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Published: Thursday, Sept. 20 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

BYU's defense and Boise State's defense were great. But on the flip side, both offenses are awful. Boise has a new coordinator and no Kellen Moore. BYU has no QB. It's sad for the Cougars with the playmakers they have that don't get the ball.

The difference in both defenses came down to turnovers created by Boise State, and fantastic defense by BYU that still created no turnovers.

Turnovers are a killer for BYU time and time again. Some BYU fans don't realize that turnovers lost is part of the game, and more so than who puts up better stats elsewhere. It's hard not to make excuses when you lose. I wrestled with them when Utah lost to Utah State on an offensive pass interference call. Utah still lost. BYU lost the last two games. It's a tough pill to swallow for the Cougars, but it is what it is.


I can't understand why when your defense has shut down your opponents offense the entire game that you would choose to go for two after a touchdown. Play calling has got to be susupect. When you know that a team has only lost 3 games on their field since the year 2000 and you have an opportunity to tie that team and then let your defense go to work on them, you would still choose to go for two. GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

I have to laugh at all the negative comments from Utah fans. Our guys lost by one to a team that regularly beats you like a drum. Utah has never played Boise State close.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

2nd game in-a-row of a team that wasn't prepared for a big game and had very poor offensive execution. That's coaching, or the lack thereof. Nice national showing! No PAT to tie the game? We have no more time-outs and Boise State has zero confidence in their placekicker. 60+ straight PAT's. Why not get this game into OT? How's that "national exposure" feeling now as our Cougs get embarrassed for the 2nd game in-a-row. I'm hoping to find a little critique of Bronco's coaching decisions and Doman's offensive scheme, but doubt I'll find it from any DN articles. Looks like the team's peaking at the best time of our schedule. I guess we'll chalk up some wins during the tough November games. Come on, Cougs. We've gotta do much, much better than this. Wow.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Re: I Bleed Blue: "I have to laugh at all the negative comments from Utah fans." Well, how about this negative comment from a Cougs fan- this was one of the poorest showings by the BYU team I've seen in a long time. And even as a Cougs fan I can certainly be critical of a crazy decision by Bronco to not go for the PAT near the end of game: We have no imeouts, Boise State has zero confidence in their kicker and we've made 60+ consecutive PAT's. The decision to go for 2 points was beyond a head-scrathcer. "Utah has never played Boise State close." How is that relevant? All Cougs fans should be ticked off by the offensive showing & coaching this game-- the only college football game on national TV. I expected much, much more.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ I Bleed Blue

"I have to laugh at all the negative comments from Utah fans. Our guys lost by one to a team that regularly beats you like a drum. Utah has never played Boise State close".

What a silly comment to make! The last two times Utah played Boise State. The Broncos were either going to the BCS that year or being led by the winningest QB in college football history and a LOADED offensive and defensive talent. BYU got BSU this year in a rebuilding year. BSU lost almost all their starters from last year and BYU was returning most of their starters from last year and the Cougies still couldn't beat the Broncos. That's sad!

Just an FYI: BSU leads the series with Utah 5-2 and BSU leads the series with BYU 3-0. At least Utah has beaten the Broncos before.

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

So much for BYU's success with senior quarterbacks...

And Riley Nelson wasn't the only one making bad decisions.

Can't wait to watch a 4-5 BYU play Idaho!

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

If you saw it on ESPN it was a bad offensive game for both teams. If you were in the stadium as I was, it was worse. Both teams who in the past had provided ESPN with high powered offenses looked weak. As one BSU fan told me before the game, he thought this would be decided by the defenses. He was right. It is now time for BYU to reconsider this coaching staff and quite frankly the AD. This has been a trainwreck for way too long now and we saw it tonight on national TV. For all intents and purposes, BYU's season is history after the last 2 weeks. When will they throw in the towl on this mess and start new? Yes, BYU got all the national exposure they needed.

Franklin, IN

I bleed blue,

When you wrote your comment about Ute fans writing about the game, we're to having a dream of future happenings? The way I read this, all 5 posts were from Cougies fans until me...2 before your post and 2 after.

