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Published: Thursday, Sept. 27 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I'm not surprised at all. Where the Catholic heirarchy stands on issues and how the Catholic laity vote diverge as often as not.


I think this may have something to do with the fact that his VP pick was openly admonished by the Catholic leadership. They are concerned that the Ryan budget plan causes massive harm to the poor and middle class and heavily rewards the super rich.

South Jordan, UT

This article didn't get interesting until the last paragraph. People who are devote religious people tend to like Romney and non believers and less frequent church attenders are more likely to vote for Obama. Very interesting.

Cedar Hills, UT

Catholics like the fact that Obama wants to force them to violate their beliefs regarding contraception. Yes they love Obama for that one and that is why they don't like Mitt because Mitt won't force them to violate their conscious. Actually the truth is most Catholics only casually follow their beliefs anyway and most only attend church at Christmas and Easter so what Obama did was no big deal. I highly doubt their religious beliefs have anything to do with how they vote. The bottom line is people in this country want free stuff - as long as the money lasts and after that they could care less. Pretty sorry country we belong to ... not even a shadow of the WWII era.

Cedar Hills, UT

Obama gives you free stuff and Romney wants you to work for it - which guy are you going to vote for???? Honestly this country hardly deserves freedom or prosperity anymore - how far have we slid as a nation??? Half the country is a bunch of freeloaders who know more about reality shows and Hip Hop songs than they do anything else. Clueless, valueless and soon to be bankrupt. I wonder who they will blame once the money is gone and we are facing the same ugly reality as Greece? Maybe Occupy the White House movement will start up? If I am a CEO of a major corporation I am looking at shutting down US operations and moving elsewhere. There are actually countries doing the opposite of the US - turning away from Socialism and moving to Capitalism. Better to get out now before Barack sinks his teeth into your profits - what's left of them that is.


Mitt Romney is not slipping among Catholics who live their religion, which is a revealing statement about the rest. The polls being tauted are never really as they seem. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that Mitt Romney wins by a substantial landslide. And I'm dead serious.

Durham, NC

The ironic thing here is that the Republican base once again voted someone in who had to run as a hardliner, and now can't back track to the center. Romney is in a catch 22. If he moves to the center, he risks disenfranchising the extreme right core. If he stays hard right, he will not get the independent vote. He was dealt a hard hand to deal with.

Had Romney run from the beginning as a center right candidate, I would have no problem voting for him. And the reality is that if he makes it into office, just perhaps he could get past the hard right rhetoric and manage the country as he should. But as it stands how, he has shifted hard right, which makes it really hard for anyone moderate to vote for him.

The last thing we need in Washington are those who want to lead from the edges. We just don't need anymore of that. Romeny could have been that man, but right now, he isn't anywhere close to that - with his "47%" like comments.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

yeap and obama is really representative of catholics.


Hint, how they are counted makes the difference. Does one poll call registered voters, and the other call registered voters likely to vote?

Do they call the same number of Democrats as Republicans. There are more ways to affect results of polls, than people called.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Maybe Paul Ryan is Catholic version of Harry Reid. If Senator Reid ran for President would he carry Utah? Some of my Catholic friends have told me that a lot of Ryan's ideas are strongly opposed by the hierarchy of the Church. I think that is what is missing from this study.

Centerville, UT

There is a new, exciting, earth shattering poll EVERYDAY! What I don't see when these polls are being reported is much mention of the fact that Romney is ahead with the Independents. Several weeks and months ago, we were told that it all came down to how the Independent voter decided to go. Now it seems like we have all kinds of polls with all kinds of numbers. How is it that Gallup is so far distant from Rasmussen? Does this make sense to anybody?

The problem that Obama is going to face is the same problem Jimmy Carter had to face. He is going to have to defend his record in debates. There is nothing good about it. There is not even a glimmer of hope on the horizon with what Obama is planning. He plans to take us even deeper into debt, all the while claiming it is Bush's fault. This argument is going to fly apart at some point in the debates.

GK Willington

re: I-am-I

I am a Deist/Taoist & will *not* vote for Ivy Leaguer.

What I find interesting is MR is losing ground in Ohio.

One blog has it 316-222 for BO. I see it more like 285-253 for the incumbent.

Durham, NC

"Do they call the same number of Democrats as Republicans. There are more ways to affect results of polls, than people called."

I saw Carl Rove yammering this line yesterday on Fox. I would love to know how you run a blind poll and make sure you get the same number of democrats as republicans. Or religious affiliation. Cherry picking people you talk to would invalidate just about any poll out there. I get what he was trying to say, but what he wanted just wasn't representative of reality.

The other point that is being missed here is geography. Northeast Catholics are far more conservative than west coast Catholics. Same with white Catholics versus hispanic Catholics. It is not a single voting block like many LDS like to pretend Mormons are or should be.

So Ute Alumni - yes, actually Obama is very representative of what a West Coast Catholic is like. Far more so than Romney. The honest answer is that it just depends which Catholic group you are referring to.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Why single out just the Catholic voters?

Mitt Romney is slipping in every demographic there is,
except the super Rich White Guys and Utah Mormons.

Sad that the later is following Babylon.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

it's over.... Thanks again tea party.

Well Read

The poll that count will be November 6th. The winner will not be Romney! He could have beaten Obama if he had been himself instead of trying to be what he was not. He is much more like Obama than the Romney who is running as a T party candidate. He is not being true to himself and because of that he will lose. He also has another big problem. He NO comprehension how most of the citizens in the live. He has always had a silver spoon in his mouth. Never had to apply for a job, never had to apply for unemployment, never had to choose which bill to pay first because of a shortage of money to pay them all. In short he has no comprehension how most of us live and the worst part is - he has not desire to even try to learn. His father when he was running investigated the poor slum areas of the country. He tried to understand the common man. He was way ahead of the country on the Viet Nam War.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To Patriot: There is no developed country in the world that is less socialized than the U.S. So where are you going to move? Communist China? Communist Vietnam?

Smith River, CA

The conventional wisdom holds that both vice-presidential candidates, Rep. Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden, are roughly equal in terms of their Catholic standing: Ryan is good on the life issues, but weak on social justice; the reverse is said to be true of Biden. But is it a draw? Not even close: Only one of these Catholics — Biden — has been criticized, reprimanded, and sanctioned by the bishops. Make that 17 bishops.

Park City, Ut

I love the subtle slams on the "less religious" and how they are voting for Obama over Romney. Consider perhaps that the "less religious" or non-religious tend to favor Obama because of party affiliation. If people who tend to be "more religious" seem to gravitate to the Republican party, doesn't that present a problem for Republicans? Reason why I bring this up is because MOST Americans are not religious zealots, and if the Republican party is known to attract "religious zealots" wouldn't that be a turn off to most Americans? See my point? If one party becomes known as the super-Religious party it's going to be a turn off. I submit that the Republican party HAS been hijacked by the "extreme right" or fringe if you will, and those people tend to be more religious. The party has systematically kicked out all moderates who had any power, and often moderate Republicans are made fun of and called "RINO's" - does this concern any of you who were true fiscal conservatives but don't really care go mix Religion and politics?

Provo, UT

Note to all Romney supporters:

When Obama wins this election in November, I promise not to "spike the football"... much.

Thanks for playing.

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