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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I don't think we have so much of a quarterback controversy but maybe an issue of a coach or coaches not fully ready for Div 1 Football.

Highland, UT

If this is true then Riley should admit he was, and is, a detriment to the team in his current condition and not insist on playing. The truth is he almost single handedly lost that game last night and if it is truly because he is not fit to play, but did so anyway, even after committing turnover after turnover after turnover, then that is not what a good teammate should do.

Show us you care about the team more than yourself Riley and bench yourself when you can't perform.

Somewhere, UT

They couldn't see in the first half like the rest of us that Riley was not up to snuff? Bad back or not Riley does not have a D1 arm. The pick at the 2 showed that, Apo was open for an easy touchdown but Riley couldn't get him the ball. If Riley is really that hurt then he should not be in the game.

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

Lone Star is right. Too bad Riley can't yank the coach for going for the 2-point conversion.

Draper, UT

The only "quandary" they should have is who should replace Nelson. Good kid but not a major college quarterback. Not by a long shot.

Salt Lake City, UT

I didn't realize it was his back that was hurting. I thought it was an eye issue and that he couldn't tell which team to throw the ball to. If his back is hurting, why is Doman running the option? If the option isn't working, why did Doman continue to run the option? Did any one else notice that in the first half, almost every running play, regardless of whether it waw the option or not, was run to the left? Doman is trying to turn BYU football into the Skyline football of his high school years. Nelson was only part of the problem. Doman is the main issue. If I were Hoffman or Apo, I would get while the getting is good!

Salt Lake City, UT

I think that they had to stick with Riley until they did. Was he playing well? No. But, if they pulled a player every time that he threw a pick or made a bad play, they quickly would have Cecil O Samuelson in playing QB because they would be out of players. That said, I think they found that Riley is hurt more than he is letting on. Maybe it would be best to get Riley in for some reps during the Hawaii game and then sub him early for Hill. I think that last year's Hawaii game showed what Riley can do if healthy. Also please remember that he had 240ish passing yards in the first half against Weber State. On the 2-point conversion, it's easy for us to sit here and say it was dumb, but if it had worked all of you would be on here saying what a genius Bronco was for putting the hammer down.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

There IS no quandary! How has Riley not been demoted to special teams? Jake Heaps might have done better. Riley Nelson was AWFUL. 4/9 passing for 19 YARDS? AND 5 TURNOVERS??? One for a TOUCHDOWN? Riley single handedly lost this game. He beat BYU not Boise State.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It seems like James Lark has been part of this program for quite a long period of time. Has he ever been given the chance to start and play a significant amount of time? I don't quite understand why he keeps coming in third on the depth chart.

Orem, UT

There has been so much talk of 'team' from the coaches that I'm surprised that the coaching staff is so worried about Riley's feelings. The fact is they have to do what's best for the team. Riley should take himself out of the game until he is healthy. That's what's best for the TEAM!

Simply put, we are not going to win with Riley as quarterback. I saw him take some serious hits which makes me think that people are making excuses for him. I've had serious back issues and there is no way I could have taken some of the hits he took with even minor back problems.

Coaching has got to take the brunt of the responsibility. I hope they have a serious talk amongst themselves on what they expect from the team going forward and how to turn the season around. Is it me or are we going through the same problems we did last year and the last year and the........???

If nothing else, the defense shouldn't have to live with these results...

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

We need to replace Nelson, Doman and Mendenhall. None are major college calibre! This whole drama at BYU is so juvenile.

Highland, UT

To be honest, as a long time supporter of BYU I've completely lost faith in BYU's coaches. We hear the same cliche's each year. The offense hasn't shown any consistent nor big game ability for some time.

BYU's best asset on offense right now is their receivers. Didn't Brandon Doman see this in his planning? Running is not our identity. If Jaime Hill was fired after his defense's performance at USU then Doman should fired immediately for his pathetic offense the last two games.

Furthermore, Bronco reminds me of Crowton, and Roger Reid. Lots of wins, but no big wins. BYU is consistent as beating WAC teams, but not at producing the offenses it used to. Boise did it for years, BYU should be able to recruit the same if not better talent.


I think Lark should have played yesterday - Hill did okay, but putting in a pocket QB when the run is all that is working would've opened up the field more than a run-pass QB, especially when that QB only really runs the wildcat. At least it would've given Doman more play options.

