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Published: Friday, Sept. 28 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Clearfield, UT

First of all, Reid is an idiot for he's doing it all for political reasons, making him just as guitly as the rest of the corrupt politicians in this country.

Secondly, this whole 47% comment is being taken to a ridiculous level. The LDS church helps those in need because these people need it and it's only until they (the poor or needy) get back on their feet again to become self reliant. The 47% Romney is talking about are people in this country who demand the government to take care of them and expect it. Example, Peggy Jospeh, who said she doesn't have to worry about her morgage or gas bill because Obama will pay it for me or the woman in the news a couple days ago, who said Obama needs to be re-elected because he bought me a cell phone. REALLY!?! Mr. Reid should know this because he is on the band wagon for this very agenda: big government to take care of everyone instead of the people taking care of themselves. Reid is more of an embarassment than Romney within the Mormon church!!

FYI - Not a Romeny supporter!


@patriot in Cedar Hills

I'm just wondering if your brother in the stake presidency in Las Vegas is really giving out confidential information that could be gained only from a temple recommend interview. If he is, I'm wondering if those at Church HQs are aware of this and the breach of confidence it entails.


The point is, for all we really know, both Gov. Romney and Sen. Reid are members of the Church in good standing. They may differ in their political views but none of the rest of has any right whatsoever to make a judgment on their relative worthiness or anything like it.

Reading these comments saddens me. Gov. Romney should be able to run on his record and his integrity instead of being forced to pander to the far right extremists of the Republican party. Sen. Reid has a right to his political opinions. We are taught to love and serve and support one another. Why so eager to jump on the bandwagon of hatred, slander, and character assassination? This should be a shining moment for the LDS Church, but it's like we are shooting ourselves in the foot.


Perhaps all voters should compare the ethics, corruption factors and realize that the entire Reid enterprise in NV> has had scandals, charges and odd land deals. Mitt is a good , Godly man who is not only corrupt but does not depend on prevarications as Reid does especially since NV> has such a huge jobless rate due to Reid-Obama's policies.

VA Saint
Chester, VA

@LDS Liberal
Jesus wasn't crucified by the "ultra-religious conservatives" he was crucified by the pagan Romans.

Saint George, UT

We should be honest in are dealing with our fellow man...

Except, of course, when one of us is running for the POTUS...for Pete's sake.

romney said he wasn't going to let fact checkers determine his campaign message.

fox news (we report it, you fall for it) will report whatever romney tells them to report.

It's not a lie, as long as you believe it.

It's not a lie, as long as romneybots believe the lie.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Mitt Romney may not be the face of Mormonism but neither is Harry Reid.

The only reason the Reid has the time to lie about Mitt (paid not taxes in ten years? Get real!) is because Reid has been busy not passing a budget for the last three years, cramming Obama care down our throats and backing up Obama's economy destroying policies.

There is a reason that the vast majority of the LDS people support Romney.
There is also a reason that every LDS person I know thinks that Reid is an embarrassment.

salt lake city, UT

As a gentile who moved to Utah 30 years ago I always have been flabbergasted about how judgemental Mormons are. The comments on this blog are a great example of it. The only ones for sure that know how God is judging Mitt's life or Harry's life or your own is the dead. And they're not talking.

Idaho Falls, ID

@FT The "dead" are judging? Which dead? Could you explain?

@ CTM Sure Harry Reid has the right to his own political opinions. But whether or not Mitt Romney is "the face" of Mormonism isn't a political opinion. It's personal and therefore he shoud keep that kind of opinion to himself. So should the original blog writer. Yes, yes...freedom of speech and all that, but that particular point in the Constitution is misused badly in more cases than we can keep track of at election time.

How presumptuous of ANYONE, especially any other LDS member (who really should know better) to make a statement like that. It reeks of arrogance.

Provo, UT

the hawk: Snowman, so the mean people like the nice old ww2 vet I know that is now retired? I call him a patriot not a leach. Are you demanding that he work and pay taxes until the day he dies? You go ahead and slap him in the face by letting him know that he is aa drain on the country even though he fought and paid taxes for years. Im sure he will appreciate it.

Yes he served his country as did many people but not all of them are getting assitance. If he can work he should. But the tax payers of this country do not owe, him or anyone else that refuses to work, a living.


Harry Reid brands himself. Can you imagine Mitt Romney making that kind of a comment about Reid? Reid very willingly plays the part of the Dem attack dog.

