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Published: Saturday, Sept. 22 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Herriman, UT

Too bad the Offensive coordinator cannot use the deep threat of receivers due to the quarterbacks inability to throw a decent pass. Head coach will hang on to the quarterback and we will witness a lackluster year of football.
It's too bad that they don't work quarterbacks in like they once used to. They will pin their hopes on a freshman quarter back and hope that it will get the job done. Reminiscent of last season.
Let's hope the offensive coordinator can put together something that isn't so predictable.
Love the cougars, but don't see quality coaching at the quarterback and offensive side of the team.
Good luck

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It might be more practical to learn to kick field goals. If you start taking risks in hope of a pick six, somebody is going to blow past you with the ball.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Remember bronco is head coach and responsible for the offense as well. He chooses the quarterback, chose the oc. Both of whom are killing us!

Mission Viejo, CA

Gotta change QBs this week.

Either Lark or Hill. Nelson, healthy or not needs the pine time. A wounded duck throwing QB who can't hit wide open receivers from 30 yards away should not be starting, no matter how tough and gritty. And we need to forget this option offense - run Alisa up the middle with Mendenhall blocking. Send backs on sweeps and off tackle. Only let QBs run if the play is broken up or of a giant hole opens up. No planned QB runs. Open up the offense now. And for love of all things BYU, forget this option stuff. And bench Nelson. Let him heal and earn his spot.

Jazz great Jerry Mulligan once said "If the cat can play, let him play. If not, let him do something else." He was talking about white jazz musicians, but the phrase applies to QBs too.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

Bronco does have some blame as well as a little on Riley. Most of the blame needs to rest on Doman. If you look at the play calling from BSU game, Doman never called a pass play over 15 yards. NOT ONCE! Riley is trying to fit the ball into tight windows because safties, linebackers and corners are not honoring anything past 10 yards. BSU tried to go deep twice (never connected), but in the back of BYU's minds they knew they might try it. Doman never put it into BSU's mind that BYU could go deep. If offense does not improve, I can see another mid season firing coming.


You're a diplomat Dick.

1. Offensive line is not getting it done.
2. Play calling is horrific. Coaches need to stretch the field with a credible passing attack before the run will open up. Hill can be a great weapon but not if we are qb run first.
3. Bronco is not holding his OL and OC accountable. He needs to make the tough calls like he did with Jaime Hill. Riley Nelson was obviously hurt and playing sub par but he may never admit it if he is limited. He couldn't throw the ball at all last Thursday. Time to move on. Pick the QB who can best stretch the field with his arm--Hill, Lark, Olsen, or even Kuresa if we have to move him back.

Notre Dame kept Denard Robinson to six points on Saturday. Our qb run offense will not scare Notre Dame. We need to try something different.

Bronco has the loyalty side of the equation down to a fault. Now he needs to focus on the accountability side of the equation and make needed changes--whether with coaches or position players.

Richland, WA

Why was Lark not playing? Really, why was Lark not playing? I am serious, why was Lark not playing?

We played a potentially good RM just learning the offense over a guy who has been in the program for years. He is a senior.

The sky is not falling. But, there are some terrible choices being made by coaches.

Nampa, ID

Ironside: if he's got a cracked back, he should not be playing. That's nuts to risk.

I dismissed last year's offensive play as Doman learning the ropes, but this year the play calling is just wack! Doman has no imagination. He's just trying to remember all the plays that worked for him. Crowton was horrible too Doman. There's a reason he moves from one team to another so fast. In fact, he moves from conference to conference. Do not try and replicate Crowton.

Bronco needs to step up and hire an experienced OC, or he needs to step down as a head coach and stay on as DC.

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