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Published: Saturday, Sept. 22 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

I smelled something tonight and it certainly wasn't roses. This is what happens when you get up for one game and then let down the next week. Classic Utah. Brings up memories of the meltdown in Vegas. USC on the horizon and 12 days to think about it. It's a good thing that the game isn't in LA.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

This one is on the coaches.

It is obvious to me that Utah is not going to work out the offensive line issues anytime soon. What did we expect from a 25-year old offensive coordinator?

Utes' defense allowed over 500 yards, not to mention 37 points. So much for that top-ranked Pac-12 defense.

This team looks bad - and its the kind of "bad" that won't get fixed anytime soon.

Maybe Utah can get lucky and beat Colorado or WSU for their 3rd and final win of the season.

Heber, Utah

Jeez, a week off couldn't come too soon! Come on D! Step it up!

Farmington, UT

It obviously was their gimmicky black helments. (And turnovers, and lack of being able to run the ball, and pourus defense, and....)

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I'm sorry, Utah. We led you to believe that your defense was good.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

That is called being total dominated. We looked horrible, I'm shocked how bad we were on defense.

This team is in big trouble, with no OL, running game, QB, and a rookie OC. If we play like this the rest of the season then Utah is looking at a 6-6 season. As of now, the only teams I can see us beating are WSU, Cal, and @CU.

Props to ASU, that was a total beat-down.

Centerville, UT

Is this REALLY surprising? I'm having a hard time seeing how Utah ends up with an above .500 season.


Way to represent the state in the PAC 12. I wish there was more of a glimmer of hope. Hey Chris B what advice do you have for coach Whit? To schedule BYU 12 times?

Mcallen, TX

I don't dislike the Utes, but some of their fans are very arrogant, and bitter on the cougs.
For this reason,-the loss is very sweet.

Sugar City, ID

It's the end of the world! Utah lost a couple of games. And so has BYU. The disgrace of it all. How embarrassing. A heavy cloud of despair hangs over the whole Wasatch front. What are we doing wrong? The correlation between righteousness and football does not bode well for the whole state. But, I still wonder what football has to do with education.

Bountiful, UT

Hmmmmmm..."Moving on" not all it's cracked u[ to be, huh Utes.Welcome back to earth.

Kearns, 00

ASU is the better team. Plain and simple.

Provo, UT

Well, at least BYU wasn't trounced by Boise State. Utah teams don't look so good this year.

Voice of Reason
Layton, UT


Last week, Utah wanted the win over BYU so bad they were spitting blood, as usual.

Unfortunately, it looks like the only decent team they want to beat is apparently BYU.

Centerville, UT


"The correlation between righteousness and football does not bode well for the whole state." -The faithful in Logan are very righteous this year.

"But, I still wonder what football has to do with education."
-Stop being a buzzkill. Just enjoy the football.


Neither Utah nor BYU look like good teams so far this year. Although it is still possible BYU's defense is okay, I don't think I can say that with confidence until after the Notre Dame game. However, I can say with confidence that both team's offenses are pitiful so far!

Hope springs eternal they can turn it around, in the meantime - Go Aggies! lol

Layton, UT

Utah is not a good team at all. They get so hyped up to play BYU as if that's the only game that matters to them and then they're horrible for the rest of the year. I thought their defense was supposed to be good. It was horrible. ASU was running and passing on them at will. Coach Witt is really only good at preparing his team for about one game a year. Utah seems to have the same coaching problem that BYU has.


Chris B.

Oh Chris... where are you???

ex patria cougar
Tokyo, Japan

I suspected after the BYU game that Utah stunk, but what scores like this tell me is that my cougs just stink even worse.

After Utah's win last week, I envied Utah, knowing that they at least had a conference championship to play for while BYU does not. But frankly, this game shows that Utah certainly won't be playing for a conference championship either (at least not this year).

South Jordan, UT

Worf: Liked your comment.

Losing isn't fun. Feel the pain!

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