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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

@the truth,

The parents are not teachers' bosses any more than a tuition-paying college student is his professor's boss. (Who do you know who has 25 to 250 bosses, anyway?) If you want to boss your child's teacher around, hire a full-time private tutor. The rest of us would be wise to build a productive partnership with our children's teachers.

As far as your claims about curriculum are concerned, I don't know what your children are being taught at school; mine are learning reading, writing, math, and science. If you feel that an aspect of your child's education is being neglected, you, as the parent, can take action. However, if you feel that you personally should get to set the curriculum for all the students at the school, life is going to be a very unpleasant experience for you.

As far as local communities doing the hiring, your local community elects a school board, who hires the superintendent. The superintendent hires principals, who hire teachers and staff. That's as local as it ought to be. You do not get to personally hand-pick every civil servant out there. Sorry.

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