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Published: Friday, Sept. 28 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

I have been a registered Republican my entire life. But I don't agree with every jot nor tittle of the Republican platform.

I am willing to bet there are Democrats who are in the same position regarding the Democratic Party platform. Just because a person is a Democrat does not mean they support abortion on demand, and I have read the Dem Party platform several times, and nowhere can I find anything close to "replace God with government". Where in the world does that come from?

I also find nothing in the Dem platform that "demeans sacred marriage" or that "make everyone dependant on the government for their livelihood".

Why tell lies about those you disagree with? The GOP has become overrun by irresponsible people who do not hesitate to make such false claims. And that is why I am a self-confessed RINO... I did not leave the party, the GOP has been hijacked!

The only hope for us is honesty & truth, and I don't see much of that from my fellow Republicans.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

This reminds me of the old proverb: "What Peter says about Paul tells more about Peter than Paul."
Over the years Harry Reid has pulled some dirty trick on behalf of the Democratic Party. His procedural ploys (usually unsuccessful) are legendary.
And who can forget Harry calling illegal aliens "Undocumented Americans"?
All in the name of his agenda. Harry has carried more than his share of filthy water for his party.

Bakersfield, CA

I see Romney as the face of Mormonism on every level, but I am still voting for him. I see the years of service, the struggle and the progress. I also see the flip flops and pandering to public popularity. I see him refusing to be transparent and forthcoming until he decides to... I see a man who won't fully own up to his polygamous ancestors, when in fact, he should be proud of the Pratt side...

But I see a man who is not conflicted in his world view, no matter how "off" the beaten path it is. And I believe we can trust this man's integrity and devotion to what he does avow. He is the face of what I admire in my Mormon heritage, warts and all.

Harry Reid is a face rarely seen anywhere in the annals of Mormon history. His ethics are what the church has been reticent to discuss when it has surfaced in its ranks. LDS scholars will not treat his words or platforms in glowing terms. I know if I were his bishop, he'd be in my office for duplicity, contention, and public display unbecoming a member.

the truth
Holladay, UT

Mitt Romney NEVER said he was face of Mormonism.

Shame on Reid for for believing he can judge another's "Mormonosity".

And it is shocking how horribly wrong the liberals LDS commentors here, misunderstanding and misapplying the scriptures, even mischaracterizing Christ, to back up a political ideology.

The face of Mormonism is NOT who is the most popular face.

The only true face of Mormonism is anyone who takes on the Countenance of Christ.

That being said, the democrats and Reid certainly do NOT emulate the Plan and Gospel of Christ.

IT was adversary's plan of "collective salvation", progressive liberalism, to use power, such as the government, to force everyone to be saved, and be good and charitable and equal, to forcce everyone to live as dictated.

Christ's plan, God's Plan, was of personally working out your salvation, of agency and personal responsiblity, personal charity. liberty and freedom.

Christ never left anyone behind but loved everyone even those he chastised and called to repentance.

I find funny, that the extreme left here have no problems with the lies of the democrats and liberals nor their secrecy.

Party platforms have nothing to with Christ, but of men.

Henderson, NV

Cjb: “Harry is right most LDS didn't have to decide to run for president before becoming pro life.”

If Harry said that, he is once again knowingly lying. Romney has explained several times how he came to personally value ‘life’ over ‘choice’, and it occurred WHILE he was Governor and while he contemplated the signing of a bill on stem cell research.

I’m LDS 2: Of course none of us are in COMPLETE alignment with our party’s platforms, which must cater to a wide degree of individuals. It would be an anomaly if someone agreed with every single platform!

However, remember that your vote for President determines who will sit on our Supreme Court – a lifetime appointment. And the best 4 reasons to vote for Romney are: Scalia, Kennedy, Bryer and Ginsburg; each of whom is aging (between age 76 and 80) and whose replacement will be named by the POTUS.

For Latter-day Saints, this fact ALONE should be reason to vote more conservatively.

Provo, UT

I definitely agree Mit Romney is not the face of mormonism. Especially if you are talking about the church associated with mormon culture, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I think one of the best public relations the LDS church does is to have political neutrality from the organization itself and promote civility and partisanship in its members. Whether you love or hate Romney and Reid they are not spokespeople for the LDS church and are just politicians. Reid should not be condemned because he is a Mormon Democrat which is the minority party of Mormons, and Romney should not be loved and voted for just because he is Mormon.

Ogden, UT


"It was clearly a hidden camera, Romney didn't know he was being filmed..."

You don't give a talk in an important meeting, regardless of who you think you audience is, without understanding, with today's technology, someone is recording it somehow.. Either with a phone camera or a tape recorder. Romney shoulda knowed that. His mistake.

Notice how Obama has made similar gaffs such as when he whispered to the Russian representative with an open mike, that he 'would have more latitude after the elections.'

Ogden, UT


"At least many of you can unite behind the misinformation that Obama is a Muslim or Obama is not a Christian."

Obama is a Muslim. He attended Madrasahs (Muslim schools) in Indonesia as a Muslim. Once a Muslim always a Muslim. So say his leaders and so say his father, step father and the rest of his Kenyan and Indonesian families.

To the DNews monitor: Before you scrap my post think of it this way... it is no disgrace to be a Muslim. And it is not a personal attack either to call someone Muslim. If you think you should scrap my post for calling Obama a Muslim you need to scrap all posts who call Mitt Romney and Harry Reid Mormons. It's no more a disgrace to be called as Mormon as it is to be called a Muslim.

