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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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USS Enterprise, UT

The ironic thing is that with the cancer diagnosis she falls into the "uninsurable" category. Falling into the "uninsurable" category qualifies her for HIPUtah, which cannot deny her, and will take her no matter what. The premiums for HIPUtah are no higher than for healthy people her same age, and depending on her income, will even discount her premiums based on income.

The ACA is going to fail to cover people, and will cost tax payers a lot more money than the CBO claims. Just look at the Medicare Drug program, and all other health insurance programs the Feds administer. Also, think of it this way, if the Government can lose $60 billion/yr, 2 times the loss that private insurance companies lose combined, while insuring half as many people, what will happen when they add more people to their insurance rolls?

To those who think that a government program is taking care of your neighbor, you are wrong. You are not helping your neighbor, you are paying Caeser to console your conscience.

Riverdale, UT

The comments written here are so disjointed, it is impossible to agree or disagree with any of them!

**** Obamacare was not written by "the democrats and republicans". It was written by SOME democrats who locked out republicans and other democrats. Why did we let them get away with breaking the law that way?

**** It is true that both sides make the process difficult. It is supposed to be that way, to prevent one side from taking over (see above remark). Otherwise, you have what we now have: one man who is forcing his secret plans on everyone. If Obama wins, you will see just what that means!

**** Why must people always think in extremes? It is possible, you know, to reform health care without the insanity of Obamacare! Obama has succeeded in convincing half of America that HE is the Savior of us all, while portraying Romney as the devil. I don't know if Romney can fix everything, but he can fix some things, and prevent Obama from his plan of subduing America and making us a second rate country to satisfy his arrogant view of what should be, and punish white men like me for the past.

Fern RL

If by some miracle Romney is elected President this year, it seems like he would rather have the states do their own affordable health care plans. Rather than rely on a "wait and see" policy, why not look at the MassACT plan that Romney approved in part, and see if there is something there that Utah could replicate, and do it now? I would much rather have health care reform in state legislation of less than 100 pages than the 2,700 pages of the ACA.

There is a site which displays the MassACT legislation with the parts vetoed by the governor and overturned by the legislature clearly marked. Since comments with links may not be posted here, you will have to find it yourself if you wish to see it. Pertinent information is that it is from the MA legislature Session Laws of 2006, Chapter 58.

the truth
Holladay, UT

The Health was written by an extreme leftest private organization funded wholly or in part by socialist billionaire George Soros,

It was given to certain democrats to introduce to congress,

that is why Pelosi said we must pass it first to find out what is in it (in obedience to her leftest masters),

even the democrats didn't know.

To suggest republicans had any part in it is just nonsensical rubbish.

And in related news,

Today, an official from the Obama administration just admitted (in so many words) there will be a need for "death panels" to control costs.

this healthcare bill, in so many ways, was created and passed so corruptedly, and it will destroys freedom and will destroy this country financially.

All that Obama is doing will, by current accounts will cost this country in excess of 20 trillion dollars, in known future costs.

And SHAME on the left in trying to inject the religion (and SO WRONGLY is their understanding of scripture) into this discussion, aren't you the ones saying the church and state should be separate, or just hate religion in first place, or say religion should and must be private and not public policy?

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Sorry CHS 85. Your sarcasm just went over my head. And I agree with your post in every particular.

Sego Lilly
Salt Lake City, UT

andyjaggy - how is it her fault that she has cancer? I know that if I get cancer even though I have done my best not to get this terrible disease that it is because I know that there are certain cancers that are hereditary in my family. So therefore it is NOT this person's fault for getting it. There are a number of cancers in my family that I could have inherited. If I should get diagnosed with one I guess it would be my fault that I have it because I was born.

Community Engagement
Salt Lake City, UT

Partnership and participation improves the chances of success and sustainability resulting in better policy development and promote effective social capital structures if Governor Herbert is successful in leading democratic partnerships. The process requires participatory democracy, equity between partners and power structures, and restructuring power relations to engaging the community effectively. Partnerships face considerable challenges empowering disadvantaged communities and improving their health and may unintentionally ensure continuity of insecurity and dependence for community-led initiatives by forcing communities, individuals, and health care systems to compete with each other for vital resources.
•Public sector organizations compete for funds and must balance competing interest, such as focusing on economic factors perhaps to the exclusion of the more difficult issues of health inequalities and social exclusions to insure access to health care.
•Potential conflicts between national policy and state or local priorities/issues advancing Utah as a state that is out of step with federal humanitarian concerns.
•Democratic governmental structural limitation to be agile, quick and flexible in responses to issues.
•Social capital concepts of trust, reciprocity and respect may be absent due to power structures when partnering with the state.

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