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Published: Sunday, Sept. 23 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Plenty of time to regroup, get therapy, nurse the injuries and get pumped up for the home game.

But I'm not quite sure how you get 'up' for a USC whooping.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


The biggest game in Utah football of the past 10 years was the 2008 BCS bowl(ever heard of those) against Alabama.

How did we do getting up for that one?

Or how did we do getting up for our other BCS bowl game?

Or how did we do getting up for BYU last year?

Or last year?

Or the year before that?

If we beat USC the South division is in our control again.

Remind me how your BCS bowl aspirations are this year?

Oh thats right your season ended when you lost to US!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

And for my prediction

Utah 27
USC 21

We only lost by 3 last year at their place. The guys will make up for their horrible showing, and with 2 weeks prep I like our chances

Go UTES! The MUSS will be rocking!

P.S. sammy I went to the ASU Utah game. The ASU fans were quite respectful, your fan base could learn a lot.

Provo, UT

@ Sammyg, How is your team going to get up for these up coming whoopings ? Utah State, Oregon State, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech. You're going to be lucky if you get past any of these teams!



You need to stop while you are behind.

u mad bro?


up coming whoopings??? based on what? you guys were blown out by an unranked team.

Springville, UT


Nice 'original' retort.

My answer... I don't care, BYU will win some and will lose some. The QB problem will hopefully work itself out. I really don't see any problem with winning a game or two out of the four you mentioned.

Utes? I'm not seeing above .500 season and you're feeling it too. Most of Ute Nation is pretty bummed about the lack of performance from last night and no manner or length of preparation will overcome the problem before USC.

Losing to the Utes and to Boise was tough but they were close games. Maybe Riley's back was the only factor, who knows.

Those games were nothing compared to the pathetic meltdown from last night and then also losing to a WAC team (from your perspective) when you're so puffed up over yourselves.

I'm looking forward to seeing the excuses over the season.

Sandy, UT

Chrissy ! Nice to see you're still breathing.

The problem with you utah pac12er's is you're having an identity crisis.

You wrote 'The biggest game in Utah football of the past 10 years was the 2008 BCS bowl(ever heard of those) against Alabama.' It was the SUGAR bowl not the 2008 BCS bowl. Try to keep it straight. Also, remember that you're pirates .. err utes .. not pac12er's.


Hey Chris. What makes you believe you exhibit respect and positive sportsmanship? You bash on the Cougars every chance you get. Practice what you preach.

You're dilutional if you think Utah has a chance against USC. I would love to see the Utes defeat the Trojans. But seriously, Utah barely beat a bad BYU team.

Please stop talking so much smack about you're Utes. They haven't proven anything yet this season.

$1000 says USC trounces Utah.


u mad bro

Look it up buddy ASU was ranked the same week the y was ranked, you coug fans just keep blowing me away. And Carson is so right his comment is based on watching byu get beat two weeks in a row other than Hawaii what makes you think byu is going to win in late Sept or Oct. That's what it is BASED on Buddy

U 90
Corona, CA

Just got back from Tempe. Last time I was there it was Utah vs. Pitt with the Utes running the spread with receivers wide open over the middle and QB keepers fooling the D-end for 15-20 yard gains. Last time it was Utah's speed on defense that was too much for Pitt running corner blitzes getting sacks in bucket loads. It all happened again last night except this time Utah was on the wrong end of everything. It was Utah rather than Pitt running a predictable offense from under center. It was Utah that was out-schemed and couldn't handle the opponents speed. It was Utah's defense that had no idea what play was coming next and was left guessing all night.

I'm a Whittingham supporter but don't understand why he moved away from the spread offense that Meyer installed that had opponents baffled. Over the past 8 years Utah has slowly morphed back in to the McBride offense of run on 1st and 2nd then throw on 3rd and long. Kyle, why did you abandon the spread? You just got smoked by the offense that Utah had perfected just a few short years ago.

