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Published: Sunday, Sept. 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT


Still bitter? Yeah if I was Ute fan I would be too after last night. Being pumped up about Blechen coming back, White playing, the planets aligning, beating BYU handily, etc... it was a sure win.

Until the harsh reality that your team is just really average against an unranked opponent, lucky to have barely beaten BYU, lost to a good USU team.

Well, you get the drift don't you.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


BYU on the other hand tends to downplay the rivalry game, hence the record over the past ten years, but really step it up for bowl games and one or two big game a year.


You need to reexamine your bowl record and correct your post. Speaking of BYU downplaying the rivalry game, was Max Hall okay after the game last week?

Springville, UT

utah 95

Honest comments.

What BYU fans say about Riley and Bronco won't change anything. If they exhibit frustration that's understandable. I'm frustrated but I move on. I have to. I just hope the team and coaches learn from the mistakes.

The bottom line is that there is no option except to be patient.


toosmartforyou said:

"@ Wildcat

.....How's that crimson kool aid? Did you not realize Utah had the way to that game "geased" because USC was on probation and ineligible; all the Utes had to do was beat Colorado in the final PAC 12 game in SLC? Remember they had less than 50 yards offense (and the O coordinator was the hearlded Chow) in the first half and LOST to the worst road team in America----who hadn't won a road game in 4 years?

Quit complaining about BYU; you've dumped us; go away quietly!! Enjoy your new rival---Colorado, in Boulder this year."

Desperate times in Provo! LOL!
It might be best for you to chose another avatar, graspingatstraws seems more fitting.

BTW, you did get the news that BYU lost to UTAH again right?

Salt Lake CIty, ut

That was ugly for sure. Well if we listened to all the Yner fans we should just not play anymore games and just start practicing for next year.
We have dropped two games the season is young. This team has talent we just got punched in the chin, now its time to buckle down and get to business. I have notice that we always played with a chip on out shoulder as the underdog team that overachieved, since the pac-12 we have played as the overconfident team that grossly underachieved. Maybe well wake up and keep some playmakers on offense. Maybe QBs are important after all. Wynn great kid got hurt was never the same and we should have moved on. We are paying a dear price for that last year and this year. Wilson and Hansen are going to be future studs but the key word is future. We got exposed as a team that relies on our D way to much and when they get schemed and punched in the mouth first drive they didn't buckle down they broke. No matter, get things fixed, open the playbook and get some life in this team.
GO Utes

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Did you get the news - actually, it's not really news at all, since everyone except the red koolaid drinkers expected it all along - that the Utes are PAC cellar dwellers?

With losses to USC, UCLA and Oregon State in their next three games, the Utes will have to win 4 of their last 5 games just to be bowl eligible; and the Utes lost to 3 of those teams last season.

Just as during their WAC days, BYU has once again become Utah's bowl game, and the Utes are grasping at straws trying to pretend how being a bottom dweller is so great.



The Ute are 0-1 in the WAC - time to requisition a new screen name.


Uh oh, another BYU fan is melting down.
Snack PAC needs help.

I would worry more about your upcoming schedule than Utah's. They are not determining your bowl hopes, you are. Especially now that the BCS busting mantra is officially over. LOL!


Salt Lake CIty, ut

flawed logic.
The yners that are on here gleefully bashing the utes are also then bashing their own team. This "terrible pac cellar dwellar" that has owned the yners for a decade now. It must really hurt losing so many times to such a "bad" team. Logic would suggest that hurt as much as it might you kind of hope that the teams that beat you, beat other decent teams proping up your embarrasing loss as not so bad. A lot of us U fans swallowed our pride and hoped that utah state would beat out their tougher teams however with the U dominating the Y as of late it seems Hate dimms all logic.
Down 24 - 7 in the 4th the best the Yners could do against such a terrible team is fall short and chalk up another loss to the U.

Gilbert, AZ


Nice dodge, but the only desperate meltdown I see is coming from the kids on the hill is pretending that being a PAC bottom dweller, again, somehow makes U big stuff.


last two games versus ASU
BYU 13-10 in Tempe
BYU 26-6 in Provo

Utah 14-35 in SLC
Utah 7-37 in Tempe

The Utes haven't beaten the Sun Devils since 1976. Did you really think that sewing a PAC 12 emblem on your jersey was all it was going to take to become "one of the big boys"?

Salt Lake City, Utah


6 of the last 8 BYU-Utah games have been decided by a touchdown or less in the final minutes of the game or in OT. That's hardly "owning" anything.

On the other hand, BYU continues finishing with better overall records and higher national rankings.

Desperation dims logic as the Utes once again try to spin another embarrassing meltdown after the euphoria of a big win.

Just like last year, the Utes crashed and burned after their BYU win, only this time, there's little chance that the Utes will be able to right the ship anytime soon with likely losses to USC, UCLA and Oregon State filling Utah's horizon for the next month.

pocatello, ID

Hey phoenix, as other have said. BYU is owned by a PAC 12 cellar dweller!
USU is looking good. Better watch out.

Oh yeah, BYU is 6-9 all time against San Jose St!

cedar city, UT

Again, why is BYU being brought up in a post about the Utah-ASU game? Not sure why those people aren't following their own team....but ok. Anyway, as fans lets stay positive and support our team instead of trashing them.

u mad bro?


it works both ways. have you ever read the comments for a byu article?


Isn't it hard to be a byu fan? They have to use other teams to make the Utes look bad. I would think after being beat 3 in a row, 8 out of 11, 13 out of 20 you may want to take a break on the team that dominates you. BYU fans call us cougar haters we are but at least we can use our own team to dog the cougs, where the cougs (fans) have to use all the teams we are playing. BYU CANNOT BEAT BYU, go Hawaii.

All the SC T-shirts your book store ordered will be there by Friday.

Kamas/United States, UT

No matter how far the conversation of the BYU-Utah rivalry goes, no one will win. BYU has bragging rights in other sports and education, and Utah has it in football. How about we all just watch the game and congratulate the other team?

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