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Published: Thursday, Sept. 20 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

There was a great article on Wall Street Journal yesterday (#1 read article) contrasting the outrage for the latest youtube anti-Muslim clip to the embracing of the Book of Mormon musical. It was very positive towards Mormons while pointing out the ironies.

Taylorsville, UT

It's true. The things some people say about members of the LDS Church and their beliefs in the media, would in other instances if said about Jews, Blacks, or Muslims have serious repercussions. The media is very accepting of derogatory comments about the LDS Church that they would be in serious trouble if they said the same about Jews, Blacks, or Muslims.

Salt Lake City, UT

@deep in thought
"a great article on Wall Street Journal yesterday (#1 read article) contrasting the outrage for the latest youtube anti-Muslim clip to the embracing of the Book of Mormon musical."

I thought that article was silly because of course you react differently to a play that's poking fun than a video that is trying to brand a religion as murderous extremists. Now the New York Times article about the matter was much better in my opinion while trying to make the same point as the WSJ one.

Salt Lake City, UT

"the most interesting public conversation about Mormonism hasn't occurred yet." I believe that is true. I also believe it is up to every one of us to live what we know the very best we can so that we are in the best position to engage in those conversations when they come. From experience, I am much more comfortable, and much more able to know what I need to say, when I am doing everything I know I need to do.

Provo, Ut

Part of the problem here revolves around this concept of being "uninformed". For example, if so one makes a denigrating Mormonism about polygamy, is that comment uniformed? Well, by the standard of modern Mormon practice, it is an outside jab. Mormons don't practice polygamy, nor have they for nearly 100 years. By the standard of theology, authority, and history, the comment is quite well reflective of a Mormon idiosyncracy that most people find objectionable, and therefore mock. The problem is that Mormons would like to propose that they choose how the "outside world" should view them. No one has that privilege. Now, if Mormons could show that the "prejudicial" comments against them are in fact false (not just "no longer practiced"), then in fact they may have an argument. But to do that they would have to disavow polygamy, the racist policy of former years, etc. Of course, for bigger reasons they can't do that. So, sorry, but you can't have your cake and eat it too!

Cedar Park, Texas

One of the problems lies with the existence of so many statements and other writings by early church leaders that were "off the record" personal opinions. Critics of the chuch obtain these statements and conclude that they are official church doctrine, i.e., all the speculation regarding why blacks were denied the priesthood. Much of what these critics use are these unofficial documents. The challenge is in streering the debate toward official church doctrine.

Springville, UT

Please stop playing the victim card. Stuff is said about other religions, too. When the LDS culture comes to their defense instead of hiding out when religions are attacked, standing up for a principle that applies to all faiths, showing courage, then come back to us. In the meantime, you are being whining victims without core strength and conviction. Is Mormonism a mature faith or not? I am well aware of the history of my church, and it is time to grow up, get a thicker skin, and be consistent in the application of principles we want applied to us and which should also apply to others.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I like the approach the Church has taken to the "Book of Mormon" musical. They are buying ads in Playbill so people can find out what the LDS really believe. I think that will do far more good than always bemoaning the lack of knowledge of the Mormons.

Orem, UT

LDS doctrine will always be different than the rest of the world, and therefore will be unacceptable. Generally speaking, those who are informed about the LDS religion and don't agree with or accept it will still treat the religion respectfully. Those who are not informed will almost always accept false notions about the church because they have no reason not to. It's what we all do when we're too lazy or uninterested to study something enough to draw intelligent conclusions about it. There just seems to be a tendency to make rash judgments about things we "assume" we know something about when we really don't.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


"Please stop playing the victim card."

Oh the irony

Playing victim (both legitimate and illegitimately) is the mainstay of the hard left - so apparently left wing sympathizers feel they must protect the passive/aggressive power base by not allowing anyone outside the prescribed victim classes to steal any victim energy.

Having legitimate theological differences is not bigotry - but why is it so threatening to just admit that anti-Mormonism is morally no different than antisemitism.

Does it really harm your power structure to admit that politically correct popular culture can be intolerant?


This article and comments are out there. Most mormons do not understand thier own beliefs and teachings; those who do put thier head in the sand to stay apart of the cutlure.

