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Published: Friday, Sept. 28 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Saratoga Springs, UT

@ Craig Clark "Senator Reid and the blogger are absolutely within their rights to take Romney to task for his comments about the 47%."

So you want to take to task because of his comments. Why don't you and the left take it to task and own up to it. What he said was a truthful statement, then again, are you part of the 47%? Romney did not say in his statement about the 47% that he would not try to help them or take care of them or assist them. You and every other left winger has blown a true statement out of proportion. All the left can do is cast stones, why not take a look at what your fearless leader has accomplished. Absolutely Nothing! Quit blaming it on Congress also, I would say 100+ heads is brighter than the one that struggles to fit in the oval office and on talk shows. If Obama does get re-elected, God help us. When will he stop being a celebrity and start being a President?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think this is exactly the message the Church would like to send, but not the way it would like to send it. The Church is becoming more diverse. However, I think both Senator Reid and Governor Romney might better represent the Church by showing more civility.

Far East USA, SC

Ah, the infighting on who is or is not a "face of Mormonism"

At least many of you can unite behind the misinformation that Obama is a Muslim or Obama is not a Christian.

Oh, the Irony.

the hawk
Sandy, UT

Snowman, so the mean people like the nice old ww2 vet I know that is now retired? I call him a patriot not a leach. Are you demanding that he work and pay taxes until the day he dies? You go ahead and slap him in the face by letting him know that he is aa drain on the country even though he fought and paid taxes for years. Im sure he will appreciate it.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

These bloggers always amaze me. We have a president you can equate with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. All salesman no substance. Venezuela has continued to go downhill. That's because socialism doesn't work. Likewise here we have seen the results of socialistic solutions and they have not worked. The next four years under Obama will not see any improvement. Romney did pay high taxes when he was on salary and now is getting capital gains rates. Capital gains go to 20% next January so that will help the economy. As for the 47% there will be many who will vote for Romney because they know what he meant. He can get jobs, Obama can't.

Springville, UT

And Reid is a good example of Mormonism?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"..... It was clearly a hidden camera, Romney didn't know he was being filmed, and it just seems sleazy to me.


Romney didn't know he was on camera but the fact he said the things he said shows a carelessness with words that's becoming his signature. Does he honestly think that casual ad libs that bend the truth for the audience of the moment is how the game is played? That truth is whatever you can get people to believe? If that's how the game is played, then our politics have been corroded and corrupted to an appalling level.

Idaho Falls, ID

Whenever I call Harry Reid out for his inconsistencies in his politics versus his religion, my comments get rejected, in spite of the fact that they are far more dignified (just stating verifiable facts) than the horrible insult Harry threw at Romney. Harry Reid falsely accused Romney of not paying taxes for 10 years, which has now been shown not to be true. Harry Reid has been digging a pit for Romney for months now with statements that are certifiably untrue. Such is the world of politics. But, Harry Reid, by making this statement, would have us believe that he [Reid] is the face of Mormonism, and if he were, he would rise above his politics to love his political neighbor even as himself. If Harry wants to disagree with Romney politically, that's fine. But Reid accusing Romney of "sullying his religion" just because Romney happens to have a different political view than Reid, is sullying his religion simply by making the claim. If anyone has the moral authority to accuse Mitt Romney of "sullying his religion", that person is certainly not Harry Reid.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if Sen. Reid has ever heard the phrase "thou shalt not bear false witness...."?

Produce the "proof" that Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes please, or be quiet!


So glad Brother Reid supports a narcissistic Socialist for the White House.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I couldn't agree more Senator Reid on this one.
In fact - Mitt Romney reminds me more of the Gadiaton Robbers of WallStreet we've been warned about.
[the few, the rich, the powerful, who shun and dispise the poor, the sick the needy, the elderly -- and are proud and worshipped for their riches.]

Besides, The "face" of Mormonism is a poor little Latino Woman, living in what most of us would consider a backyard shed.

No - Mitt Romney most certainly does not best represent Mormons OR America.

Heber City, UT

JDS1 "Romney has not been dishonest in anything he has said and done." You may believe this, but he has earned a reputation as one of the most duplicitous politicians of the modern age. Telling the truth is not merely stating facts, but leaving a true impression. It is technically true that 100% percent of Americans are on the public dole by virtue of reciving more than we've paid for in national defense, education, cheap food (farm subsidies), cheap energy etc., etc. Hence, the national debt/deficit.

Exageration is how elections are run. They are played by gaming ethics. Think of the mileage Mitt could have made for his church if he would have come out of the chutes promising to play politics by personal ethics. He may even have had a chance to win.

