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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 26 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Cherilyn Eagar
Holladay, UT

jp3: After spending 3 years on the campaign trail as a female candidate, I heard every sexist comment you can imagine - including gutter labels that would be bleeped on air. One of the most common of these sexist labels was the "shrill/whiny" comment. I believe that we must elect the very BEST candidates regardless of gender, but I also believe that conservative women have been thrown under the bus from all sides. There are still men (and some women) in the state of Utah and across this nation that cannot handle strong women in public office. Please understand how offensive it is to competent women who just may be the key to turning this nation around, especially this woman named Mia Love. We are passionate about protecting our families and our children's future and we will do whatever we can to let our voices be heard.

Cherilyn Eagar

Ogden, UT

To coleman51 8:30 a.m. Sept. 27, 2012

May I remind YOU that not everyone in Utah is a far right extremist. Utah already has four people in Congress who represent and speak for the far right extremists and the tea party -- Bishop, Chaffetz, Lee and Hatch (when he is running for office). There is only one person who represents and speaks for everyone else (the true conservatives, moderates and liberals who most likely make up a third or more of Utah's residents and voters) -- Matheson. Love would also speak for and represent the far right extremists and the tea partt and, therefore, leave that third or more of Utah's residents without anyone to speak for them or represent them in Congress. I think that ALL of Utah's residents and voters should have at least one person speaking on their behalf and representing them. Why don't you?

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Please don't let critics deter you from making comments.

I look forward to reading your opinions.

I think DN readers need more thoughtful comments from don17.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I would be curious to ask Congressman Matheson why he supports President Obama's 923 Executive Orders which is more than 6 times as many as all other Presidents combined? "

Let's pretend you're even right that Obama has issued 923 executive orders (which it's not)... you list some examples like #11004. How can 923 be 6x all other presidents combined when there's over 11000 executive orders that have been issued?

Utah Observer
West Jordan, Utah

I'm always amazed at the comments made by DN readers that discuss things what were not even in the article itself.

Love made a real critical error when asked what she would do about funding the CUP! She didn't even know what the CUP is (Central Utah Project)! How can a Mayor in Utah County not even know what the CUP is, the most important water project in Utah! Water is the lifeblood of this state. This show that even though she is well-intended, she is really unprepared for this job. I'm sure her handlers gave her a quick course in water after the debate.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

Coleman51, in regards to "handicapping" a Pres. Romney with a Matheson, you have it backward. Matheson is the type of politician who doesn't just toe a party line. He would very likely help Pres. Romney in some instances by being a moderate voice in the Democratic caucus. As a Republican who feels disappointed with much that the GOP has done and is still doing, I appreciate his demeanor and his service, and I believe he puts Utah first. I can't vote for him anymore, but I would if I could.

There is much to like about Love, but she is too much in thrall to the GOP bosses. Seriously, she wants a more regressive tax structure?! The wealthy in this country keep raking it in, gaming the system to swallow up more cash, and decimating the middle class in the process. I'm no populist, but the numbers clearly show that the capitalism of today is NOT the capitalism of the previous generation. It's a racket right now. Ask Warren Buffet, he says it straight. Ironically, when the middle class is eviscerated, the upper class will suffer as well. They just don't care right now.

Columbia, MO

Mia Love can help dispel the nationwide myth that Utah is racist. Just her presence in Congress helps improve Utah's image. Not to mention that she will vote in Congress as the majority of Utah residents would vote if they were in Congress. Come on, Utah, this one is a no brainer.

Kate Hutch
Kenmore, WA

don17 - President Obama has signed 139 executive orders to date. President Bush signed 291. At least get the numbers straight before you go criticizing somebody based on outright untrue statements.

Kate Hutch
Kenmore, WA

Cherilyn Eagar

I think the shrill comment is fair given that Mia did not know facts that she should have known. People like strong women in office, but they at least need to know what they are talking about and be educated on the issues confronting their constituents. Honestly, she did not know what CUP is? Shrill is what I considered Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman. They make broad sweeping statements about freedom and patriotism, but do not offer specific plans backed up with sourced and cited facts on what they would do differently than the other people running for office. That seems to be the republican ticket this year across the board. Mitt Romney won't tell us his plans to achieve a financial turnaround and wants us to trust that he has one that will be successful. The only track record Mitt Romney can run on involves shifting financial burdens onto taxpayers, as he did with the Olympics and those companies Bain shuttered. 1.3 Billion taxpayer dollars saved the Olympics, not Mitt Romney. Mia Love has no specific plans to offer. All they DO seem to offer is condemnation of the other guy, which solves absolutely nothing.

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