Tyler Ray
Taylorsville, UT

It's true that most of the world hasn't thought about or recognized the Mormon view on man's divine potential. The most thoughtful people however should admire the doctrine that man can become like God as the King Follett Discourse explains. God our Father loves us with a more powerful love than anyone can imagine. He wants the very best for us (which He has). That is the purpose of the Atonement. "Be he therefore perfect even as your father in heaven which is perfect." This doctrine is the most comforting part of my religion

Average, SE

"Most mormons [sic] do not understand thier [sic] own beliefs and teachings; those who do put thier [sic] head [sic] in the sand to stay apart [sic] of the cutlure.[sic]"

I was going to counter you, but on second thought, I have to agree with you. Most members of the LDS Church do not really understand LDS doctrine, otherwise we'd have no inactive members, 100% home teaching (except in rare extenuating circumstances), no divorces, and virtually no sin. We'd have 100% full tithe payers, weekly to monthly temple attendance by all church members who could reasonably make it that often, and a much larger full-time missionary force. So yes, you are right - most LDS Church members do not really understand the doctrines of the gospel (and I'm including myself in that group). Further, LDS doctrine is progressive and additive, meaning light and knowledge are built upon light and knowledge; what we know now is only a portion of what we can potentially know.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

It's just a matter of time until people embrace Mormons and accept them for what they are. It's just the inevitable. No matter how many people write and preach their hatred of them. In the end they will come out on top and be embraced, while not giving up or compromising their values.

You'll know who the people that are full of hate are by the way they react to this statement. By their fruit ye shall know them:)

Springville, Ut

Yeah, Mormonism is the last acceptable religious prejudice...

...Because no one ever makes jokes about Jews and money anymore, or claims the President is a Muslim and therefore evil.

Please, Dr. Faulconer, do tell us which "liberals are sniping about Mormonism." Because all I ever hear is how conservatives are not the biggest fans of it. If liberals are the "God-hating, atheist, secular-loving" monsters you and your friends portray them to be, why would they care about Mormonism more than any other religion? You can't have it both ways.

That, dear Counter Intel, is indeed playing the victim card in an illegitimate way by a conservative who clearly doesn't want to engage in any thoughtful debate.

Bountiful, UT

The point of the article is proven by your comment that, "of course you react differently to a play that's poking fun than a video that is trying to brand a religion as murderous extremists"

Obviously, you just are okay with branding Mormons, but not Islamists. What you attempt to write off as mere "poking fun" is understood by many Mormons as ignorant and heartless mocking, disrespect, and belittlement. I've seen enough anti-Mormon propaganda to know that Mormonism have also been branded as a religion of "murderous extremists". Even the first Sherlock Holmes story branded Mormons as a murderous cult. Yet you do not have to read much actual Islamic history to see plenty of killing going on.

Mount Laurel, NJ

[M5913] 4. But the serpent said, '(That is) not so! Because God himself was a man like you when he ate of it, and he became God of all. Because of that he said not to eat of that, because you knew that when you eat of it, you will become a god, his equal. Because of that he said for you not to eat.'
Stone, M.E., Aremenian Apocrypha Relating to Adam &Eve,

The serpent said, 'God wants to deceive you, for God was like you, because he had not eaten the fruit. When he ate it he achieved the glory of Divinity. For this reason he said to you not to eat of that fruit, so that you should (not) become equal, sharers both of God's glory and his throne.'
Transgression SS16-17,

Maricopa, AZ

'esquire' You did note that the article in the NY times was writtne by a non Mormon right?
And the topic of this article evolves around the simple fact...that it's a fact, that the LDS religion is clearly the most openly attacked and criticized religion today.
So the role of our "whining and playing the victim card" is effectively being done by
educated, non member observers who see the obvious misguided attacks from people like you.

You mention that you know the history of your church and are mature enough to stand tall and
all that stuff. So please share which your religion is. Because you are always chiming in on
these LDS articles, so I have to wonder just how content you are that you feel the need to
vent your negative feelings toward other's religion.

Holladay, UT

Please, pause for a moment before you press the send button. Do you sincerely believe yourselves to be subject to more discrimination than Muslims and Jews? Are you kidding me? Do you really want to know about religious discrimination?? Try living in Utah as a non-member. Stop thinking only of yourselves. For a minute.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mormonism-The last acceptable prejudice?
Nope, As an out of the closet atheist I have faced plenty of discrimination, much of it from Mormons themselves. However, I will say that I have had the opportunity to meet some of the high up leaders of the Mormon church. I respect those men, because they showed much more respect toward what I believe than the average Mormon I meet in my neighborhood. While they didn't change what I believe it made me wonder where the disconnect between my Mormon neighbors and Mormon general authorities comes in.

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