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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 18 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

"Why not set up fruit and vegetable stands in the neighborhoods rather than bars?"

People are free to do that. YOU are free to do that. There is no Government Regulations preventing that. The reason it does not occur is because people don't see it as profitable.

Durham, NC

"Bars have alcohol and cigarettes"

These are not tied together... what in the heck. Here in North Carolina - home of the Tobacco industry, you can't smoke in Bars. Why in the world would smoking be mandated in public Bars in Utah?

I love this image of bars (by Utahns) that they are these dens of inequity, where all morals are loosed, and are filled with slobbering drunks. More examples of over generalizations run amuck. Yes, many people go to bars to have a drink. More go there to hang out with friends in a neutral spot, to chat, to watch a game, to meet new people.

I best love this whole "we need to protect our children" line. Is it your opinion that in other parts of the country Bars are filled with under age drinkers loosing their virtue. Good grief.

I don't drink. Have no desire to. I held many of these like views when I lived in Utah. Now living with normal people, I have found that guys go to a bar to watch a game. They don't leave drunk, and they are good church going and family people. These over exaggerations are laughable.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


great comment

Also I think it should be noted that a restaurant with a liquor license is NOT the same thing as a bar
There are neighborhood restaurants all over the city and they do not have issues because food must be consumed along with drinking; mitigating some of the effects of the alcohol

St. George, Utah

Centerville, UT
"@procuradorfiscal How many of those 16,885 alcohol-related traffic deaths were caused by people walking home from the bar?
Oh, right. Zero.
I always get a big laugh out of people who quote statistics that actually contradict their position. Nicely done."

I don't know about the Zero. In Las Vegas I have helped more than one drunk individule accross a street or over ruff ground to saftey while being cussed out for judging them all the way.
I have seen them hit and killed as well as the unsespecting driver being injured in their damaged car trying to miss the drunk.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Establishing bars near areas that obviously are heavily Mormon neighborhoods"

Salt Lake City is just about the least, if not the least, Mormon part of the state.

"please take credit for 16,885 [2005 figures -- last figures I had when I updated my slides in 2008] alcohol-related traffic deaths"

That depends, do you want to take credit for the over 10,000 gun caused homicides in 2004?

"no one honestly believes that more alcohol outlets in more neighborhoods will have any effect other than increasing drinking."

At a minimum it won't reduce drinking. I doubt people would start drinking because of it so more likely it would be from people going out maybe 6 times a month instead 4. What it would also do though is reduce the commute to and from the place they're drinking at which could reduce drunk driving rates.

@Liberal Ted
"The city needs to restrict renters from voting on the future of the city and allow actual homeowners the ability to decide what is going to happen."

If I wanted to restrict guns as much as conservatives wanted to restrict voting, I'd be called a fascist.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Liberal Ted
"Would it kill anyone to have to walk a few more blocks to the business district to get a drink? "

It might... someone who has to walk 10 blocks to get a drink might be more likely to drive drunk than someone who only has to walk 4 blocks.

American Fork, UT

Think all this may be part and parcel of the "consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days?" I was asked. No. This last days thing is hooey. Fear mongering fabrication, like the real motive behind the idiocy that is liquor law in utah.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

As if I didn't need a reason to NOT live in SLC here comes another one!

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