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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

So the mom is "abandoning a child" if she is watching them from, what, less than a block away? So, what if your five-year-old walks three blocks to school? Throw the parents in jail! Like some of the other readers here, I had the run of the neighborhood at that age. I just had to head home when the streetlights started to come on.

If the kids were riding their scooters in an unsafe manner, the police officer should have warned the mom. Problem solved. The police department in this case seems to be suffering from some kind of collective mental illness.

Denton, MD

@ Linus -
"If I wanted to make up a fictional story to make the whole thing more comfortable, then I would become a fiction-writer and try to get published."

What in my theory makes anything more "comfortable"? That's an odd word choice.

I still say there's a very strong likelihood of some background/neighborhood history not addressed in the article. Read between the lines, Linus.

Salt Lake City, UT

i'd just like to know if the same people bashing the neighbor and police are the same commentators who rip on the parents when their unsupervised kids are victms of crimes committed by strangers. A lot of hypocrisy on these boards from people so quick to always pass judgemnt. I agree that this mom shouldn't have been arrested. When will we realize parents can't watch their children 24/7, no matter how great of parents they are. Remember your feelings on this story if your quick to fault a parent for not watching their child like they should have.

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