What Ever
Salt Lake City,, UT

I can imagine that Harry Reid was the bully on the playground when he was a school boy. He is now a grown man and still can't focus on his work because Romney is such a distraction. Time to move his desk to the other side of the room and let him try to get back to work. He is an embarrassment to the job he was elected to do.

Durham, NC

"In my opinion, I believe Joseph Smith would be the face of Mormonism. No offense to any of the other guys."

And there in lies the problem the church has. This is not Joseph Smith's church. Period. He had a critical role. But nor more is the Jewish faith "Moses-ism". Huge role... but not what the church is about.

The face of Mormonism should be in faces of the millions who choose to follow Christ's teaching, and live the gospel to their best. The face of Mormonism there for is not hate, anger, lying, bigotry, and pride. It is not seeking the fame of office, nor the notoriety of celebrity. It isn't shown when success comes at the expense of others.

To me, being the "Face of Mormonism" would be willing to loose because you are not willing to sacrifice your morals, nor tarnish your family nor church's name. It would be wining because of what you stand for, not what your opponent doesn't stand for. To me, it would be serving others, not aggrandizing one;s self,

Idealistic, probably, even immature - perhaps. But it is what I believe.

Cache county, USA

I'm thinking this could cause issues for Reid in the church.

Saratoga Springs, UT

@ Craig Clark - As you addressed The Hoyt, you reply to his comment with "Does he honestly think that casual ad libs that bend the truth for the audience of the moment is how the game is played? That truth is whatever you can get people to believe? If that's how the game is played, then our politics have been corroded and corrupted to an appalling level."

This is comical, you could not have done a better job describing the last four years. So I guess you will be voting for Romney this election since the last four years have been "corroded and corrupted to an appalling level."

So that last four years we have had exactly what you describe and yet you think that Obama is the answer. I am truly entertained with your post.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

If the shoe was turned and Harry was the Presidential candidate I would not vote for him period. He represents about 80% of the things I feel are not right. The Mormon thing has nothing to do with the election. If the candidate were another person that had the same or similar values and views that would be the one I vote for. Religion has nothing to do with it. Utah would vote Republican regardless. If Harry were in Utah he would have almost no chance of winning his seat in Washington. Even if it were in a Mormon community and he was against another religion. Values and views, not religion matter.

I recently lost my job. I have not filed for unemployment as I have prepared just in case. I have not asked my Church for assistance either. But will if needed. I am not looking for a free lunch. I am looking for a job. With a large family it would be easy to mooch off the system. Taking care of the poor and needy is different than taking care of the lazy and “entitled”.

Saint Paul, MN

Truly a sad day indeed that one politician of the LDS faith would have continued to take such strides against another, much less invoking the religion to do so. Having been a Nevada resident for most of my adult life (and particularly so during my 30+ year military career), I can honestly say I checked the positions, character, and forward direction of Senator Reid on numerous occassions --- just couldn't bring myself to support his stances on most any issue.

As for "most secretive", I'll still have to lay that mantle on the current office holder. Had his massive illegal drug use been vetted with the same diligence (much less the college transcripts which also contain a self-determined country of origin), we may have had a McCain presidency ... something I might not relish, either. And lest one think I am a "Birther", I do believe President Obama was born in Hawaii, but chose to list Kenya on college applications for personal benefit, a country distinction that carried over into the first book written about him - later apologies notwithstanding. Sadly, I believe it reflects a desire to claim what he wants, when it suits him.

Salt Lake City, UT

"What he said was a truthful statement, then again, are you part of the 47%?"

You think it's truthful that 47% of people don't care about personal responsibility? We're not complaining that he said 47% don't pay income taxes, that part is true. We're upset that he insulted the character of half the nation. Do you think seniors (a large chunk of the 47%), the working poor, the unemployed due to the recession, young people on their first job (a low paying low hour thing), and young families with kids who end up paying no income tax after the mortgage, child and earned income tax credits come into being... do you think all these people don't care about personal responsibility? Do you think they all vote for Obama? Romney is polling at around 40% among poor voters. Romney is leading by huge margins in the south, which is home to 9 of the 10 states (Idaho is the other) that have the highest percentages of people paying no income tax. So he's wrong about who the 47% are and where they live and their willingness to vote for him.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

First of all. Reid Has exactly 0% of my respect. I therefore don't pay attention to what he says. But, since this is an attack on a fellow republican and church member, I just have to say how wrong Harry is on thus one..
Doesn't the gospel (ie, the Mormon church) teach that each person needs to strive to be
'self reliant'? The 47% comment is obviously an exaggeration, however it does focus on the need for US citizens to look for self reliance, rather than a government handout.
What we have here is an "emperors new cloths" syndrome. Everybody knows that the message is true, but somebody might be offended by it, so we all have to pretend like Mitt said something wrong.
Harry, Have a Clue on what is right, not politically correct!

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