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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Can't believe the insecurity of some people. Jealousy, and envy over Mitt Romney is childish.

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Salt Lake City, UT

The mean spirited county club candidate.

Murray, UT

So what have we learned by these hand picked quotes? That Presidential candidates make stupid statements at fundraisers.

Will 47 percent affect the election? "bitter clinger" didn't.


The “47%” number is actually wrong. In fact, 49.5% of Americans do not pay taxes according to the Heritage Foundation. Certainly there are those weakest among us that need government assistance. But who gives the government money? The people who pay taxes do. We are close to the threshold where more people need government assistance than those that don’t. This number has spiked from 44% in 2009 to 49.5% now.

Those who really care about the weakest among us should know that the weakest among us are supported by the strong ones. What happens when there aren’t enough strong ones to support the weak? If we all become government dependent then we all become weak.

Clearfield, UT

I wonder how many people comment on here without actually reading the article. It appears to be a lot. Romney is including seniors citizens who have paid all their life into SS and medicare as part of the 47%. 47% of americans are not freeloaders. That is a lie that the far right loves to perpetuate. The majority of posters on here are able to discern that. 47% are not dependent on government as mamy assert. And democrats are not interested in creating a permanent underclass. That is just ridiculous. Democrats want working class americans to earn enough to lift themselves out of poverty. I have worked since I was 14, and yes I feel entitled to SS and medicare. Why shouldn't I. I pay taxes. Mailed a check to the IRS this year. If not for medicare how I am going to obtain health care when I retire. No private company will insure senior citizens. That is why medicare was created. It is the republicans not democrats that are instigating class warfare. Romney comments are undeniable proof of that. Mitt is on the verge of loosing my vote.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Mitt said something stupid pandering to the far right, what is so hard admit about that? Republicans come on here and try to justify it somehow. Is this who Mitt really is? Does he really believe that 47% of Americans have a victim mentality? Probably not, but his pandering caused him to say it, and now he is paying the price for it.

The majority of America rejects the far right wing of the republican party and yet their presidential candidate must appeal to them. The problem is Mr. Romney had to turn hard to the right to convince the party leadership that he is really one of them and that is not who he is. He tries to appease the Grover Nordquist crowd and ends up saying stupid things.

People are looking for a reason to vote for someone other than the current President, and Mr. Romney can't seal the deal because he has to continually pander to the far right. Mr. Romney's best bet is to move away from the far right and give middle America (many of who don't pay federal income tax) a reason to vote for him.

Ogden, UT

The majority of uneducated white voters who live on government assistance are in the south. The southern states receive considerably more assistance than the rest of the country. The tax flow tends to go from the Liberal city dwellers to the Conservative country cousins. Romney seems to only be aware of who the top 10 percent of his supporters are.

Salt Lake City, UT

To all you Romney defenders who are writing in, I'm sorry to say that no matter how you try to spin what he said, his comments had an eliteist, out of touch tone and they did him damage in the eyes of a lot of voters. Sadly, for someone who is so highly educated as he is, he seems to lack good judgment. That raises a red flag for independents like me who want the best leadership possible in the Presidency of our nation.

Sainte Genevieve, MO

Mitt may have his faults, but when compared with the opposition he shines brightly. I haven't heard anything from him that has forced me to change my mind about who to vote for.

Cedar Hills, UT

I have to wonder how many liberals will still feel Obama cares after our national debt causes a collapse of our financial system - when China and Russian refuse to lend to us anymore - when the federal reserve can't buy anymore of our debt - when our credit rating is down graded again and interest rates sky rocket to Jimmy Carter like rates (20%). Seems like a long way off huh? I am hearing more and more rumblings of perhaps 2 years or less unless we change direction DRASTICALLY!! Our debt is at 16 trillion now. 16 trillion!!! Four years ago it was 9 trillion and Obama called Bush unpatriotic for that amount. Obama said Bush was putting our kids and grand kids in bondage to the bank of China and he was right. Well - he has added 6 trillion himself to that amount and it doesn't matter why or how - the fact is our debt is at 16 trillion and growing fast! There won't be ANY entitlement money for anyone soon - just like Greece and political finger pointing won't matter at that point.... we will all be dead in the water.

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

The fact is that the government is OVERSPENDING and doesn't have enough to go around. We have a few options.

1. Keep spending and make those are recieving content
2. Keep spending and have rich pay
3. Keep spending and let poor, middle class pay too
4. Keep spending and take from other program- 'rob Peter to pay Paul'
5. Live within you means- that means people will not get what they had because the barrel is empty.

