.

It is going to be a fun ride the rest of the way. I think we beat USU and then the season gets really fun.

The alternating colors in the stands looked pretty good on the replay I just watched. Nice job by the fans! Good to see a full house as well!

Go Cougars. Beat the Aggies!

Castle Rock, CO

Sweet mercy. Riley Nelson is not a good quarterback. He is a great teammate, leader and football player. He is not a good quarterback. I can see going with Riley over Heaps because Heaps had skill but was a complete headcase and couldn't lead the team or keep his head straight.

Taysom, however, has the leadership and intensity that Riley has but he also has skill! I am very glad Taysom didn't start the season. I think it was good for him to ease into it like he has. He has been used well. But at this point it is time to turn the starting job over to him. We are not playing for a national championship obviously, let's give him as much time as we can now before next season.

I have never spoken poorly of Bronco, I even liked the two-point conversion attempt, but I will really be disappointed if he keeps playing Riley Nelson. He is simply not good at that position. He has ONLY played well against poor competition. We don't know how good Taysom will be, but we know he needs reps before next year.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

toosmart, at what point did I cite anything about the Aggies? It's funny you tell me not to cite things about the Aggie games, and then you go ahead and do it anyway. But, you do make some points, not good mind you but points none the less. You say Hawaii scored 10 points on then #1 USC, being ranked #1 and actually being anywhere close to #1 are two totally different animals and as we have seen the past 2 weeks Usc is once again NOT even close to #1. As for the push off it was in fact the correct call and even if not called would have only been a chance to tie the game. As for USU beating the Utes (with White) and ybu losing to them (without White) I won't say anything and let the results speak for themselves. USU and ybu both have great defenses this year, but my guess is the y loses to USU, ND and Oregon State.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Win number three against the seven gimmes on the schedule. BYU fans you only have four gimmes left, and USU is not one of them. (toss up game) USU is better team than the UH that you faced this week. Good luck cougars.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

A 22 year old true freshman?


Orem, UT

Silent Lurker, every team has gimmies. I mean, look who those SEC teams are playing this week...

Anyhow, it was a fun game to watch, I enjoyed the run game. Taysom has a long ways to go before he could be considered a good passer, but man is he fast!
The defense looks good once again--it'll be interesting to see how they stack up against teams with speed like Notre Dame and Oregon State, etc. These'll be the real tests.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Let's let Riley heal and give Hill another chance. Even though Hawaii's defense is ranked very low, we did have a good game and Hill does bring in an ability to throw. I love Riley as a leader and a football player. He has guts. But i am thinking another game against a quality opponent with Hill would tell us a bit about his ability.

Congrats on the great game and the Defense. This may be the best defense BYU has ever had. I think the USU fans are now wary of BYU.

Frisco, TX

There may not be a QB controvery in Bronco's mind, but there is in every fans mind. Nelson has grit, determination, leadership and experience. Hill is a better athlete, a better runner and seems to read the defense better. Hill's only bad play against Hawaii was his interception. Nelson can be counted on for two or three bad plays each game. Neither are great passers. With a season or two of experience, I expect Hill to become as good of a passer as Beck or Hall. Coupled with his ability to run, he could become a legend. Loved watching him leave the DBs in the dust on the TD run.

I expect Nelson to start against USU, but hopefully he'll be on a short lease. If he struggles like he did against the Utes and BSU, I expect Bronco to make the switch. After the game, he will explain the switch by saying that Nelson has not fully recovered. If he doesn't make the switch, and we lose, Holmoe will have him Bronco on the hot seat.

Issy, Williams, Lasike, and Bills all had great games. The future looks bright. Go Cougs!

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