U 90
Corona, CA

BYU has serious problems just like the Utes... poor running game, no proven QBs, poor O-line, turnovers, penalties etc. While Utah got manhandled by ASU, BYU lost to a Boise team that has no place kicker and couldn't score an offensive touchdown in 2 of their 3 games. Boise's offense could quite possibly be more pathetic than Utah & BYU's offenses. So while I am not bagging on the Cougs (because my Utes are pathetic) it's a head scratcher to see Y fans on here putting down the U team that absolutely owns the Y.

west jordan, utah

@ U 90

I have often thought the same thing over the years about our offense going back to the Mac days. Total mystery why Utah would go away from the Offense that brought them the most success and excitement in school history.

The ASU offense made our Defense look as bad as i can remember in years. I had to wonder last night if Utah only had
9 men on Defense half the time. It was that bad!

St Louis, MO

I don't know what's funnier; the result of the game or the fact that around half of the comments so far are more about BYU than Utah.

Utah could win the next five national championships and produce multiple Heisman winners and the poor CB's of their fan base will still carry the "little brother" complex. It's cute.

What's not cute, but is disturbing (as in, "seek professional help" disturbing) is the delusions of winning jack this year in the PAC 12. You lost by 30 . . that's THIRTY POINTS . . to a so-so team. And somehow the Utes are going to magically turn it on for SC and every other decent team they'll play this year?

Hey, congrats on what is and what will remain your highlight of the year, Chris . . beating BYU. We're flattered. On the bright side, I bet the Ute roster and staff could put on some half-decent firesides themselves.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

Embarrassing game to be sure, it was perhaps the hardest game I have ever had to watch. Offensive play calling was pathetic, defense was abysmal. I don't think we have a bowl bound team this year but i do not think a beating like this will be repeated.
I was so frustrated watching our offense, run up the middle three times in a row. Really? Hays was 3 of 5 for 50 yards in the first drive, why would they stop throwing? it drove me absolutely crazy. and why did the offense feel like they had to run the play clock to 2 before they hiked the ball on every play?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

I don't have as much confidence as Wittingham. The offense hasn't shown anything all season. BJ's schemes are so predictable, I'll be surprised if they score 20 points a game.

The defense has me scratching my head. It was a one game let down then that be one thing but in the last three games they've allowed 300+ yards with 130+ rushing. After BYU's performance last week it's inexcusable to allow a team like that to score 14 points and 141 yards in the 4th quarter. I can't recall the last time our defense looked so inept.

I would love to see them turn it around but I don't see how we win USC, @UCLA, @OSU, @Wash with the way we've played so far.

So the question is when does Travis Wilson take over?

Hayden, ID

Suggestion: Have the MUSS run onto the field before time expires and have more students curse out the opposing coach as he leaves the field making sure it is captured on national TV so the entire world can observe real class at RES!

Cache, UT

Wow. What a bunch of whiners... on both sides of this inane argument.

South Jordan, Utah

Hey Utes, congrats on your move to the PAC12 - running with the big boys now.

Unfortunately, we have now got a really good idea of how the Utes are going to perform "running with the big boys". ASU is definitely not a powerhouse in the PAC12, but they sure looked it against the Utes.

The sad thing for Ute fans is that I don't ever see the Utes being succsseful in the PAC12. Had the Utes been members in 2004 and 2008, those "magical" seasons would never have happened. And when you look at the recruiting statistics (I think Utah is ranked 11th out of 12 teams in terms of quality (stars) of recruits), the future doesn't looked bright.

BYU fans have had to deal with your arrogance for the past two years or more - you know, we're better than you are, etc. etc. etc. Well, maybe you are and maybe you aren't. However, one thing for sure - it is now our turn to sit back and enjoy the beating you are and will continue to take!

Enjoy your new reality!

Highland, UT


Sammyg is the only one who has his head based in reality here. utah "fans" are struggling with the performance of their team on the field and with their comments on the boards.

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