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Published: Sunday, Sept. 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

The Utes have stepped back a little this year, but will still be very competitive in the PAC-12 if they can improve their offensive line and defensive secondary play a little. That said, maybe the team should consider scheduling the Y more often as it least it is a guaranteed W, like other FCS teams.

pocatello, ID

Highland, UT
There is really only one thing to say, although I mat say some more stuff anyway.



That ASU is better than BYU?


West Jordan, UT

Hey Vai:

How about an article titled "Utah's performance not what PAC-12 signed up for." ?

Layton, UT

I'm a BYU fan through and through. That being said, every BYU fan on this board crowing and reveling in the Utah loss are just a bunch of idiots. Honest to goodness, how is it that any BYU fan thinks that a Utah loss is good for us? It doesn't make our team any better, doesn't help with the Utah loss, or the Boise St. debacle. Doesn't make Nelson make better decisions. Its ridiculous. It'd be nice to be able to say that as a group BYU fans were smarter, or more forward thinking then their brethren who cheered for the U and wanted us to lose every game in humiliating fashion. No such luck. I hope Utah can get it together, the last thing I want on our record is a 3 point loss to a really bad team in the Pac-12. Hopefully Coach Whit figures this team out, and gets it turned around. (Hopefully Bronco does the same).

Norman, OK

MWC with Boise, TCU, Utah, BYU, Utah State would be awesome. Can we rethink this conference alignment again?

Salt Lake City, UT

So much for that tough Utah defense. And for all you BYU honks, just remember Scoreboard!!!! No matter what happens this year Utah 1 BYU 0.

Saint George, UT

I really thought Utah was going to win this one. Like, really.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Mark it Down! We won't see a post from Chris for awhile. He is probably trying to get on Stubhub right now to sell those Rose Bowl Tickets. Oh Chris, they also have a special on Amazon for PAC12 doormats.

Salem, UT

PAC 12 records Utes 0-1, BYU 1-0 this season

Mesa, AZ

USU beat Utah by one point, Utah beat BYU by three points, BYU and USU will probably have a similar result. I don't see any domination in the state this year. I predict a BYU win over USU which will mean none of the three can claim a "state title".

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Anybody checked on Chris B? Is he/she alright?"


I think he replaced Ducky at the sulking shack in Tulsa.



What a horrendous and embarrassing display. I know Ute fans aren't going to want to hear this, but this is why it was hard to give them credit for their big seasons in the MWC. These teams in the Pac-12 are just better. They're bigger, they're faster, they're stronger and Utah simply doesn't have the types of athletes it needs to compete.

Where does that put byu, enjoy mighty Hawaii. You guys do have the types of athletes to compete with the Rainbow Warrios. BYU CANNOT BEAT UTAH, have a WAC of a time here on out.

Woods Cross, UT

I'm a BYU grad. I did grad work at the U. I love college football. But I've given up on the Utes and Cougs... all hot air and no substance. Notre Dame games are much more fun to watch and you don't even have to pay for cable!

Salt Lake City, UT

When the other team doesn't give away points (like BYU did), the Utes can't score their own.

Pleasant Grove, UT

You know I got on 2 articles this morning wanting to see 65 plus comments from Utah fans and BYU fans mixed in with a few others...and what did I see 22 on one and 33 on another...conclusion once again Ute fan you are more concerned about BYU and what the cougars do than your own pathetic team. And again showing ute fan will always be little brother and can't and won't let go of BYU. pathetic, lol:)

Mcallen, TX


Utah wasn't even competitive in the WAC. In the PAC they're a farce.

Gilbert, AZ


The PAC10 got just what they wanted in Utah...a 12th team so that the conference will qualify for a $$ generating conf championship and a doormat team that won't ever qualify to play there. Colorado and Utah were perfect candidates and the PAC couldn't be happier.

Frisco, TX

I am true blue, and I actually cheer for the Utes againsts everyone except BYU and USU. With that being said, we both have to admit that neither of our teams look very good this year.

ASU is in the upper half of the PAC this year, but they will not be in the Championship game. Boise State is a shadow of its prior self, and neither of us could get past these winnable games.

Realistically, 7-5 looks very likely for BYU. I know it won't make anyone in red happy, but 4-8 seems very likely for the Utes (if U don't choke against the Buffs again); 5-7 looks a best case scenario. Just be glad U don't play Oregon or Stanford. My money's on Oregon to make the NC against Alabama.

O-town, UT

Well credit Utah for stepping up and playing with the big boys. I think any realistic fan would have said it would take at least five years to win a PAC-12 championship--they almost played in the championship game the first year--even though Oregon would have routed them.

TCU could have stayed in the MWC and probably been a BCS buster this year, but they want to step up their program and decided to play in the Big 12--TCU will probably have losses against K-State, OU, West Virginia. Who knows, they might surprise them. BYU sure back peddled out of the Big 12 and are still a little nervous at joining the Big East.

I think BYU bailed out of the Mountain West because they were afraid they couldn't compete there. They already lost to Boise State, and I think Nevada and Fresno State are probably better teams this year. USU always finds ways to lose in Provo, but some of the green-light games have gone to yellow: Utah State and San Jose State.

Why did BYU cancel their road game at LA Tech? Might have been a little nervous to play them--LOL!



I was prepared to see my Utes lose more frequently than I would like them to in their new conference, but I wasn't prepared to see HOW they lose these games.

ASU was far and away the better team last night. Unless Utah makes more progress than usual as the season progresses, they may not go bowling this year.

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