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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

100% agree with everything Mitt said.

O-town, UT

It is very probable if not likely that eight of the last ten years that Mitt was one of these citizens who didn't pay Federal Income Tax--why else do you think he's not releasing his Tax Returns. I guess that makes Mitt a taker and moocher. He's saying he refuses to take responsibility for himself.

Even the year he released his returns, he paid 14%--considerably less than most working folks. Those are the priorities of the GOP! They don't value hard work, they value the ultra-wealthy.

Enjoy 40-60 more days of the Romney Reader, a.k.a. Deseret News!

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

The Dictatorship Of The Right

In recent days we have see Mitt Romney speak with distain about half the population living as sponges on the rest of society. He claims that they are "dependent" upon the government when he is really saying that these people (and the Middle Class, for that matter) should serve the needs of the wealthy. He proposes reducing the taxes of millionaires while increasing the taxes of the Middle Class. He suggests that the needs and the wants of the wealthy be satisfied and he is the man to make this happen while at the same time refusing to tell voters what he plans to do if elected president.

This is all a secret plot to establish an oligarchy (much as the system our ancestors left behind in Europe in the building of this country) so that those who have achieved riches can keep and maintain their position and not be bothered by competition by others hoping to improve their lives and thus reduce the control by those already wealthy. Also, by changing tax laws to favor the wealthy, he hopes to re-establish the old "entitlment class" and protect its survival for future generations.

Ogden, UT

I feel like my team just lost the Super Bowl and I'm already looking to next season.

Idaho Falls, ID

Some of you just don't get the message. Two things I fault Romney with are 1) a clutzy remark made too flippantly before a group of wealthy donators to his campaign. He should have been more careful about what he said. But obviously those in the room- a private meeting by the way, were smart enough to pick up on the of the message. And 2) the inability to recognize that so many Americans are going to literalize everything he says and that he really should have clarified his statement when he had the chance because those with thin skin are going to take it all personally. I think he believes Americans are more intelligent than they really appear to be.

Honestly people- give Romney some credit for having compassion.It's not humanly possible to not screw up your words now and then. Why doesn't Obama get as much criticism for the dumb things he says? How can he go on Letterman and talk about brewing beer in the White House? Why wasn't he talking foreign policy with Israel instead? Because he cares more about his hip image than he does about national security.

Average, SE

Re: Wildcat: "Even the year he released his returns, he paid 14%--considerably less than most working folks" - this is simply not true. At a 14% income tax rate Mitt Romney pays a higher effective rate than nearly 80% of taxpayers (and that's if you include payroll taxes). He pays way more than I pay since last year my effective rate was -40% (yes, that's a negative) due to limited income and various credits. Of course, that means I'm one of the "47%" but I'm voting for Mitt Romney.

In any case, as has been made clear, Romney's 47% comment was taken out of context because right after it, 1-2 minutes of video are missing (either due to the error of the person capturing it or through selective editing of people trying to paint Romney in the worst possible light).

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Mountanman Hayden, ID

People vote against their economic interests all the time. For many, social issues trump economic issues. Republicans have tapped into this descrepancy and taken advantage to their benefit. Why do you thing anti-abortion initiatives always appear on the ballot during presidential elections? It's the great con game!

SS MiddleofNowhere, Utah

Yes! He is.

SoCalUte Trabuco Canyon, CA

"The sky is falling!" -- Chicken Little

Mountanman Hayden, ID

. . . and the moon is made out of green cheese.

O'really Idaho Falls, ID

And this about a guy who literally "bought" the Republican nomination. A fellow nobody wanted.

Counter Intelligence Salt Lake City, UT

Like Rick Santorum said, there is no place in the Republican Party for intelligent people. Poor Bill Buckley. What has happened to his Republican Party?

TRUTH Salt Lake City, UT

So you blame Obama for 2008 and the economic meltdown? Perhaps some investigative reading is in order.

Cedar City, UT

My problem with Romney is not that he rich and out of touch, its that he says stupid "inelegant" stuff that when president can have huge implications not only domestically but on the world stage.

Salsa Libre
Provo, UT

O'really Idaho Falls, ID

"How can he go on Letterman and talk about brewing beer in the White House?"

Really? Is this your complaint? Do you ever watch Letterman? Or do you just object to homebrewing?