Olympia, WA

I think this is a fair and balanced report of the incident. I wonder if Mr. Romney, included enough Americans in the 47%. Did he mean to include the Americans who get a tax break for every child in the house? I have no offspring, get none of the great benefits that brings tax wise, yet, I pay to educate those same children. So that is government support. Did he include the big agriculture owners with hands out for crop support, disaster relief, of protective tax policies? Did he include the disabled military vets? I don't think that is who Mitt was talking about. He seemed to mean, those Americans who are not white like him, rich like him, privileged like his family, and educated in private schools. Obama wins by 10%

Sacramento, CA

There may be a lot of emphasis on income tax--the very same records Mr. Romney doesn't want anyone to see--but the most regressive taxes are the state and local taxes paid by all, which the poorest pay most often and more of their income for. Not only is this State, payroll, and gas taxes, but everyone who lives in states--which include nearly all of them--where a sales tax is collected--pay sales tax on nearly everything that isn't food--TP, paper towels, cleaning stuff, shampoo, diapers, soap, laundry products, vitamins, and in some states, food as well. So there you have it, these taxes, which keep local and state economies going, and allow the federal government not to be subsidizing even more of those entities than they need to be, is already being paid by the poorest in larger percentages than the more affluent. In my state, sales tax alone is around 8.5%, depending on your county.

John Harrison
Sandy, UT

Schulzke implies that David Brooks is not a Republican. I'm not sure if this is on purpose or not, but it should be pointed out that Brooks is a conservative and a Republican. His "Thurston Howell Romeny" piece is right on and is a serious critique by someone that would like to see Romney both win and effective advocate a conservative position. It appears that neither will happen.

Also, I'm not seeing the paradox referenced in the last paragraph. Low income white voters were disparaged by both Romney (who they tend to support) and Obama. Where is the paradox?

Alpine, UT

Did anyone listen to Romney's entire statement? This little quote has been taken completely out of context by the MSM, and obviously by its gullible followers. People need to wise up. The DN needs to report about real issues facing this nation, like how destructive Obama's lack of budget, Fed Res money printing, and excessive spending are sending America over a fiscal cliff, or the WH failed foreign policies that allow extreme radicals to get away with killing US embassadors in Libya, under the false guise of some offensive video.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

All the tit-for-tat quibbling over what Mitt said or what he meant is disgusting and worthless drivel. I don't care what Mitt said, or how you think you can spin it. I know what he means and what drives him, and I clearly understand his agenda for our country. Do you really understand Obama's agenda? Really?

Furthermore, are you going to get all caught up in the diversionary minutia, take offense at general statements, and vote for the other guy out of spite? The truth is that you can only take offense because you choose to, and not because Mitt's words are offensive. You choose not to understand what he was saying, even though deep down you really do. The truth is you want exactly what Mitt was explaining that Obama is selling, and you want it so bad that you've blinded yourselves to the reality of the situation and the consequences of the Obama agenda. If you truly pay attention to what each candidate is saying, the choices have never been more clearly articulated, and more diametrically apposed - Liberty or Dependency, Capitalism or Socialism, Strength or Weakness, Boldness or Appeasement.

Idaho Falls, ID

Unfortunately this may be the nail in Mitt Romney's 'Presidential Bid' coffin. Food, water, shelter and basic healthcare is something that all human beings should expect. And if society/employment can't provide the means for people to get them, we end up a lawless society. Further, Mitt's wife has M.S., and I find it short-sighted for him not to remember that people with disabilities need some help. It shouldn't be that hard for Mitt to take what he has learned from his wife, and apply that to people that dont have another source of income like a spouse, or family, to make ends meet. We do need labor laws in place that allow disabled people to work. And, as a member of his church, with a disability, I am disappointed that, for a brief moment, Mitt apparently forgot some important lessons he should have already learned in life. I will vote for him, because his is the better man. But I am concerned that his poor choices in words are more than ineloquent. We care for the poor, even those that are shouldn't be on welfare, so that they can contribute.

Fresno, CA

Romney is right, whether you make the breakdown for those who are Social Security, etc. There are far too many of us that are on the dependency roster of the the United States goverment. It isn't called "Uncle Sugar Daddy" without reason. And one thing is certain we are in a "feed me! fix me!" mode these day with the addition of the, "You owe me" syndrome close at hand.

My view of the Senator is that he is the "Leader of the Pack" of the "Lemings on a Leash!" God help us all if the good senator thinks the he is. Especially with the "less than arms length transaction with the U.S.Bureau of Land Mamagement in Nevada.

My experience in government service tells me that all of this stir over what Governor Romney said is like the "elephant on your coffee table!" everybody knows that it is there but nobody wants to talk about it!

The other thing is the dissapointment felt by the "Progressives" that there is still a majority of 53 percent of the people that the haven't converted to total government dependency yet!

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