Saint George, Utah

I cannot say what has truly happened to James Lark on this comment because it would not get approved. Suffice it to say that he has been "misled". Bronc-oman are making the same mistake with Hill that they made with Heaps; too much, too soon. One week of #2 snaps? Lark has been taking snaps for 5-6 years over there. Furthermore, he has been committed to them through mission, injury, loss of a loved one, you name it. Watch out what you're being promised, my little naive recruits. Better yet, sign somewhere else than in a display of disloyalty to that school, jump to the Y. You'll somehow gain more respect that way.
Further, now, after two nationally televised games and much to chegrine of both BYU and ESPN, the world now knows that an injured Riley, guts, glory and all, does not equal a healthy back up.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Here are a few of my thoughts:

We should NOT get rid of Bronco. Sure, the 2-point decision was questionable, but he had reasons for doing that. The offense was doing well, and he trusted his defense to stop their O with enough time (time management and timeouts are something he needs to improve, though). While I wouldn't be entirely opposed to replacing him as head coach, you have to admit that he is an excellent defensive coordinator; the only TDs scored on BYU's D this year were when their offense was given a short field to work with.

I think we should play Lark more. Hill is much more mature than Heaps, but he still needs time with the offense. Had Hill been with the team longer, we probably would have gotten the 2 points.

Doman really needs to step things up. He isn't horrible, but the offense has consistently struggled for too long. If he doesn't get the offense going soon, Bronco should probably look at getting a new offensive coordinator.

BYU is a good team, they just like to hide it, even when it needs to come out.

Washington, UT

Coach, you better be concerned about who plays. Don't be stupid; sit Nelson for at least one game (Hawaii), let the guy heal, don't let him practice, don't let him put on pads--let him heal. The Hawaii game will give Hill, and Doman, a chance to reestablish the BYU passing game, which died in Boise. If BYU can't pass the football effectively, BYU is not very good. We all know you are giving the politically correct thing to the media, but let's be honest, Nelson should not play against Hawaii, let the guy heal up.

Draper, UT

It's great that Bronco likes Riley. That should have no bearing on what's best for the team. Clearly Riley isn't the best QB for the team when he can't throw or run.

I agree with a previous post that we have coaches who aren't ready for D1. Doman is baffled as an OC. He runs the option like he did at Skyline and like he did with Crowton. It's anything but what he promised, to be the sophisticated offenses of BYU of old.

Bronco is great at defense. However, the fact that every game is the same to him means BYU will never be ready for the big games. That's why, for the 6th time in 8 years, the team has two losses by the 4th game of the season. With the offense broken, there is no way Bronco should be the D coordinator. He needs to give it to another coach and get focused on the offense. Better yet, let's get a head coach who adjusts and lights it up offensively, and doesn't view the fans, those silly people that buy tickets, as pharisees and sadducees, just an annoyance.

U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT

This injury garbage about Riley is just absurd. He played terrible last night because he is a terrible quarterback. Every time he plays a defense that is above average or better, he will be ineffective. Throwing directly to a defender with no receivers in the area is not attributable to a back issue.

Saint George, UT

U Student,
No disrespect, but Riley has been playing injured since the beginning of the Weber State game. I haven't really paid much attention to who exactly says what so I have no idea if felt this way after the Utah State game last year but he is a gritty, tough athlete who, when healthy, wins.
Now we all know that we likely would be 4-0 had he been healing instead of playing.

Holladay, UT

BYU does have coaching problems,

NO matter what good runners they may have, they are passing team,
all thier real success has come from the pass.

They should have put up over 50 against a D2 team like weber but didn't,

They should been able to put up over 50 against bad D1 teams but haven't

they have serious offensive problems.

They moved away from sophisticated pass system they once had, and have focused too much on the run.

The O-line was not good last year and the not good this year, in spite good talent,

that is an o-line coaching problem.

They've not had the right QB starting, starting freshman QBS is a bad decision,
it failed with heaps and end up hurting Hill,

Lark should have been the starter last year and this year, with hill backing up and getting ready for next year, or munns getting ready for starting next year

They have not gotten other offensive players involved, great BYU offenses are known for spreading the ball around, using the TE,

Coaching problems from the o-line coach to offensive co-ordinator..
And there is valid criticism of Bronco.

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