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Published: Thursday, Sept. 20 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I tried to find the article printed prior to the Utah game about the Making of another BYU quarterback legend. I was also reminded of a comment on the BYU fan site where someone said if Reily stayed healthy this year he should be considered for the Heisman trophy. (To another's credit he simply said he hoped a Utah fan did not see the first comment.)

Burley, ID

Painful game to watch and a very poor decision to go for two, even a high school coach would have known to go for the tie and try to win it in overtime.

Burley, ID

On the bright side of this loss, Taysom Hill has shown he's the threat the Cougars need at quarterback. Had BYU won the game, Hill would have been the toast of the town in Provo.

Now the BYU faithful will have to wonder what might have been had Hill been put into the game sooner.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am suprised Lark is still with the team. After the hose job he has received, I would give them my helmet tomorrow morning.

Virginia Beach, Va

I agree about Lark. This coaching staff has the offense in disaray. Lark is the type QB who was needed on the field.

Idaho Falls, ID

Looks like Nelson should have stayed an Aggie, they need a backup right now. When the Aggies whoop up on the Y, Nelson will at least be able to remember last year.

Glad to be Retired
Bountiful, UT

I do not understand the logic of "going for TWO"

West Jordan, Utah

I understand the logic in going for two on the road late in the game. But in this particular game, when BYU's defense is pitching a shutout, Boise State's kicker is worse than BYU's kicker, and BYU is out of timeouts, why not go to overtime and take all your momentum with you.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Sorry, Dick. You're wrong. I believe the true "water cooler debate for all time in Cougarville" will be why Bronco went for 2 points instead of tieing the game and putting it into OT. I know I'll never see it, but I can at least ask to finally see any article whatsoever in this paper that would be even remotely critical of any Bronco does. As a Cougs fan, and yes, I like my Cougs, I'm embarrased by this 2nd poor showing in-a-row. This team is not ready to play key games and have beyond more execution on the offensive side of the ball-- that's coaching. Is the drum beating yet for Doman? My word.

La Furia Roja

Let's all remember that when BYU took the field BSU was 75-3 at home since becoming a member of the FBS. SEVENTY FIVE and THREE!!! Uh, yea, if you have a chance to win there late in the game, you go for it; OT is out of the question. BSU did the same thing against Oklahoma for the same reason (that a win was considered unlikely) and it paid off big time.
Love me some of that Defense though!!! The best collective Y defense I've ever seen. It's time to put Hill in for QB, dude's a better downhill runner than Nelson and has those shifty hips that remind me of Harvey Unga. Lark's a better passer than both of them, but he's a senior, we have to build for the future.

South Jordan, UT

James Lark was the QB BYU recruited out of high school. Nelson came into the picture after the disarray at USU and he desire to transfer. He played admirably last year. Whether it's the injury, the O line's continued poor performance (first three downs tonight were "Open House" invites for the BSU defense), unacceptable number of turnovers, questionable play calling, my heart goes out to Lark. He has been a true blue trooper his entire career. To be treated this way is just wrong.

And yes, Harmon is correct, "The offense looked like somebody should lose their job", or jobs.

St George, Utah

Riley Nelson is a great competitor and has plenty of heart, But my wife can throw a football with more zip and accuracy than he can. Seriously, she can. Riley cannot throw the ball more than 15yds downfield without it turning into a wounded duck. He makes terrible decisions and is a fumble/int waiting to happen. Doman shows in his playcalling that he is aware of this, every route is under 15yds, unless we get into a 3rd and long. We will not beat any decent defense or coaching staff as long as we run this pathetic offense.

Taysom Hill has been recognized since springball as being faster, stronger, and smarter than Riley. Not to mention has a vastly better passing arm and upside. And he's a freshman! There is no reason Riley should start another game for BYU. Taysom is already a better Qb. He almost single-handedly won the game for BYU if it weren't for a terrible 2pt conversion call. He carried 4 BSU defenders into the endzone! Seriously, its time to make some changes. We lose way too many winnable games.

Saint George, Utah

I am happy for James Lark that he found his bride and is getting his education. However, what a waste of talent to have the best passer of the bunch, while your receivers tower over the opposing DB's, sitting on the bench. Certainly, Taysom Hill is a tremendous athlete and will have a bright future but he has not put in the years and worked with these teammates for as long as James. None of the QB's have, including Coach Max, who James preceded at the Y.
Maybe the only mistake he really made was NOT signing somewhere else first. It seems to get you more PT than loyalty does.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just when I thought I could not get anymore satisfaction from watching BYU lose, they pull Nelson for an even more limited qb. Taysom Hill is a strong safety playing qb and gaurantees the Y another 4 losses.
Right now BYU could not beat Oregon State, Utah State, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech and would be an underdog at San Jose State. Watchout BYU, your november schedule of patsies looks like stiff compitition now. Maybe Westminster has some room on their schedule.

Salt Lake City, Utah

All you 20-20 hindsighters are ridiculous. Going for two makes perfect sense and it was a great decision. Did it work? No. That how you all can act like you knew better. On the road against a good team is precisely when you need to snatch those opportunities. Great courage by Bronco to make that decision. Why take your "momentum" into overtime if you already had momentum going into the 2-point conversion? It was a great call and all the criticism amounts to cowardly cheap shots at the coach. Go Cougs! Excited about Hill!

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

This article took some guts to write...something neither Mendenhall nor Doman have shown since sacking Heaps. Nelson was not a college level quarterback before being injured and has been an embarrassment to the program the last two weeks. Seriously, 19 yards passing with 4 turnovers? Let Nelson join Hall as student assistant and let's get on to proving that Doman is in over his head.

Salt Lake City, UT

Logic wasn't involved in that decision. That was pure ineptitude and arrogance.
Hats off to the defense. That was a stellar game. The offense should be completely revamped starting with the offensive coordinator. If I were Hoffman or Apo, I'd be looking to transfer!


Aggie: BYU will beat Utah State - Again. Where is Merlin Olsen when we need him?

Sad for Utah State that Riley Nelson won't be the BYU quarterback and give Utah State a chance to win.


I know that you are not supposed to let the other team score...but, follow me here. When BSU got the ball back after the failed 2 point conversion and got their first 1st down and it was apparent that they could just run the clock out from there, why not let them score? You would then get the ball back with around 2 minutes to go. You at least give yourself a chance to tie the game (have to score a touchdown and 2 point conversion). I would rather do that and take my chances than watch the other team simply run out the clock.
Any thoughts?

Holladay, UT

Don't understand at all why you replace a QB who can't throw with another QB who can't throw. Hill missed open receivers all night. Obviously I'm not a BYU fan, but how in the world is this BYU team not utilizing possibly their two best players on Offense in Hoffman and Apo. It is mind boggling to me. Poor coaching on BYU's part if you ask me. Bronco made a mistake allowing Riley Nelson to play if he is hurt and made a big mistake going for two when he should have tied and played for overtime. With 2 losses BYU already knows where they will be playing in December so they may as well stick with the Freshman if they think he is the future.

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