Pullman, WA

Americans are as dumb as any other people on the earth. Unless you are part of the 47% who rely upon the government for EVERYTHING, don't take offense at Mitt's calling you out. "The guilty take the truth to be hard"... And if you are Harry Reid and trying to win another term for the destroyer, Obama, by trying to split the Mormon vote, we see through it. Of course Romney is not the voice of Mormonism, but he is a hundred times closer to what most Mormons want in a President than Obama is. Romney will do great things for America. Just like the Olympics.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Medow Lark,

I find it interesting that you would have Reed prove that Romney did not pay a fair percentage of his income to tax, when compared to the middle class, the working poor, and the poor.

Since it is Romney that is running for President, and not Reed, wouldn’t it be more logical for
Romney to present the last ten years of his tax returns, like other presidents have done, thus removing the suspension that Romney might have something to hide.

We won’t even go into Romney’s off shore accounts, which may be to avoid paying taxes.

Do we really want a President that hides his personal financial life from those that he wishes to serve as President ?

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

To Jon W. You asked if government welfare strengthens famililes. You meant you don't think it does, I believe. There are so many reasons why a family might have to resort to governmental programs at one time or another. Do you realize how many people who have always worked, now are out of work, or work full time but at a low paying job that doesn't meet even basic requirements? For some families, keeping even a modest roof over their heads means getting help. It doesn't mean they have a character deficit. It doesn't mean they will be in that position forever. But thank heaven they can feed their children and have the basics until work becomes available that adequately pays the bills. Would you rather have families on the streets, when through no fault of their own, they no longer have that good job they once had?
It isn't correct to lump all people who have governemt benefits of some sort into the 'irresponsible' category. In fact it's not only incorrect, but insulting. Most people would rather have a good job with more money than be on government assistance.

Gregg Weber

The end of the article mentions the word "diverse" and how that is good. I disagree. Diverse opens the door to a schism. In times of trouble to come we need to be united. That means that the fear of debate about politics, and some other matters, that is in the church must cease. Instead there should be debate. A method I have used is written questions and answers either with name or anonymously submitted. However it is, we must become one. Now to leave with 2 words and you might think of this example of history. "United Order".

Manti, UT

When I see the name of the church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I think of Jesus Christ. So then, the true face of Mormonism is Jesus Christ who is our Lord and Savior.

Harry Reid took this opportunity to use as a political ploy. He wants to turn as many people as possible against Romney to make sure his protégé, Barak Obama gets in again. Reid does not want to have anything threaten his cushy job of many years and will do anything to keep it.

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

This is what Romney said. “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what—who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it,"
I am part of the 47% who will vote for Obama. I pay taxes of all kinds, have never been on any kind of government welfare. All the Democrats I know have full-time jobs, their own business, or other employment. Some are full time moms. Not one is on welfare.
Of the 47% who do not pay taxes, many are Republicans, retired, disabled, returning veterans, formerly employed but laid off, working full time at low paying jobs, students. Or downright wealthy with loopholes only they can afford. (About 1,400 millionaires)
Everyone voting for Obama is dependent on the governemt? Incorrect. They all pay no income taxes? Wrong again. They all refuse to take responsibility for their own lives? Wrong. If you believe he's right, you haven't checked the facts.

Bountiful, UT

Harry is right most LDS didn't have to decide to run for president before becoming pro life.

Humble, TX

Certainly Senator Harry Reid is not the face of Mormonism and many consider him to be a disgrace to the faith. My analysis is that you cannot be a Mormon and a today’s Democrat at the same time. The two are a contradiction in terms. Today the Church stands for an entirely different set of principles than the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party’s efforts to replace God with government, demean sacred marriage, make everyone dependant on the government for their livelihood is, I think, abhorrent to the LDS Church. How can our Democrat Mormon friends explain these inconsistencies and remain both? It doesn’t make sense unless they are trying to restore the party to what it once was before the current crowd took over.


Funny a coin changer like Reid would go after Romney for the likes of obama
Reid has the protection of his position to protect his rants about Romney hasn't paid his taxes, attack Romney personally, and make up lies, rumors and inuendos about the candidate for president.
This is politics at its worst, but if I was fortunate enough to choose one as a neighbor, it sure in heck would not be Harry (maleficence) Reid.
November comes a rolling.

Orem, UT

For Harry Reid to claim that Mitt Romney is not the face of Mormonism and that he has sullied the religion is tantamount to claiming that Obama is the most fiscally prudent President in history. While Mitt Romney has disclosed his tax records for 20 years, Harry Reid has never done his. Harry Reid is a hypocritical sycophant for the Obama regime. You claim falsely that Mitt Romney has sullied the Church, Harry, but you have sullied your conscience and the moral sensitivity of every Latter-Day Saint.

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