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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012 7:00 a.m. MDT

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Westland, MI

Where are the verses in the KJV and the BoM that record that Jesus had a wife?

This is just more blasphemous nonsense and absurdity from yet another worthless scrap of pseudepigrapha.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

AoF 9.
We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.

We believe in the Gospel of Truth, whatever it's sources. ~ Brigham Young

The 1st century believers had an open mind and an open heart, and recognized the truth --
The Pharisees did not, and they did not.

We should be wise, and keep our hearts and minds open to truth, from whatever it's source....

Florissant, MO

Did Jesus have a wife, we can't really know for sure based on this, it is a matter of interpretation. But one thing we know is that Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten Son of God. That is what is important and what matters to us and our eternal life.

Harwich, MA

Jesus had a wife, kids and in-laws, just like the rest of us.
In reality, is is exactly just like the rest of us.

layton, UT

RE: LDS Liberal The 1st century believers had an open mind and an open heart, and recognized the truth The Pharisees did not, and they did not.
Test for the inclusion in the N.T. Canon, Was it received, collected, read and used by the people of God. Peter acknowledged Paul’s work as Scripture parallel to the O.T. (2 Peter 3:16). Is it authentic? (The fathers had a policy of “if in doubt throw it out”. This enhanced the validity of their discernment of canonical books.
AofF Original,#8 We believe in the Word of God recorded in the Bible; we also believe the Word of God recorded in the Book of Mormon, and in all other good books.

Re: Craig Clark,The Gospel of Thomas? Disagrees with the Bible. (Logos, 114)Simon Peter said, to them, Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life. Jesus said, I myself shall leader her ,in order to make her male ,so that she may become a living spirit resembling you males, for every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mchenry, IL

Priests were never allowed to marry. However married men were allowed to be priests until the people stood up and put and end to the practice because of inheritance issues. Also family members getting special privileges. If their spouse died they were not allowed to take a new wife. But married men could be priests. This is similar to deacons today.

Any males who have had their bar mitzvah can read and comment on the scriptures. He taught at age 12 when separated from his parents.

In the early part of the church some gospels were written that were not inspired but full of errors. Like someone writing today that polygamy is still okay. Some will think it's a true thing and others won't thousands of years from now that it was okay at this time. Why would he marry just to leave her to start his ministry? How could he chose one woman to love when he was here to love us all? Would he have left children fatherless? His time was short.

Mary didn't have any other children from her own issue. If you read the bible in it's original language it's clear.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


Jesus Christ is not a myth. How other men explain Him certainly can be as such. Your argument relies on that exact premise. The beliefs of the LDS Church regarding Jesus Christ, his ministry, the compilation of canonical works known as the Holy Bible, and all LDS doctrines even relating to Jesus Christ all function and rely on the same premise.

This leaves members of the LDS Church with just as strong and logical of a claim as yourself.

I'm sure you have strong beliefs and would love to share them, but if your sole belief is to offend, ridicule, mock, and attack the beliefs of those who disagree with you then your belief is not even remotely in following of what Jesus Christ taught during his ministry. I know a lot of people who feel that they need to point out how flawed I am as a human being and how flawed I am in my worshiping God. If "Judge not" means anything to you at all, you ought to end such criticism and join in the celebration of our lord and savior, not do the very thing he commanded us not to do.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Well this is interesting, what was the context? Well, we don't know the context, we only have one short sentence.

My opinion is that Jesus was not married because he knew he was going to die young. Why would he leave a widow and children? When he was being crucified he told John to take care of his mother, but he didn't tell anyone to take care of his wife (in my view, because he was not married). Earlier, when he first began preaching, the people in Nazareth said, "He can't be a prophet. We know his mother and father and his brothers." They could have referred to his wife and kids but they did not. I think because there were not any.

If this is that Jesus, it could be that the wife of Jesus is the church. Jesus being married to the church was brought up by Paul in some other places.

Salt Lake City, UT

The idea of Jesus being married and having children fits well into his role as an example to us of how to live our lives. His Father's command was for us to multiply and replenish the earth and I am sure this applied to all of his children including his most beloved Son. I think a more human Jesus is preferable to one born of a virgin and one who lived as a celibate. Also, I think He deserved the earthly joy of a wife and children

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Another issue that is raised by him having a wife is that, because he was the Son of God, half-divine, he had a higher form of life in him. That meant that he could put down his life by choice, in other words, his spirit could step out of his body, or he could choose to stay put. For the rest of us, we can't choose to die right now, and disease, old age or violence will end our lives even if we want to 'stay put'. One might call this "Divine sonship". If he had children, then we would have the issue of "Divine Grandsonship/granddaughtership". What does that mean? If he had married and had children, can you imagine the arguments that they would have had in the early church about "Divine grandchildship."

