Comments about ‘Disney star Selena Gomez goes risque; R-rated film's director had children in mind’

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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 4:00 a.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

Why are we not surprised. We destroyed the idea of marital fidelity in the 60's. We've legalized and normed gay relationships and marriage. There are movies seeking to legitimize incest. The next morality frontier is young kids. What better way to go after them than to use their (formerly) squeaky clean idols in a film? These people are so open about what they are doing.

Once you erase boundaries and say there is no right and wrong, it is a quick slippery slope...

Brigham City, UT

"Korine ... explained that the idea for the movie came to him when he envisioned girls in bikinis and ski masks, loaded with guns."

Well, that explains a lot...

Pleasant Grove, UT

Well you can take my kids off her fan list. Hope the money is worth it. You got to love people who chase the $. It always ends up coming back to bite them.

Lafayette, IN

Child stars grow up in bizarro land. It would be interesting for someone to do a study on how the ones who successfully get a grip on life go about it. Usually they seem to crash. Which brings up the question of who is responsible for rewarding the child-star bizarro lifestyle (these sequences keep happening).

Salt Lake City, UT

So many simplistic comments.

Doing a risque film doesn't mean your personal life becomes risque/crazy/out-of-control, too. I know some world view equate the two, but there are plenty of actors/acrtresses who do racy/risque/violent films, but lead normal lives.

Just because you don't read about the normal ones in you tabloids doesn't mean they don't exist. It really just says more about you, how you get your information, and your overall world view.


@ Mukkake 5:34 p.m. Sept. 25

"Doing a risque film doesn't mean your personal life becomes risque/crazy/out-of-control, too. I know some world view equate the two"

Agreed. The truly psychologically healthy ones are those who acknowledge their dark side & can keep it in check.

Unlike organized religion, where denial, repression, fear, & guilt has worked wonders on the hoi polloi.

Cedar Hills, UT

For what it's worth, IMDB is the Internet Movie DataBase, not the International Movie DataBase. And the "parent's guide" for this movie could use a lot more detail. But, like Wikipedia, IMDB is crowd-sourced, meaning it relies on users to put the information in.

Is there any Disney girl that hasn't done something similar, though? Even Anne Hathaway has done some pretty naughty stuff.

Thatcher, UT

So, will she be the next Lindsay Lohan?

And, for Pa. Reader and your comment about porn. When that story first came out, it listed the top porn viewing zip codes. I checked them out. Only one was for a place that had any population density, and it was the University of Utah, not a Mormon stronghold. Some of the other zips had less than a few hundred residents. The whole study was based on areas of the state that contained only a tiny fraction of the population. In fact, one zip code, for nearly the smallest town in UT, only 134 residents, had the highest percentage of porn viewers. It was used to skew the results to show Utah in a bad light.

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