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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Pittsburgh, PA


Romney isn't out of touch because he is wealthy. He is out of touch because he fails to realize that just because you don't pay taxes doesn't mean that you feel you are entitled government services. His generalization was based on ignorance.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ Mattrick78 Why do all liberals think that because a person is wealthy, he is out of touch. While this may be true with people who are born into wealth. Mitt Romney, however was born into a low income family. He built his own wealth from the Bottom Up.
I would say that a person who can climb from the bottom, to the top is a lot more in touch than you are.
•3:44 p.m. Sept. 19, 2012

Dude, what planet are you from?
Are just making this all up, or did someone feed a lie – hook, line and sinker?

Mitt Romney born into a low income family?

You’ve either terribly mixed him up with his good Father George Romney,
or the current President Obama
[who both started at the bottom and had to work their ways to the top] !

FYI – Mitt thinks that those making $250K a year are middle income.
The truth is $50K is middle income, and YES – he is out of touch.


Oh my gosh. A Presidential candidate telling the truth. What? Are you kidding me? What is this country coming to? He can't tell the truth, he is running for President of the United States of America! He has to lie, and tell the people what they want to hear. He has to promise the moon. He has to promise to cut the deficit in half. He has to promise to end unemployment all together. Vote for him and he will give you money. He will pay your mortgage. Tell the truth? What kind of nonsense is that? Give me a break left wing media!

Mcallen, TX

Does Obama connect with the American people?

If he did, he wouldn't spend hundreds of millions of our dollatrs for vacations, nor waste hundreds of millions on Solyndra, then give billions to other countries.

Who gave any president the right to take our money for vacations? It's stealing, plain and simple, and Obama is a hypocrite. His connecting with people is a farce.

Romney and Obama are not held to the same standard.

Getting it Right
Sunnyvale, CA

Enough of all this unimportant things. It is still about the economy...! If the economy is strong, everyone, the country as a whole or at least the majority of the people will be better off. This country is going down and we are talking about pandering to groups of people. It should all be about for the benefit of the whole country.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@LDS Liberal
Mitt was not born when is dad was Governer. He was born long before that and yes at the time he was born they were low income

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

I guess I should clarify myself, although the people who know more about me than I do probably won't even read this clarifying statement. When I said that I know a lot of people who live off of welfare and don't get jobs because they make more off of unemployment, 90% of the people I was referring to are people that I know from California, not a Republican state. I lived there for two years. But, leave it to Democrats to know everything.

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

Why does many Romney defenders here sound so similar to the propaganda spread during the Cultural Revolution in China during the late '60s? Perhaps the strategy works where the people seeking to maintain power choose to avoid any factual information and simply rely upon expressing contempt and ridicule of the opposition. This is the basis of the Dictatorship of the Right comment made earlier. It sounds so familiar. Now half the American electorate is denounced as "worthless parasites" feeding at the expense of the Right-Wing elite, only Mao said it was taking advantage of "the people" while he sought to consolidate the Communist Party elite and remove any and all detractors who threatened his position by killing them off.

Romney, when you get down to basics, wants to help the rich get richer and is willing to destroy the Middle Class to achieve those ends. This is Chairman Mao in a business suit. Bain Capital was his tool for his Great Leap Forward, destroying people to grow his world and profit his comrades. And they work overtime to paint his image in the same manner as was done for Mao: an unrealistic friend of the working class.

Clearfield, UT

Hmmmm...I think all one has to do is look around at the younger generation and know they want everyone handed to them. Example: free health care, money but not wanting to work for it, nice cars, cell phones, insurance (last three they expect their parents to pay for). I work with young 20+ year olds everyday on Hill AFB and they have made it very clear...they are entitled to everything and have to do nothing for it. This comment of 47% is not far from the truth, if not the exact truth...

I think it's sad that facts and the truth are hated and pounced on as something bad...

Getting it Right
Sunnyvale, CA

What have Obama done to our country in the last three in a half years? What I've heard from Obama supporters and surrogates specially Biden is that "Bin Laden is dead" and that "GMC is alive". If that is what Obama done to this country in the last three and a half years, then that is not good enough. And don't tell me it about Obamacare. I'm middle class and when he gets another term, I will no longer be middle class but poor.

Ogden, UT

To SoCalUte 4:57 p.m. Sept. 19, 2012

@LDS Liberal
Mitt was not born when is dad was Governer. He was born long before that and yes at the time he was born they were low income


That's not accurate. Willard is the youngest of George Romney's children, and was born when his father was a well-paid auto industry executive. Willard's life has never been anything but affluent.