Why don't you complain about Romney hosting a fundraiser where wine is served? Perhaps because it's not important.

Cedar City, UT

"Why doesn't Obama get as much criticism for the dumb things he says?"

What makes you think he doesn't get criticized?

Salt Lake City, UT

The polls that came out this week were taken before the news broke about this secretly recorded meeting. It will be very interesting to see if the polls change in the next week or two due to this uproar. My gut feel is that Mitt is going to lose at least a couple of percentage points. He insulted so many people either directly or indirectly that I can't imagine he won't have caused many of the undecideds to vote against him. He already had a reputation as a cold, represents only the wealthy, candidate. This video certainly reinforces that image of Mitt.

Springville, UT

DesNews, thanks from the Obama camp for helping them by steering the American public's focus away from the Administration's foreign affairs disaster. Keep it going. As you've been told, keep harping on Romney's comments and don't report anything regarding the Middle East attacks on U.S. personnel and embassies, the economy being in the toilet, Fast and Furious, Israel vs Iran, etc.

Oh, and just a reminder that I don't get the real news from you.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Those on the right wing of the Republican Party have been quoting this statistic for years. As the article points out it really isn't fair to include seniors, veterans, and others who have paid their dues and earned a benefit. I think what is happening here is that Romney is telling a group of potential donors what they want to hear. If he doesn't back off this statement its really going to hurt him. The tricky part is doing that in a way that doesn't alienate the powerful donors he was trying to impress. Stay tuned.

Iowa City, IA

Romney has exposed the truth about dependency. With the dependent group expanding 30% under Obama, it is clear this is the change we weren't asking for.

How a politician is planning to get votes is nothing compared to how a president allows guns to walk and Ambassadors to be killed.

Provo, UT

@Jared -- Why don't you think Romney was talking about you? Who do you think he WAS talking about? Why was he talking about them and not you? Why are you so special that you get a pass on being a freeloader but other people don't? What makes them have so much less value to society than you?

Cedar City, UT

"Romney has exposed the truth about dependency."

He hasn't exposed anything. He just took overused political drivel and made a generalization.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ Ying Fah Typical Liberal splatter. Neither Romney nor anyone from his camp has laid out a plan that says we are going to reduce taxes on the wealthy and increase taxes on the middle class. Learn to deal with truth rather than hype.

@ Mattrick78 Why do all liberals think that because a person is wealthy, he is out of touch. While this may be true with people who are born into wealth. Mitt Romney, however was born into a low income family. He built his own wealth from the Bottom Up.
I would say that a person who can climb from the bottom, to the top is a lot more in touch than you are.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

MapleDon: "Oh, and just a reminder that I don't get the real news from you."

That's obvious, your post shows everyone that your news comes from (non) entertainers like: sean, rush, glenn etc...
part of the difference between thinking people David Letterman is NOT a news interviewer, he's an entertainer.

Jared said: "In any case, as has been made clear, Romney's 47% comment was taken out of context because right after it, 1-2 minutes of video are missing (either due to the error of the person capturing it or through selective editing of people trying to paint Romney in the worst possible light)."

What you think he apologized after he said that, or he got to the punch line?
Because he's not denying what he said, or saying it was "taken out of context" but his apologists like yourself are, which would indicate you disagree with his comment or at least see the trouble in his statement, there is hope for you.

Ogden, UT

Mr. Romney and his Tea Party have declared class war on over half of the American population. They think that those of us on Social Security, Medicare, or who are of the working poor to lower middle class, or those with large families, should pay more in taxes, so that the rich "Job Creators" (see China) can stimmulate a robust ecconomy, like they did in the Bush administration. Does he really believe this, or is he just saying what his handlers are telling him to say. Either way it is quite concerning to voters able to think through the problems facing our nation.

Roy, UT

I have said they same thing Romney said and heard others comment the same, that all those who are on welfare or are ok with being dependent on the government assistance will of course vote Democratic, as they are concerned only for keeping their entitlements.
...the Dems are about style I guess, not substance, as they are always attacking Conservatives due not so much to the substance of what they say, but that their style of saying it is all wrong...Pres. O. does well on the talk shows, he's a great entertainer, let's let him go do that, what I want out of the next election is a great President, and I'm okay if he's not a great entertainer, just that he get the job done. Go vote for Mitt if you want to save America.

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