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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

This was probably what she was told when she was growing up. Why make an issue of it? Nothing to see here. Move on.

Orem, UT

Mia Love is a legal citizen no matter what side of the story is told. Questions about her citizenship are not being asked in this case, only the story of how she got here in the U.S. While it may be in question of how much the Matheson campaign is involved in the story, there is no doubt that liberals like Matheson want to sully Mia Love in any way they can. It is increasingly obvious that if they can't beat their opponents on the right with ideas, they have to resort to character assassination. What matters in this story is that Mia Love is a U.S. citizen and that she does not represent the ideas of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party as Matheson does.

Bill McGee
Alpine, UT

I was one of the people who was called for the "poll" that Mia refers to. It was one of the most biased, and frankly, offensive things I ever listened to, I actually challenged the person conducting the poll at one point, something I have never done, and he actually apologized and said that he was just hired to ask the questions. Mia's decision to cling to those ridiculous poll numbers anyway, that fly in the face of polls conducted by responsible professionals, combined with her insistence on continuing to tell what is now apparently a made up story concerning her parents' immigration, her factless, accusatory, knee-jerk reaction to questions about the facts of her story (questions she never answered, by the way), her policy to cut things like Pell Grants and students loans (things she personally used to get her own education), and cutting basic help for Utah's poor children (support she and her family relied on when she was a child herself), speak volumes about her personal integrity, and the kind of Representative she would be.

Durham, NC

"While it may be in question of how much the Matheson campaign is involved in the story, there is no doubt that liberals like Matheson want to sully Mia Love in any way they can."

I am amazed comments like this can be made with a straight face. Have you not been around the last 3.5 years and seen the constant drone of questioning if Obama is an American or not, or if he is Christian or not?

It takes some moxie to present this in a partisan tone, and make claims that this is typical "liberal" behavour. Does the term "birther" not resonate at any level?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Yeah yeah yeah, blame the liberal media bla bla bla.

Yet, when the GOP wants attention, they'll use that "same" media to spew their hate and zing their opponents. Now Mia is being called out and she blames the media? You can't have it both ways!

The other thing, hypocrisy. Mia Love, you complain about the civility of the campaign and then you irresponsibly blame Matheson for the ad? Huh? If you want more civility then please, begin it yourself.

Last thing, why is it that Mia Love is always pictured with a Romney picture, slogan, or logo? I thought she was her "own" person and not just a "party" person like the opponent she constantly attacks?

I hope once Matheson wins again Love can go away from politics. She's truly not a breath of fresh air as she claims. She's just more of the same partisan politicians out there merely looking to win by smearing.

Kaysville, UT

What is a shame is that Congressman Matheson is not supporting her in this process but is on the defensive saying he had nothing to do with it.

As a son of a very reputable and most respected Governor and statesman type father, he should be on the bandwagon to help her defend her name. He should not let the media control this lambasting that they are doing.

What is ironic is that the Democrats want all those votes from the ethnic groups around the country and use this type of mechanism to gain votes. That shows you how low the liberals will go to throw mud on a person that has been successful in life.

She is a public servant and has been a person that put her life in public view and has accepted that type of responsibility to help others at the sacrifice of a life that is more private.

She was very poised yesterday as the local media kept on prying into her life and trying to open up more information so they could be the yellow press informants to the world.

She did an outstanding job in displaying her qualities that will help Utahns forever

az roadrunner
Apache Junction, AZ

Why did it take Mother Jones to report this? Weren't the reporters at, say, Deseret News, doing their job?

Olympia, WA

It seems completely logical that Ms. Love's documents be under close scrutiny just the way our President has had his birth records looked at. It matters little who brought up the issue. When you throw our hat into the ring, you had better know where you came from, who you came from and how you really got where you are.

Kaysville, UT

There is a big difference between what Mia Love is running for and what President Obama ran for. It is a requirement of the person running for Presidential office to be born in the United States of America or qualifying for that type of status, such as people born overseas while their parents are working for the United States of America.

Congressmen and Congresswomen have a completely different role in our government. They don't control every aspect or potentially every aspect of our lives. They get elected by their district every two years, which is a very short and controlled environment with all 400 plus elected throughout the United States of America.

The President is for the whole country and has almost absolute power as the Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief of the military stationed throughout the world.

For the party that doesn't want to deal with the immigration issue, the Democrats and Jim Matheson have bowed to low levels of campaigning by bringing this issue up. Jim Matheson has stooped very low on this issue. He may not have written the article but isn't standing up for people that come from non-freedom countries

Columbus, OH

Love last week: "One of the reasons you should elect me is this amazing personal story that has shaped who I am."

Love today: "How dare you bring my personal story into this election, that's personal!"

