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Published: Sunday, Sept. 23 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

The best team in the state. Maybe the press from SLC will eventually catch on.

Cedar City, Utah

Maybe the best in the state. And that would make history. Usually USU is the worst team in the state.

Kaysville, UT


Actually, there was a time in the distant past when U State used to beat both the U and the Y for decades at a time in football. The same goes for the U in basketball that used to beat the pants out of the Aggies and the Y. Now, the Aggies quite readily often dominate both the U and the Y in BB and their football program (the best in the state this year) is fast improving.

The only constant about college athletics is change, though the BCS conferences are working hard to change that fact (but you can't entirely).

Aggie football now has a new conference, a new coach and, by all regards, are an entirely new program. Expect them to be a great football program moving forward into the future.


Nicely said, SameJersey. The Aggies have been cellar-dwellers for too long, and they have finally climbed out!

Cedar City, Utah


YOu made some great points. Even for an aggie. But all I said was you can't make the best team in the state claim until you actually beat BYU this year. Until that time, you are close to that title but not quite there yet. You don't make statements like that until after certain games. That's all I was saying. FINALLY a constructive comment from Sambone. There may be hope for you yet kid. Think about what I said. You can't make the claim until you beat every in state team you play. USU hasn't done that yet.

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