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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 26 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah


The first thing I am unable to verify your numbers for South Korea high schools, but for the sake of argument lets say you are right. The big difference in Korea is that students are tested at age 15 and then moved either into academic tracks or vocational tracks. Those attending academic track schools will then be tested again before they are allowed to enter into college. In other words it is very competitive. You can put 100 students in a classroom if they are motivated and their parents are motivated and you can teach them. Put 10 kids who aren't motivated and who have no parental support in class and that class will be much more difficult to teach than the one with 100 motivated students.

And by the way South Korean parents and students have almost no choice in terms of where their students will be placed. So if the South Korea model is what we want great lets adopt it, but that does away with charter schools, and vouchers.

salt lake city, UT

Oh Mitt this election cannot get over fast enough. Outside of your old ward and the state of Utah will you have any credibilty left?

Mcallen, TX

Because of socialism, fewer entitlements, and poverty,- people in other countries feel greater urgency for education then people here.

They don't have the safety net, therefore education is important for survival..

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