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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Tooele, UT

Re: "Questions raised about Mia Love's immigrant parents story"

What questions? Liberals aren't attacking its truthfulness. They're not attacking her character. They're not suggesting she's a member of some immigration ring or conspiracy. So what are the questions?

Socialist Mother Jones magazine destroyed its own premise about her being an anchor baby, noting that no law permitting such a thing existed, either now or then.

So what are the questions?

There IS a certain delicious irony in this story -- the only question of any interest left appears to be whether she was born in the US or not.

In other words, the left has apparently become a gaggle of racist "birthers."

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Immigrant stories are always so inspirational. Sometimes they are more than inspirational, particularly when the backstory becomes available. Although partisanship plays a significant role in how a particular story plays out in the media, one might assume that the "Coming to America" story is heartfelt.

Coming from Haiti, Vietnam, or Cuba makes for a more powerful story in the minds of certain people than coming from Guatamala, Mexico, or Columbia. Ask Marco Rubio and the suggestion that his family "escaped" Castro's tyranny eeveral years before Castro actually came to power. It's still a great story, but not as originally intended to score political points.

It would be interesting to learn these storys aside from the political ramifications. It would also be useful for current and future candidates not to use selective-memory in using politically-charged terms like "anchor baby" to demonize individuals when it is politically expedient to drum up opposition against one's opponent, particulary when there is such a fight over immigration as in today's election cycle.

If anything, this only reaffirms the need for realistic, practical immigration reform and not the politically-driven nonsense that passes for partisan argument.

Murray, UT

Hearing the liberal voters question someone over immigration stories is hilarious. How many sad immigration stories have I read with holes in them, including Obama that still has gaps in his history.

She's not responsible how she came here. And as a citizen she doesn't need to return to Haiti to become legal.She was born here.

Yet everyday we read stories about children brought here that never went home and come back legally. And most of the people who support Matheson defend them every day.

This paints the Democrats in an entirely new color in regards to immigration.

San Diego, CA

Go Mayor Love, Go!
We believe in you and your principles!
Don't let the turkeys get you down!

Clearfield, UT

If Mia truly was an anchor baby then she should have paid out of state tuition to attend college. Isn't that wwhat conservatives want. BTW does any anyone else see the hypocrisy of the Repubs here.

Murray, UT


If she was an anchor baby she was a citizen going to college. She received in state tuition.

South Jordan, UT

This story is pointless and won't affect my vote at all. I'll still be voting for Matheson.

Lehi, UT

I know many of the comments here and everywhere are by full time activists pushing a certain liberal agenda. I wonder why the liberal "Mother Jones" (the magazine that fired Michael Moore for being too honest : ) and is going after Mitt full throttle) would be taking such an interest in attacking Mia Love? Hmmmmmm? Is Mia that much of a force for good? The more liberals hate her, send racist threats, and twist, the more we love her!!!!!!

Go Mia, help save America! And, shame on Matheson for lying about her.

I don't care if she believed her parents, or only now looked into their story. My wife is an immigrant, and she doesn't know the details of laws or how her parents got here. I don't care if Mia's parents were illegal, legal, etc. She's a much better person than Matheson, and has done so much good for Saratoga Springs.
All Mathson has done is make it easier for Obama to push his agenda.

And who is looking at Matheson's ancestry, or even his honesty in his ads? IS there anywhere we can go where they examine liberal agendas with honesty?

Sacramento, CA

Might just prove that whatever side of the aisle you're on, children do not make the decision, good, bad, or indifferent, for what their parents choose for them in where or how they grow up. Sometimes, even the parents get only the hand they are dealt, and, like card players, have to play the best game they can. So why, like her politics or not, blame Mia and her sibs for the way they did or didn't become citizens? Even if I lived there, there's little chance I'd vote for her. But I can't see what her birth situation has to do with the price of tea in China, do you? If it inspired her, or her constituency, fine. So do Bible stories, Aesop's fables, and Anderson's fairy tales. Now let's get on with the voting, like citizens of all parties should do.


She was a citizen going to college, not here illegally. Their are Democrats and Republicans against people here illegally getting in state tuition. It's bait to lure more people to break the law.

The article shows that liberal sites like Mother Jones are against illegal immigration. Why else would they make such a big deal out of it. The pro-illegal making an issue out of a "anchor" baby.

Durham, NC

Mia Love - born to parents in the country on tourist visa's to enable them to stay in the country by her own account, and a hero and patriot to the conservative right.

Obama born to an American women in Hawaii - a muslim socialist non American to the conservative right.

The Irony here is almost overwhelming.

Does this mean conservatives will be backing off the :legal American rhetoric toward Obama or the many of their Utah neighbors who received legal status through their kids? Or is it if you vote Republican, its not an issue, but if you vote otherwise then your resident status and how it was obtained is an issue?

Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

So you're telling me that a politician might embellish a story for personal political gain? I find that hard to believe.

goochland, va

There is so much hypocrisy from both parties when it comes to immigration.

The fact is she is a U.S. citizen from birth; however, her parents were not U.S. citizens and perhaps not even Permanent Residents at the time of her birth. There is a sizeable group on the far right wing who want to take away automatic birthright citizenship to those born without at least one U.S. citizen parent. Many within her own party would strenuously argue that she should not have obtained citizenship.

Many of the posts here argue that the so called immigration sins of her parents should not be answered on her head. These are the same people who strenuously argue against the Dream Act.

The truth is only true when it is convenient.

Humble, TX

Mia Love is an American citizen and while Matheson and his PAC ally's, Mother Jones, want to dig up any dirt they can, it does not change that fact. My relatives in Utah are already starting to say, "I was for Matheson before I was against him," because of his and the efforts of the Democrat Party to demean Mia.

Tooele, UT

Re: "The Irony here is almost overwhelming."

I agree -- leftists have become "birthers."

Home Town USA, UT

jPRof, so your comments has an interesting twist. Having said that, so does that mean you are going to vote for Romney/Ryan given your criteria that a candidate must take responsibility for their OWN actions?

Yeah but
South Jordan, UT

@firstamendment: To love someone just because someone else hates them is not logical. You are supposed to love everyone - but not necessarily what they do. I don't know Ms. Love, but I am getting so tired of her ads that make it sound like Jim Matheson is the pentultimate democrat, and, therefore, in league with Satan, himself. I am also tired of the partisanship in this country on both sides of the aisle - politicos who don't care about the good of the country, and would sacrifice everything to gain or maintain the power. Although a registered republican, I consider myself an independent, voting for those whose stands align most closely with mine. Frankly, there are few republicans left who meet that test. Vitriol is now the norm. When I read this story, I was grateful that Ms. Love is not already a US Rep, because her knee-jerk reaction - to blame Matheson for pushing this story - is probably indicative of how she would behave in Congress, basing her decisions on fantasy and inuendo instead of facts and figures; protecting herself and her party before gathering the information needed to react appropriately. Mia, you have not earned my vote.

Clearfield, UT

macamus I Second your excellent comments.

Ogden, UT

To Whattheheck? 5:40 p.m. Sept. 25, 2012

. . . BTW, is there a conservative Mother Jones out there?


Yes there is. AM talk radio and FoxNews.

Ogden, UT

To TRUTH 7:05 p.m. Sept. 25, 2012

There is no doubt in my mind that Jim Matheson orchestrated this story in mother jones.....it's totally racist to boot!


You want to play in the gutter? Okay -- I'll play your game.

It is just as likely, if not more so, that this controversy was raised by Mia Love supporters who want to get sympathy for their candidate.

BTW -- there is nothing racist about this issue. Anti-immigrant -- yes; racist -- no

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