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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

@Ett: It was the Deseret News who posted the story about Mia Love being a "miracle", and it is Mia Love who is hypocritically criticizing immigrants who are doing the same thing her parents did. Remember how Larry Craig fought gay rights so passionately. Mia Love is doing the same thing when it comes to immigration.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Most Truthful and Patriotic asks: Mia should be proud of her family's story.

In fact, she should give lessons on how an entire family can survive on "$10 in their pocket" without having help from anyone.
There's food.
There's rent.
There's transportation.

How do you accomplish any of that, on only $10, after stepping foot in a foreign country?

The answer, Oh Most Truthful One, was WELFARE. Have you heard of that? And somehow, for Mia and her family, it's okay. But for others it's terrible, terrible, terrible.

How about changing your screen name to something like Most Hypocritic and Deceitful?

Colorado Springs, CO

When a story like this is against a republican candidate, apparently it's not newsworthy.

When a story like this is against Obama, it is still believed almost four years later by those same people that deem it not newsworthy against their own.

If people aren't laughing out loud at the irony and hypocracy of this, they have no sense of humor whatsoever.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think Ms. Love's story sounds suspicious!. We know what a fine congressamn Jim Matheson is, he has a track record to prove it. Ms. Love isn't showing the kind of leadership we need by the way she is spinning her story.

my two cents worth
Ridgefield, WA


"Hannity talked about how MSNBC etc turned off the cameras when she spoke at the RNC..."
And Fox didn't put her on when she spoke either.

Point lost.

Murray, UT

Is Mia responsible for her parents immigration?

Obama can't remember if he was registered as a foreign student. He can't remember the exact story either.

Salt Lake City, UT

I, for one, have decided who I am voting for, and I'm not sure I can stand watching anymore TV, reading the news, etc with all this media CRAP for another 5 weeks. Seriously, I don't care where you buy your shirts or what happened with the immigration of a candidate's parents. Election time in America? IMO, it brings out the worst in candidates and media. It should NOT be that way. Let's vote the issues, if we can filter them out with all the distractions and detractors. BTW, is there a conservative Mother Jones out there?

Draper, UT

Yeah, it's so rotten for liberals to raise questions about the birth circumstances of the other party's candidate. Republicans would never do that...

salt lake, UT


"It's time for the media to get out of politics and return to reporting the news"

do you understand why we have an independent media? learning a little history could really serve you well.

Springville, Ut

The issue is not the legality of her parents' immigration. That is a non-story as it relates to Ms. Love. The issue is her possible hypocrisy over illegal immigration. She derisively refers to children, American citizens, born to illegal immigrants as "anchor babies." She advocates leaving them here to be orphaned or to follow their parents back to a land that is not their home. She does this, while allegedly being one of these children herself.

If she was a liberal democrat, she would be held up as a standard for those who are caught in this troublesome situation, proving that they can be and are good citizens. If she was a conservative republican that didn't demean these children, she would also be held up to that standard. The issue is she is allegedly hypocritical. Her party membership has nothing to do with that.

Pat Henry
Holladay, UT

The controversy over Mia's parents citizenship is as silly, unnecessary and objectionable as the brouhaha over Elizabeth Warren's right to claim Native American lineage.

Warren's opponent in the Senate race Massachusetts is accusing her of being too white to be Amerindian. He needs to visit us out West and spend a little time on a reservation to appreciate the diversity of modern Native American's skin color.

Whether it's stereotyping over "anchor babies" or on racial appearances, it is offensive and beneath us as Americans.

salt lake, UT

fox news, Washington post, the drudge report, red state, town hall, newsmax, Rush Limbaugh, CNS, national review, etc etc.....

Salt Lake City, UT

There is no doubt in my mind that Jim Matheson orchestrated this story in mother jones.....it's totally racist to boot!

Utah Dem
Ogden, UT

Just a question - how long can you be in the US on. Tourist visa?

Salt Lake City, Utah

so you believe it in your mind so it must be true. Sounds like goof reasoning.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

I thought mia love was born in a log cabin she built herself and walked to school and back home...both ways uphill... barefoot.

Just like all the other politicos?

Did she embellish her $10.00 story?

Who knows?

Did she forget to mention her family possibly received some help from the federal government?

Who knows?

Would she be considered an anchor baby if she were born today?

Who knows?

It's that time of the election season when all sorts of Karl Rove type informational non-political super-pac tidbits are given to voters who are blessed with inquiring minds.


firstamendment: "Matheson and Obama have been in long enough. They need a rest."

How does Obama's 4 years compare to Orrin Hatch who has been a senator for 36 years and how does Obama's 4 years qualify for a posting about Mia Love?

Colorado Springs, CO

@Truth: Good for you!

@DN: My posts are not posted for using the word "crap." Now, I don't believe it's a vulgar word, but you need to be consistent with your denials!

West Jordan, UT

Allen#2: My thoughts exactly! My similar post was denied.

I guess I didn't state my point as eloquently as you did.

Apparently it's OK to say that Matheson and Obama need a rest but not OK to say the same about Orrin Hatch. Go figure.

Steve C. Warren

Thanks, DN, for running this story.

Mia's current account of her parents' coming to this country is different (and not as inspirational) as the one she told to Lee Benson in his Jan. 17, 2011, column. Don't believe me? Go back and check it out.

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