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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Did Mitt Romney counsel her on how to speak or run a campaign? The GOP is just pathetic with the ghosts in the closet and blaming others when the issues come up.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

so the liberal media, Mother Earth, is alleging sins of the parents they can answer on the head of the child. sad the depths to which liberals will stoop to retain power.

lehi, UT

If Mia was a liberal democrat her story would be heralded and held up as a shining example. But she is a conservative Republican so she is torn apart by liberal organizations and the left leaning media.

Independent Thinker
West Jordan, UT

Ms. Love is the initiator of the story about her parents immigrating to the U.S. Why then should she object to checking out the validity of that story? After all, she wasn't even born at the time, so whatever story she portrays is a second-hand point of view. Facts, not spin, are what matter.

She should welcome scrutiny as a means to verify her family story instead of deflecting questions and pointing fingers. Whatever the truth, I wish candidates would stop politicizing issues, and get down to the bottom line facts.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

"If Mia was a liberal democrat her story would be heralded and held up as a shining example."


If she were a liberal Democrat, it might be Jan Brewer or good old boy Sheriff Joe making an issue of it.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a non-issue.

richland, wa

I think it was rash to lay blame to the Matheson campaign without proof. Mia Love has garnered national attention, and has thus presented herself as a target for anti-republicans everywhere. Her story has gained so much attention that this sort of thing was only a matter of time. Am I suggesting that Matheson had nothing to do with it? I can't prove one way or the other, but I feel it is a mistake to rashly accuse without proof. It is understandable given the emotions that such accusations would arouse in Candidate Love. I really hate mudslinging in politics. It irreversibly hurts candidates, and can't be verified or debunked until the damage has been done.

Kearns, UT

Whio cares about what these clowns think? If Mia Love was born in the states, she's a citizen. Doesn't matter to me what happened, or didn't happen to her parents. If they were originally legal great. IF they weren't legal, they apperantly became legal.

Not influencing my vote at all.

non believer

She is running for PUBLIC office, why should this be off limits? I am sure Mia is truthful in her statements, but that does not mean that her Parents were truthful with her.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

This is very amusing that media would go after this aspect of Love while there are many other obviously glaring holes in her political career that would be much better targets.

Columbia, MO

Mother Jones is the same outfit that obtained and publicized the secret and edited video of Mitt Romney talking at a fund raiser about all the Americans who don't pay taxes. This outfit is out to crucify Republicans in this election. Enough said... It's time for the media to get out of politics and return to reporting the news.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The liberal media again? Funny, Ms. Love tries to use her "story" to her advantage in her campaign, but when somebody questions it that is wrong and they are part of the evil liberal media. But it is ok to have elected officials attempt to keep President Obama off the ballot, because he doesn't have live video of his birth with the name of the hospital and 400 witnesses to prove he was born in America. Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

Las Vegas, NV

...Dirty politics goes both ways, both parties are guilty

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The other Salt Lake paper portrays Matheson as supporting this inquisition.
Frankly, Deseret News should have left this story in the round file in the conference room.
This is a non-story unless someone digs up the documents. It's merely conjecture, not news.

Most Truthful and Patriotic
Layton, UT

Mia should be proud of her family's story.

In fact, she should give lessons on how an entire family can survive on "$10 in their pocket" without having help from anyone.
There's food.
There's rent.
There's transportation.

How do you accomplish any of that, on only $10, after stepping foot in a foreign country?

Cedar City, UT

I don't care how Mia's parents became citizens, and her supposed status as an "anchor baby" bothers me not at all. I am, however, mightily concerned about her conduct in this affair. First, she stretched the truth to make her story sound more inspirational to the voters. In this era of greater emphasis on fact-checking journalism, her story was checked out by a reputable -- though admittedly liberal -- magazine and found to be at least partially false. So how did she respond? By blaming Matheson instead of owning up to the fact that she stretched the truth. The second lie is an obvious attempt to cover the first. That's the behavior of a 5-year-old caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Is this the kind of person I want representing me in Congress? One who will say or do anything to keep from taking responsibility for her own actions? No, I don't think so. If this were my district, Mia would have just lost my vote. I'd be voting to re-elect Rep. Matheson.

Cedar City, UT

sls of Columbia, Mo., wrote, "It's time for the media to get out of politics and return to reporting the news." BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That may well be the funniest and most ridiculously ironic comment I've ever seen posted on this site.

Lehi, UT

Liberals are really trying to stop her. Hannity talked about how MSNBC etc turned off the cameras when she spoke at the RNC, and they have hacked her website, used racial slurs, and now are trying to dig up dirt on her family. I admire her strength and calm replies.

Keeping her out of Congress must be really important to them. That might mean they're afraid she's doing something really good and might slow a certain agenda. So, the more they hate her, the more we love her!!!!! : )

The people of S. Springs overwhelmingly supported her in the primaries. Matheson's ad's argue that we don't have to love her record, just because she has such an awesome persona. But the people I know love her because of her record, AND because she's such an amazing person.

Matheson and Obama have been in long enough. They need a rest.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

It's the "media's" job to be the public watch-dog.

I know some news is slanted and biased, but I applaud the DN for at least publiching this story.

[case in another point - Sentor Fiscal Responsibility Mike Lee's home foreclosure.]

She and her parents also benefited from Affirmative Action and being part of that lazy 47% who leech off the Government - as Mitt calls them.

Like other Tea-Party darlings -- Senator Fiscal Responsibile Mike Lee and his home foreclosure,
Mia Love can dish it, but can't take it when calling their bluff.

Columbia, MO
Enough said... It's time for the media to get out of politics and return to reporting the news.

12:51 p.m. Sept. 25, 2012


i.e., Fox News?!
Enough said....

Riverside, CA

I'm a Mia Love fan, and would vote for her if I could, but I wish had never opened the door on this issue by making a point of stating her parents came here legally. Big mistake. Hard work and self-reliance is fine to emphasize, but a back handed slap at illegal immigration doesn't gain her anything and may come back to haunt her.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mother Jones is typical of the moral relativism practiced by Liberals. They stamp their feet when anyone tries to stem the tide of illegal immigration, but when there's any doubt of a Republican candidate's immigration status, and they're on it, like dogs on a bone. It demonstrates how insincere they are about such issues, preferring to exploit them, when it's convenient.

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