Tomorrow: "My parents came to this country..."

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Orem, UT
Mia Love is a legal citizen no matter what side of the story is told.
What matters in this story is that Mia Love is a U.S. citizen…
8:22 a.m. Sept. 26, 2012


Irony of the Day –
Mia Love is a Tea Party Darling.
The Tea Party wants to repeal the 14th Amendment to the Constitution [you know, stripping away Mia Love’s U.S. citizenship.]

Yes, can you say hypocrites…

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe this will help us conservatives take a more thoughtful approach to the immigration issue. By the way, the Republican Party is wrong on the immigration issue, and I am a Republican. The party has been seized by this ultra right wing faction that is now referred to as the "base." Although I agree with most issues, the party agenda has created a nightmare for rational governance, and made it darn near impossible for Mitt Romney to get elected. Immigration is a function of supply and demand. If there are jobs, they will come. There was a huge labor gap that began in the early 90s, which correlated with a huge illegal immigration wave. Our immigration laws need a drastic overhaul. We conservatives need to stop this "rule of law" divisive argument and understand how to make this issue work for us, and win over the huge and growing conservative Hispanic community. We're not going to deport 12 million people, so let's get real about making this work. Mia's story is inspiring, and I hope she wins. But I also hope we can get realistic and responsible about immigration.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is not ironic that Mia Love has become a national poster child for the Republican party. It is ironic and sadly amusing that, in her widely broadcast campaign ad, she proclaims a stake to the "future of our children" while being surrounded by a throng of cookie cut-out white kids. Has she adopted her constituency so that her constituency will adopt her?

Eugene, OR

The nation (maybe even the world - certainly the LDS world)....or at least the awake/alert portion thereof... will be watching (the election-night news coverage) to see the answer to George Will's recent question: Will Utah send their Love to Washington?

Will voters in the most Republican state send a person of color to Congress? Or will the racist fraction of the Utah GOP abandon her - and lessen chances for a continued Republican majority in the House - by choosing to send another good old white boy back to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker?

It will be interesting to see what the Republicans / Mormons in Utah do on this one. Having participated in Utah politics up-close long ago, I'm hoping for Love, but expecting hate.


Matheson has learned a great deal from his president Obama, Chicago style politics being the most notable. Sad Jim very sad, time for you to come home.
Character assination, new Democratic style,tear into your opponent with lies an inuendo, where are the Democrats I used to know???

USS Enterprise, UT

Lets summarize the story that Mia Loves tells. Her parents came here legally, then she was born in a US hospital. Mia is a legal citizen. Shortly after she was born, her parents were able to send for her siblings, who all came here legally. As the years passed by, her parents met the legal requirements to become legal citizens. So far, nothing illegal has occured. The only thing that Mia does not know is the laws that allowed her parents to come on a Tourist visa, then become citizens.

To the libs and their ilk that that can't understand why Mia is against illegal immigrants and the loopholes that allow them to stay, I have a simple question. Why do you refuse to accept the simple fact that Mia has learned about the ill effects of illegal immigration and has chosen to stand buy her convictions?

Farmington, UT

What's the big deal? Democrats love and embrace the whole illegal immigrant, anchor baby thang! The hypocracy is amazing. Liberals bring this up like they think its a big scandal. So basically, they just gave democrats a great reason to vote for Mia Love.

Bottom line Republicans just plain old need her vote in the House. Matheson might be a blue-dog but he's not a reliable one and we truly can't rely on him to vote in the best interest of Utah's core values.

Lehi, UT

Those attacking Mia here are generally those who attack Mormons and conservatives all over the internet in their effort to push a certain agenda.

Matheson has been dishonest about many things, especially Mia. What birther liberals care?

Mother Jones fired Michael Moore for being too honest (yes BAHAHAHA) and sent that Mitt "secret video" out when America was opening her eyes (so the MSM could accuse Mitt of not caring because he admitted those voting for Obama weren't concerned about the jobs he'd create and taxes he'd lower), distracting us from 911 2012, while the "administration" again lied to us about the known terrorist attacks that they did nothing to prevent) and while Obama's foreign policy was going up in dishonest flames etc. And now they are going after Mia, just when she reported that she pulled ahead. We have to wonder why they think she is such a powerful force for good?
I don't care if her parents were legal. I hope she can help stop the agenda that would destroy traditional families, freedom of religion, neutral and free press, and our economy. The four most important vertebrae in the backbone of any Nation. : )

Blackshear, GA


The Liberal Dems must really be worried about Mia Love's rise in the polls!

Daytona Beach Shores, FL

So... it appears that it is fine if an anchor baby's family turns out to be a Democrat but not if they turn out to be otherwise.

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