But I will make your dream come true.

BYU could potentially lose the next FIVE...Hawaii being the exception...

Aggies? How you liking this game?
Norte Dame?
Georgia Tech?
Oregon State?

Riley? Hill? Riley? PAT? 2 pt conversion? Lions, tigers, bears????

Oh my...
Go UTES....

West Jordan, Utah

@ I Bleed Blue

Are you talking about me? I take honest shots at BYU sometimes, but I am more positive about BYU than BYU fans a lot of times.

To be fair, Utah is not the only one that has struggled with Boise State. McBride even lost to them before they were a big name. BYU is 0-3 against Boise State. Remember that. Check 2003. Is that not getting beat like a drum (as you said)? BYU hasn't played Boise since they reached their peak from 2005 to 2011 either (losing in 2003 and 2004). Yes Utah has gotten spanked by Boise State. Still, this year is the year to play them. BYU had a shot, but it didn't work out. I was impressed how the Cougars bounced back on a short week after a tough game last Saturday.

Overall, Boise State isn't a world beater right now. This is the 2nd game so far in 3 games that their offense failed to score a TD. Michigan State shut them out as well (check the box score stats). Boise has a new coordinator and QB.


Offenses struggle? With Riley's 44% and Hill's 40%, BYU's QBs threw for a combined 84% completions!

St. George, UT

I witnessed this debacle first hand at Bronco Stadium. Honestly, both teams are horrific! This game was an embarrasment for BSU and BYU. Credit to the BSU fans, they were very loud and made the game entertaining...other than that, I will never get those 4 hours of my life back.

Provo, UT

I think the future looks good for BYU with Hill as quarterback. He was making steady progress until that disastrous call to go for 2 instead of the PAT. Even I, a football illiterate, would not have gone for 2. Hill didn't have enough experience to handle that.

I expect to see a vastly improved offense from here on out with Hill at the helm.

Mesa, AZ

The bottom line is that Mendenhall doesn't care about the final score - he only cares that his defense held BSU on the goal line. He didn't let BSU score an offensive touchdown so in his mind he won.
If it wasn't for his protected little world he lives in where he can still eke out a winning record in spite of horrible coaching decisions, this guy would be run out of town for his lack of preparation.

Harwich, MA

BYU doesn't really have any playmakers. ....6 points! Neither does Boise St. at this point. It's time to start looking forward to next year. This season is surely a bust already.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

What an amazing goal line stand by the BYU D. have to be impressed by that. but all in all i am not at all impressed by either team. i expected more out of both offenses, at least some scoring. it is quite clear that Riley was never a good qb but that he padded his stats by playing weak opponents all year last year.

Salt Lake City, UT

If by struggle you mean totally stunk up the field, then I agree. Abysmal performance both on the field and in the booth. The only touchdown pass thrown was to the other team. And yet they wait until the second half to yank him? Unbelievable! Doman, what have you done to the Cougars? We do not want an option offense! Bring back the pass!


Great job DEFENSE. Sad for BYU that Riley Nelson has been jinxed by defecting to BYUm from Utah State - but great for Utah State.

Nevertheless, BYU will beat Utah State again.

Apollo Beach, FL

I am a loyal and loving BYU fan. But last night made me sick to stay up until midnight only to see such a stupid decision to go for two. I normally like the idea of going for two, but when your defense has been the entire team that night give them the chance to win it for you. Allow them to stop Boise again near the 20 yard line and give our offense another chance with Hill at the reins. As it is I hate to say it, but Riley must be in some pain. His presence is not what it was last year or even the beginning of this year. Perhaps he needs to rest his back for a week and support the larger good by getting himself healthy. he is not the greatest when it comes to throwing, but he usually comes close, not the case the past two games.

St. George, UT

@So. Cal Reader

great comment about some byu fan bringing up utah for no reason being irrelevant to what happened last night. you are one of the few reasonable ones, kudos to you. its a shame that the cougars defense is wasting away behind an inept offense. byu fans should be beyond livid today

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