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Published: Sunday, Sept. 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Pleasant Grove, UT

Oh and Chris and other ute fans...

Next week USC 56 Utah 3 mark it down! lol

O-town, UT

Oh by the way, BYU just scheduled a home and home with Middle Tennessee State. Remember I told you that no big school will do a home and home with BYU (just a one game at their place or a two-for-one at best) and that BYU will have to go to the MAC, Sun Belt, or C-USA to fill up games? The prophecy is coming true! I can't post a link but it is in their paper, the Tennessean and on FBSschedules website.

Look for BYU to either join the Big East or go back on bended knee to Craig Thompson in a few years.

GO BLUE RAIDERS! (that is the mascot of Middle Tennessee State)

Cue the Lavern and Shirley Music, "We'll do it our way, yes our way, make all our dreams come true for me and you." BYU independence--go get'em!

Springville, UT

Yep, the Utes are in the fetal position again.

After convincing themselves that they had a "stellar" defense and solid running game they are now reeling from the undoing of their team and their season.

I know its a hard pill to swallow but several of us told you so.

We knew our Riley was not the best QB around but we accepted him with the hope that things would work out. It didn't and it was no surprise. BYU fans have been typically patient with independence, the schedule and the challenges of putting together the combination of talent and coaches.

On the other hand the Utes believe they are Utah's gift to football. How funny is that.

When they fall, they fall hard.

I think this season will be worse than last year for the Utes. All of the other teams are starting to play real football.

Long road of humiliation ahead for the Utes me thinks. A definite possibility of no bowling.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Man, we've proven we would have killed Asu. byu = so much better

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Ouch what a beat-down.

We're 3-0 vs BYU this year, can we just play BYU for the 8 remaining games? Even with how bad we are we can still take them 8 of 11.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Sorry our defense is so bad that we didn't finish you off last week when we were up 24-7 going into the 4th. If had done that Hill might of started against Boise and we could have saved you guys from embarrassing yourself on a 2 point try against a team that has 2 FGs in their only two "real" games.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Utah isn't a team anybody in their right mind would bet against. Unfortunately its not a good idea to bet for them either. They are like the proverbial Box of Chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.

Springville, UT


No worries about BYU, they will be fine.

I'll take those close games for what they were... miserable, ugly games that just barely went the other way for whatever reason. Hopefully the players and coaches can learn from them.

On the other hand what will the Utes learn from losing to ASU?

Your Utes need some attention, give them some love and hope, will ya'?

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

So, just what did John White say?

It's all your fault Utah State!


Wow, lots of haters on the board today. Interesting that my Utes loss gives some so much joy. Whatever. Ugly showing all the way around by the Utes - nice time for a bye! And then USC.



You are right in poking fun at Utah's "stellar defense and solid running game." You have no idea how much it pains me to admit that...

But I about did a spit-take when reading your paragraph: "We knew our Riley was not the best QB around but we accepted him with the hope that things would work out. It didn't and it was no surprise. BYU fans have been typically patient with independence, the schedule and the challenges of putting together the combination of talent and coaches."

Do you even read what your fellow BYU fans write in their comments? Just browse the comments from last week - after BYU's losses to Utah and Boise State. If you don't have time (too busy trashing the Utes perhaps), trust me, the overriding tone of the comments isn't "patience."

I'm curious - are the Cougars the state of Utah's "gift to football?"

But back to the Utes - I expected to lose more in conference games in the Pac 12. And finishing in the top third will be a real challenge. But I didn't expect to get blown out on a regular basis.

salt lake city, UT


"No worries about BYU, they will be fine."

HAHA no they wont. the funny thing is you y fans getting on here especially after that 6 point outing you had against a TERRIBLE boise state team! HAHA! you should be the LAST fans to be on here sayin a word about utah especially after they owned your pathetic team, then that embarrassing game against boise state (on national television). hahaha EMBARRASSING after all that "bcs buster" talk.

now for the utes... WOW you played with absolutely ZERO heart. you embarrassed yourselves in front of the pac 12. we all know you're a much better team than that. get it together and actually get up for the games.

salt lake city, UT

y fans shouldn't be allowed to even be on a utah article after how pathetic and embarrassing your team is this year. 6 pts against a bad, bad, bad boise state team. it would have been hilarious to watch you play arizona state. the score woulda been like 84-0 since we all know you cant score on good defenses.