To O'Really: How do you know what people in this country are doing on a daily basis? How can you gage how many people sit at home and "play video games." I will be so happy when this Presidential election is over because it has bought the worst in the People. Romney is only expressing what has been the sentiments of most people in his circle. It isn't new news. Experience has shown that those who think like Romney has been wrong before. And I am sure that when they discovered they were wrong, they found some good reason why they said what they said, just like Romney. So, stop the bickering people. I am amazed at some of the derogatory comments coming from Men and Women who should know better.

the truth
Holladay, UT

@Ying Fah

The communist leader you are talking about is Obama and his sycophant followers and the liberal media doing all the to help tObama (google story of reporters caught on audio talking about how they working together to attack romney, see democrat weighted polls).

Why should we aspire to to have a large middle class,. I believe we should want as many possible to do better than that.

IT is left that wants a large group of poor and middle class, dependent on them for everything,

to create a foundation of sustaining power for themselves. IT is the elite left seeking power.

All of Romney recent statements are true and factual and appropriate , and there is and was nothing wrong about them.

it only the left that has problem with them because they are trying to tear Romney down.

The right wants to bring everyone up, not to aspire to middle class.

Kaysville, UT

President Obama has so many more aspects to the government, people, economy, diplomacy and a variety of other dealings to answer for and has made mistake after mistake.

The underground recording that was made was made in May 2012, 4 months ago. From the many and multiple debates with this type of topic, what he believes about people, has already been discussed in view of millions of people. This is not even a hot mic episode, where a candidate knows the potential for an off channel comment, one way or another. In this situation, it was a private or invited guests situation where a person can make comments that may have been altered or modified due to the time lapse and that recordings were not expected to be taking place.

Mitt Romney has made over the past 4 months, in speeches, meet and greet situations, and discussions with advisors. H has led by example and has treated people fairly. As a business person, he knows there are tough decisions to be made. Obama hasn't made any real decisions since Obamacare which he forced on Congress and leaders.

Since President Obama won't handle the economy, Mitt will, in January.

Kearns, UT

I'm one of the 47% and I whole heartedly support Romney. I haven't paid income taxes in many years due to my children, other deductions, and income level. I for one am in favor of what Mitt can do for the economy that will increase my wage earning ability and hopefully get me out of the 47%. Also, I'm very much in favor of reforming the tax code and eliminating many of the deductions that I use. I would be in favor of keeping the charitable contribution deduction. As for my home mortgage? I'm in favor of eliminating that.

I'm also in favor of a flat tax with very little or no deductions and everyone pays a percentage of their income. Yes, even the poor. They would pay also. After all 10% of $10,000 is $1,000.00. $100,000.00 is $10,000.00. $1,000,000.00 is $100,000.00. $10,000,000.00 is $1,000,000.00. $100,000,000.00 is $10,000,000.00 and so forth. Under a flat tax, Mitt would be paying quite a lot. But then so would Obama.

Mister J

re A1994 11:10 a.m. Sept. 19, 2012

Thanks but no thanks WSJ is owned by News Corp (the parent corp of Fixed Noise). That fact alone screams lack of credibility.

GK Willington

re: the truth 6:47 p.m. Sept. 19, 2012

"The right wants to bring everyone up, not to aspire to middle class."

Its true a rising tide lifts all boats. But, the GOP has no desire to bring everyone up.

The GOP has an Animal Farm Mentality, "All animals are equal... some more than others"

The some being Willard the insincere & his kind.


@ boxerdog915

Its human nature to want something for nothing. Don't make it a generational thing.

There are plenty of people who are shallow, self-absorbed, whiny, incredibly materialistic, and have a pathological need to keep up with the joneses.

Its the rule in 21st century America not the exception. Obama and the progressive/socialist movement are behind the curve IMO says this aggravated & sarcastic Libertarian.


As an Independent who voted for Obama last election, I can truthfully say I have always held a job - my father did not leave me millions. I served my country, never been on welfare nor has any of my family. I have paid my taxes, used government programs for higher education, purchasing a house and sending my son to college...I am not a victim nor do I feel the government owes me anything. But one thing I know for sure Mitt has no sense of what a real working person has to do to provide for their family. And judging from many of the comments neither do many of Mitt's supporters. it is easy to parrot talking points of the radical right, Deep down one has to know most of the GOP points are lies but refusing to acknowledge the obvious makes it hard to find the goodness in one's heart that seems lost to many of the posters. I will pray for your lost sense of responsibility and kindness towards your fellow man.

Centerville, UT

Do people really think Barack Obama IS in touch with the everyday American? Seriously? He just attended a party at Jay Z's where there was a $105,000 display of booze. It was a $40,000 per person event. Don't try to act like Obama is anymore in touch with your needs than Mitt Romney. It's not the case. If I was concerned about someone being 'in touch' I'd go nominate the guy at the gas station to be President.

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