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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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No matter how people twist it, she came here legally. Nothing wrong with that. Many want the automatic birthright discontinued, because it's no longer relevant. I agree, but we punish those who don't follow current law. She did follow the current law.

There is no similarity between her and the dreamers, she is here legally, they are not, and they did not follow the law at 18 to become legal.

Those who support the crime of illegal immigration still try to justify the actions of those here illegally with legal immigrants. It's not the same, and the guilty should pay according to the laws of the land.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

Boy, she is a brave woman to want to fight a battle with anyone who thinks they know better what is right for this country than the voters. If I lived in her District, I would definitely not have any problem casting my vote for her. My ancestors gave their lives because of religious persecution, and also for wanting to settle this land and make it a great country. I am sure that those running for office should do a little history study and see what made this country great, It certainly was not the politicians, but those who served so well in the early days, as well as each veteran who has served in the many wars that have been in place since the Revolutionary War.

Durham, NC

"The Liberal Dems must really be worried about Mia Love's rise in the polls!"

I don't know... what about moderate Dems... should they be concerned? What does this mean?

"So... it appears that it is fine if an anchor baby's family turns out to be a Democrat but not if they turn out to be otherwise."

Last I checked, Mia is a Republican. What are you saying here? Her parents are democrats... ? Or that you are struck buy the conditional rage of some where if they are Latino and have anchor babies... they are vile... but if they are black and republican... then they are champions of immigration?

If I am to understand this correctly... if hispanics came here pregnant, had their babies here, and then used that to create the right to stay here... that would be ok? Really? The fact that Mia's family was here not on a green card, or a work visa, but a tourist visa, that makes everything ok. So all these hispanics need to do is secure tourist visas and have babies here, and everyone will be fine with it then.

Good to know. What a simple solution.

Columbia, MO

Forbes is now reporting that there was such a law in the 1970s, backing up Mia's immigration story. Mother Jones deliberately misrepresented the facts to try and help Matheson win re-election.

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