Spanish Fork, UT


"Hey Vai:

How about an article titled "Utah's performance not what PAC-12 signed up for."?

Funny, because I've been hearing on the radio a lot since the Boise game, that ESPN may not renew their contract with BYU. And they may even give the Y a check to cancel early. But hey, at least you guys still have that HD truck.


I couldn't watch the game because I was in a place that only had direct tv. SAw the updates as far as halftime. I admire how the utes get up for the rivalry game, but you make all of us in the state look bad when you can't follow through with your pac arrogance in conference play. BYU on the other hand tends to downplay the rivalry game, hence the record over the past ten years, but really step it up for bowl games and one or two big game a year.(OK in 09, Oregon OSU bowls, etc.)Not sure what the future brings for the utes, but hopefully no one will get hurt.



e don't play USC next week-bu in't it coolwe get toplay them at our place and that us fan get to see that game it on't be 56-3 anybody that has a clue about college football will know that. But have fun with mighty Hawaii they will stat yu n that 10 win season and 25th in the AP poll. Man I wish Utah had the cougars scehdule it would be so much more fun seeing all those NFL caliber players-RIGHT.


If we are in the fetal position what does that put your team in it's alot easier for you and that team you have to be confident with Hawaii coming in but ia confident really the right word to use probably more relieved. Now you can gt those 60 thousand plus fans and whoop it up mighty Hawaii is coming to town this will start you off on that road to a 10 win season and an AP ranking of #25 that's sme bg time football. Man I wish I was you.

Salt Lake City, UT

Embarrassing loss UTES.......I guess USU really is the best Team in the State........and no one is even close!

Farmington, UT

@ Wildcat

"it would take at least five years to win a PAC-12 championship--they almost played in the championship game the first year--"

How's that crimson kool aid? Did you not realize Utah had the way to that game "geased" because USC was on probation and ineligible; all the Utes had to do was beat Colorado in the final PAC 12 game in SLC? Remember they had less than 50 yards offense (and the O coordinator was the hearlded Chow) in the first half and LOST to the worst road team in America----who hadn't won a road game in 4 years?

Remember the UNLV 27, Utah 0 score a few years back when Whittingham said he "didn't know why they lost?"

It's hilairious how Ute partisans have everything bad to saw about BYU and then when Utah loses in style and BYU fans return the favor suddenly the Y fans are so insensitive. That's duplicious; that's Utah fans; that's the future of the PAC 12 experience. Get used to it.

Quit complaining about BYU; you've dumped us; go away quietly!! Enjoy your new rival---Colorado, in Boulder this year.

Provo, UT

MLH, could you please proof read your posts. They're an embarrassment to English teachers everywhere.

Everybody else, please calm down. BYU and Utah football teams are both mediocre this year. Neither has an offense, and while Utah's defense got exposed last night, BYU's defense has been tested by WSU in their first game under a new coach, Weber State, an anemic Utah offense and a Boise State team comprised of nearly all new players - in other words, we don't know how good they are.

So much of this squabbling between partisans reminds me of 5th grade playground rhetoric - all posturing by people who are incapable of backing it up. If the Cougars do well, it makes me happy but it does not make me a better person. I even hope the Utes do well, but I didn't seek a high ledge to jump from last night. I slept very well both Thursday night and Saturday night. Funny thing, I wasn't playing so I figure I don't deserve bragging rights either way and I am not going to kill my sell either way, either. It's a game.

Negativity is such an ugly thing.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Of course BYU will be just fine. They only have 3 more "real" games remaining then onto 5 WAC teams that they've been dominating for 40 years now.

You are already off to an 0-2 start, like last year when you only played 4 real teams you lost to 3. As of today, over the last three years BYU is 4-10 vs teams over .500. Not a good sign, unless that is you "gave" those 10 games away on purpose.

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