Salt Lake City, UT

The 47% "October Surprise" ( which had to come early because of Obama's falling polls). What is not mentioned here is that the whole tape was not played. This was an answer to a question asked by somebody at that meeting, who asked about the 47% and their willingness to vote for anyone else but Obama. Mitt was answering that question. Playing only that part of the tape that fit the agenda of the Demo party has given them the distortion that they desired, and only part of the answer.
This is not the first time they have done this and it won't be the last. What is truly sad is that the intellectually naive will fall for anything they are fed.
Look to the source before you judge and know if it is 'secret' and that it comes from a 'liberal blogger', then ask for the entire recording, not just what they want to give you.

Moses Lake, WA

I can not believe how many people think that Romney said things that he did not say. He did not say that he was going to cut benefits to the poor, the elderly or to retired military!!! And he did not say that he would only be the President to 53% of the people. Those are all fabrications!!! He only said that 47% of people do not pay taxes. And that is simply a fact. As for Reid; he is not the face of mormonism. Mormonism believes in helping those who are poor and in need. (Romney believes that.) However, firstly we believe in self reliance. Meaning that all able bodied people are to do all that they can to take care of themselves. Then those who can not, will be taken care of. I know of many heathy people who simply sit and watch tv or play video games all day that are supported by the government.

Tremonton, UT

If I wrote my true feelings with regard to Harry Reid's scurrilous attacks on a fellow Mormon, Mitt Romney, I'm afaid it wouldn't pass muster with the Deseret News editors.

I'm very disappointed in Harry Reid, and it would not be the first time. I can understand and even appreciate some diversity in church circles. But the ad hominem attacks on Romney pass any line of both decency or propriety.

Reid needs to go back to his scriptures and read-up on the Golden Rule as taught by the Savior. He's frankly embarassed himself so often that I think he's now immune to any sense of shame.

Home Town USA, UT

If Harry Reid doesn't recognize what the face of Mormonism is is could be that he wouldn't know because he isn't. It says more about him than Mitt Romney. I agree with the poster that said it is each one of us who are the face of ALL 15 million people who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

West Jordan, Utah

Sullied Mormonism? I don't know about that. I do submit Mitt is not the face of Mormonism. I also think it's dangerous to think so, or vote for Mitt because he is Mormon.

I have a hard time if people vote for someone because they are a member of a political party, although in our political landscape, that makes a ton more sense that voting for someone because of their faith. Our two party system encourages voters with far right or far left views to vote that way. We lack balanced choices I say.

Pocatello, ID

I'd so hate to be Harry Reid's bishop. He (Harry) is an embarrassment to the church because he keeps using it as a wedge to try to destroy a decent man. Have you noticed that the media won't leave Mitt alone about his religion, but they never mention Harry's membership? Well, we don't know how to explain him either. Just vote him out, please Nevada.

Mr. Bean
Ogden, UT


"You think it's truthful that 47% of people don't care about personal responsibility?"

If they vote for Obama what they care for is more welfare handouts.

"We're upset that he insulted the character of half the nation."

All Romney was telling his constituents is that the 47% on government welfare will not be voting for him but will likely vote for Obama, called the food stamp president in the news.

@LDS Liberal:

"And Jesus... spent his ministry healing the sick and afflicted, feeding the hungry, etc..."

Tell us, how did Jesus heal the sick and feed the hungry? Did he have penicillin, a heart defibrillator and such? Did He own a grocery store or a McDonald's fast food? And how about the blind? Did he have a Lasik Clinic to remove cataracts?

Are you suggesting that Mitt should do the same? I suppose he could if he had the powers that Jesus had.


"Harry Reid tells us he 'heard' from a 'reliable source' that Romney hadn't paid taxes in ten years."

I've heard from a reliable source that Obama's returns are not authentic.

San Diego, CA

Harry Reid is a small little man riding on the coat tails of Obama and his slander of a Good Man, Mitt Romney.

Trash Talk your Democrats, Harry.

The campaign they are waging is full of Dishonesty, Slander, and Libel.

Nothing Christ would be proud of.


And Harry, now that you opened Pandora's Box .......... Let's talk Reverend Wright and Obama's Liberation Theology based in Marxism

San Diego, CA

Harry Reid is a small little man that engages in "TRASH TALK" in order to gain favor from Obama, whose coat tails Reid is riding on.

The Democrats are running the most deceitful campaign ever.


And now that Reid has opened Pandora's box, let's talk about Obama and Reverend Wright and his Liberation Theology based in Marxism !!


There's no "lipstick" that can fix Romney's statement. When Romney portrays 47% of voters as "ner' do wells" who play victim and expect to have everything handed to them he reveals the ugliness that underlies GOP thinking.

Good luck with that.

Neither Harry Reid or Mitt Romney reflect the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry...........please retire soon! What more can I say?


Folks, please don't buy into the main stream media's bias toward Mitt Romney. They paint him as a greedy, heartless, business man who has lied and cheated his way to wealth. The way they talk about him would lead any uninformed person to think he is a horrible individual.

If we could watch a video of Mitt's life, it is my guess that we would see the life of a man who has lead a more noble and dignified life than ourselves. I have heard stories of the great things he did to help individuals while he was serving as a stake president.

Again, please don't let the main stream media twist your thinking to believe something that isn't true. Also, Please don't let your own jealousies and feelings of not being successful like Mitt allow you to render a judgement against Mitt that is created from your own misperceptions.

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