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

From my own research;

I believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.
They had children, most likely had a son.
He would have been 1/4 God, and could have also had some sort of seeds of immortality.
John the Beloved sat on the right-hand of Jesus during the last passover - a place reserved for the oldest SON.
Jesus addressed John on the Cross, and bade him to look after "his Mother" -- to whom was He refering? Mary the Mother of Jesus, or Mary Magdalene...[i.e., John's Mother and Jesus's wife].
After Jesus's death and resurrection, legend has it that Joseph of Aramithea took MaryMagdalene and her children to the outskirts of the RomanEmpire for safety [France or England].
The Stone of Destiny under the throne of the King of England was the same Stone from Jerusalem which King David sat upon and brought to England by Jospeh of Arimathea.
To this very day, Kings and Queens of Europe keep the blood-line as pure as possible to protect the Holy Blood -- the Sage Rael -- or Holy Grail.
Thousand of English converts to Mormonism due to their believing blood.

My thoughts...

Nan BW
ELder, CO

As mentioned in other postings, there has been speculation by many scholars of scripture that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was married. It is not discussed widely because it can become a subject of contention and distraction. None of us can say for certain he that was or was not married, and it should not cause our faith to waver or solidify. However, I personally think he was married because he was the perfect example, and families help perfect us. I wouldn't want to cause distress to those who don't believe he was married, but it makes sense to me, and I think it is fascinating that we have something to support the possibility that he had a wife.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


Priests were allowed to marry up until about the fourth century. The practice continued (with some ignoring the canons) until the twelfth century.

"Why would he marry just to leave her to start his ministry?" Because he could see her whenever he returned home.

"How could he choose one woman to love when he was here to love us all?" Loving a wife would not preclude his loving us.

"Would he have left children fatherless?" If he had any. Good folks today sometimes elect to have children knowing they have a terminal illness.

"Mary didn't have any other children from her own issue." Many biblical scholars agree that Jesus had brothers. James the Just being widely accepted as one. Yes, some would like to interpret this as cousin (and do) but MANY non-LDS scholars believe he was a half brother to the Lord.

Salt Lake City, UT

Or it could just be that Christ is referring to his "bride," the church.

Bountiful, UT

What is wrong if Jesus were married? What would denying himself that happiness have accomplished? I hope he was married and had a good measure of happiness in his short life.

Huntsville, UT


I suspect that most of the bible falls into the same category as the gospels of Mary and Thomas.

Fables, fantasies and fictions. Sure, they're meant to tell a good story and even carry certain "moral" values; but they're nothing more than that. Stories.

layton, UT

@ A voice of Reason, The LDS Church with just as strong and logical of a claim?
The “pale” of Christianity believes the birth of Jesus was a unique miracle by the Holy Spirit/Ghost, same Greek word(Pneuma)
”They tell us that the BoM states that Jesus was begotten of the Holy Ghost. I challenge that statement. The BoM teaches No Such Thing! Neither does the Bible!”( Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation.
" (Jesus)…born of Mary at Jersusalem … who shall be overshadowed and conceive by the power of the Holy Ghost(Spirit) and bring forth a son yea, even the Son of God. ( Alma 7:10).
The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.(Luke 1:35 KJV)

RE: Twin Lights,You agree with the Mormon Apostle,Jedediah M Grant, "A belief in the doctrine of a plurality of wives caused the persecution of Jesus and his followers. We might think of them as Mormons." Jed M Grant. (JoD v 1. P.345.)

Phoenix, AZ

Why is it that people can not love Jesus for what he was, a living ,functioning human being. Jesus if real then he was a human being, a man, he lived like all men do, he ate, he had body functions, he sweat, he bathed, he went to the bathroom, he had natural desires. Rabies were married men, other wise who was going to listen in public to a single Rabbi on how to deal with wife and family. Jesus taught followers to follow his example because he lived all the good of life, and life for man with out women is incomplete. Jesus would have to have been complete enough to embrace the love of a wife.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

RE: jttheawesome

Your statements about the Bible are, forgive me, spurious. The Gospel of Thomas was written long before 400AD. Some scholars date it as early as 50AD, before any of the canonical gospels, while most place it somewhere between 80AD and 130AD. Also, the fact that it is simply a collection of “the sayings of Jesus” and not a narrative leads many scholars to believe it may have been used as a source for some of the gospels… like the yet to be found Q source.

Further, none of the gospels were written by the apostles or their direct disciples, unless you count Luke written by a physician associate of Paul (who was not one of the 12 disciples). They were anonymous with the names Mark, Matthew, Luke & John being added after the fact. Sounds like you went to a college that was in the business of teaching faith, namely the orthodox faith that won the day in the early and highly diversified church. But don’t confuse what you were taught with actual history.

Harwich, MA

I'm astounded at how many of you "devout" members of the Church have no idea what Church doctrine really teaches.

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