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Published: Sunday, Sept. 23 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

"We're not as deficient and as outmatched as we were tonight,"

Uhhh...2yrs in a row same result? Yeah we pretty much are. Also it was a nice sentiment by Whit trying to protect Star but he's supposed to be one of the most dominant defensive players in the country and we didn't pressure their QB or slow down their RBs.

It's also the 2nd yr in a row to go flat after the BYU game. Maybe it's a good thing Whit and Hill want to quit the rivalry. It just takes to much out of us.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Dear Utah,
Sorry we ruined your season.
Utah State

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

That is all you say bcs? bcs that and bcs this. How old are you really?

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Utah is a nice one sport school. Some decades it's basketball, some it's football, but almost never at the same time. One other thing, when you get sky high for one game, it often takes a toll on you the next game. The Utes will need to learn to play each game as it comes without emotion. If you get sky high for USC, watch out for UCLA and OSU. (and as for BYU, yes, we are sick of how our offense is being coached and played! We should be 4-0 but you can't woulda, shoulda)

Bountiful, UT


The last sentence of your post speaks volumes about the kind of person you are:

"it is now our turn to sit back and enjoy the beating you are and will continue to take!"

Wow - that is simply terrible and frankly unbelievable. What kind of world do you live in? I think you need to take some time off from football and get a better sense for what brings you joy in your life. If enjoyment in your life is watching other people fail than you have some serious soul searching to do. Are you a member of the same church that BYU represents? Is this the kind of exposure BYU is looking for? Exposure in the form of getting joy from other people's failures?


Utes 27 USC 21
Ogden, UT

Seriuosly give me a break. We had one horrible game. Does anyone remember when we started something like 0-4 in the conference and ended up 1 field goal away from the title game? Yes, USC was not eligible last year, but we're down 1 game and people are talking about not going to a bowl or not having a shot.

USC hasn't looked amazing either. If we win next week(which I think we will) everyone will saying correctly that Utah is the team to beat in the division. Especially, if we beat USC that means that we would have to lose TWO more for USC to have a chance, since we'd hold the tie breaker over them.

Ugly game, we got trounced. But one game is very easily overcome. Just look at last year. We overcame a 4 game deficit.

South Jordan, Utah

RedBlood - Why am I not surprised that a Utah fan would bring religion into the fray? Way too predictable for Utah fans to play the "religion card" when you have nothing else to fall back on.

I have lived in Salt Lake City for 20 years and have had to endure the continual barage of hatred thrown at BYU by members of the predominant relgion and otherwise. And now that Utah is down on its luck you are going to critize me for enjoying the beatdown Utah is and will continue to take? And for what reason - religion??? Give me a break.

Are you telling me that Utah fans don't enjoy it when BYU loses? Why aren't you calling them out? Doesn't it seem a bit hypocritical to single me out when most Utah fans, the majority of whom are of the predominant religion, hate the school and football team that is owned and operated by their Church?

I will not apologize or feel the least bit sorry about my enjoyment of watching the University of Utah (and its fans) get humbled in any sport they play!

I can't wait until the USC game!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Look it up buddy, ASU was NOT ranked when the Utes lost to the Sun Devils.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

"Does anyone remember when we started something like 0-4 in the conference and ended up 1 field goal away from the title game?"

You've obviously forgotten that the Utes finished in 8th place with a losing conference record and were dominated at home by one of the worst teams in the country.

You didn't overcome a 4-game deficit, even though the team that actually won the division was ineligible, and ASU and UCLA both collapsed down the stretch. The likelihood of ASU, UCLA, USC and Arizona all collapsing to hand you the division this season... is NIL.

Utah's loss to USC will dash any hope the Utes might have had to win the division.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


My thoughts exactly. I too thoroughly enjoyed the Utah ASU game over the weekend. I smiled every time I thought of all our great Ute friends on these boards. Pathetic when they forget that many Ute fans represent the Mormon church just as Mormon byu fans do and somehow try to force BYU fans into a mold they think they should fall into, only to make fun of that mold the next day.

I'm with you Balan. I will enjoy every Ute loss, this year and the in years to come. It makes me so happy your comments bothered some Ute fans too Balan. I get great joy when they are unhappy!

salt lake city, UT

@u mad bro

uhh based on your pathetic showing against boise state. you scored SIX points LOL!!
asu is far and away better than boise state that is FOR SURE!

salt lake city, UT


or.. i have a suggestion. why dont we have the y fans throw things on the floor of basketball games TWICE so the game can end EARLY hahahhahahaha and show what real class is all about! i think everyone wants to see that again!

Farmington, UT

@ Chris B.

You still predicting scores?

Take MLH's advice and quit while you are behind.

Gilbert, AZ


Don't kid yourself!

A few disgruntled BYU fans at the MC throwing stuff on the floor to show their disgust at some poor officiating is EXTREMELY mild compared to the boorish behavior exhibited by Utah fans toward BYU coaches, players, and fan CONSTANTLY throughout EVERY BYU-Utah game in RES.

Sorry, but your feeble attempt to equate a delay of game with multiple flagrant personal fouls just isn't working.

Frisco, TX

Hate to say it, but it's going to be a long season for the Cougs and Utes.

Cougs likely to finish 7-5. Best case scenario 8-4, if the defense stays stout and can figure out how to score a couple of points.

Utes likely to finish 4-8. Best case scenario 5-7.

Orem, UT


Unfortunately, your predictions are spot on:

for BYU, best case, 8-4, worst case 7-5
for Utah, best case 5-7, worst case 4-8

Both teams need to prepare new quarterbacks for much tougher schedules next season - not necessarily as starters for the remainder of the season, but both Taysom Hill and Travis Wilson should see significant playing time in every game.

u mad bro?


we scored SIX against a RANKED team, you guys scored SEVEN against an UNRANKED team. Yeah, we didn't have the best game offensively, but to try to poke fun at our 1 point loss and call us pathetic when you were crushed by 30 points is hilarious.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Utes 27 USC 21

"If we win next week (which I think we will) everyone will saying correctly that Utah is the team to beat in the division."


The Utes are going to be crushed by the Trojans.

The best the Utes can hope for is to finish ahead of Colorado to avoid the PAC south cellar.

USC 42
Utah 3

Mark it down!

Ute Love
Salt Lake City, UT

Still BLue after all these years,
Alex Smith and Andrew Bogut, the first time that the #1 picks in the NFL and NBA draft were from the same school.

All BYU fans,

The only reason you have utah fans in this article even making comments about BYU is because a lot of your fans love to troll these utah articles and make stupid comments and evaluations of utah football. Some of your fans don't seem to understand how bragging rights work. We beat you! Its over, its done! We are better than you, and probably will be for a long long time. I understand that the loss to ASU was ugly and the utes looked absolutely terrible, but even if we lose the rest of our games we are still better than you. I don't agree with RedBlood bringing religion into this, but it IS pathetic that your only hope for the year is to see utah lose. Because with each loss your team becomes more and more pathetic

CO Ute

@Alta Hawk fan

The game Utah played against Alabama was a BCS bowl game, not the BCS championship but still a BCS bowl game. Careful calling out someone else when you don't have your facts straight.

Regarding the upcoming game against USC ... what can I say. Their offense is better than ASU and the Utes will need to be significantly better to compete in this one. We always have at least one road game a year when the team fails to show up, hopefully we have 'that' game out of our system but suspect we might see a couple more lopsided games down the road.

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