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Published: Monday, Sept. 17 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

Both sides, believe in truth. As a friend said about this type of environment at election time, "Truth is truth, only the facts change!"

We live in a time when the half-truths, which are not truth as they are only half-true, are numerous and hard to decifer for some. Not every support of President Obama may be dependent on the Government but a careful review of everyone's situation needs to be done. The Government is for the safety and welfare of society and that is true.

How much do we allow or have we allowed the government over the years to become more to each one of us than safety and the welfare of society? Politicians like to get elected and over the past 40 years, some 400 plus House members and 33.3 Senators get elected every two years. The President gets elected every 4 years and has to appeal to the whole country, not just to the district and state where they reside.

Representatives get voted in such sequence they don't have time to do anything but campaign in-between votes.

Romney has lived well and has shared his leadership with his constituents well.

Mesa, 00

How many times do you have to hear his message? Just because the media is controlling what we hear doesn't mean any of his message has changed. We're almost at the tipping point in this country where there will be a majority of non-tax payers who will be able to vote a tax increase on the rest of us. Of course there will always be a certain group of people who won't pay taxes, but we need someone in office that will keep the remainder of the freeloaders off the public dole before it's too late. Once they get the majority, kiss the USA goodbye.

Draper, UT

"Muddled Mitt." Great headline. Obama's performance on the economy basically handed the election to Romney, and Romney has effectively snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and punted it right back. He has failed to articulate any message other than "I am not Obama." And with nothing in the bank (so to speak) his gaffes are killing him.

Thanks to Romney's performance we all can say hello to four more years of Obama.

Durham, NC

I love the 47% don't pay taxes. 16 million of those free loaders are senior citizens living off of social security. If anyone thinks we need to balance the nations budget issues on their backs, well, have at it.

Another group who don't pay taxes is my father in law who owned his own small business. He was able to make all his income disappear and had the business pay for things like his car, his golf trips, his county club membership, etc. He was able to "pay" himself next to nothing, because the expensive things in life were paid for by the company. If you think this is rare in the trades, think again.

Another group is like a chap in my ward who worked for a member of the stake presidency. The guy was on "disability", and was working for this guy doing deliveries. He actually asked this member of the presidency if he couldn't pay him under the table so he wouldn't have to pay taxes on the money.

These 40 some odd percent aren't just people who want government care givers like Romney claimed, many are just dishonest tax cheats.

Spanish Fork, UT

Team Romney is spending too much time in like-minded echo-chambers if they think they're going to win this thing by focusing on the base. The Romney team and the RNC teamed up to chase off the sizable libertarian-with-a-small-L component of Republican voters *from inside the party*. In most States that's at least 10-20% of the base. Not enough to sway things unless, for instance, you choose to go over-the-top in efforts to marginalize, demonize and antagonize them ... like the Romney campaign and the RNC did in the final weeks leading up the Republican convention.

There is no way they're going to win back that demographic -- those who assert that Romney and Obama don't differ on their most important issues (unwise offensive warmongering, out-of-control deficit spending, running rough-shod over the Bill of Rights, etc.)

Team Romney is going to *have to* reach out to the Independents and Moderates. But I see a rude awakening awaiting them as they discover many of those Independents and Moderates share many of the same concerns as the libertarian-leaning Republicans.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Of course there will always be a certain group of people who won't pay taxes, but we need someone in office that will keep the remainder of the freeloaders off the public dole before it's too late. Once they get the majority, kiss the USA goodbye."

The 10 states with the highest rates of people not paying income taxes are (not in order): Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Idaho. Only one of those voted for Obama. So these freeloaders you all are talking about... the states where over half are in this category are almost all deep red states. Why? Because a lot of them are seniors, a lot of them are the unemployed, a lot of them are low-income families with children (tax credits knock their income taxes to 0 like the child tax credit). As much as you might want to think otherwise, a lot of the 47% are Republicans.

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

This has all of the flavor and impact of a gossip column. It is proper to quote sources when they are the source of facts. It is gossip to quote them when they are the sources of opinions.

The headline proclaims a fact, but is supported only by opinions. There are no polls substantiating the writer's conclusion - only more opinions. And it doesn't appear that the writer has any opinions (or reaches any conclusions) of his own.

Where is the editor that should take this (presumably young) person in hand and help them grow up to be a reporter?

Mcallen, TX

Muddled? Leaves an impression.

Are you still beating your wife? This question also leaves an impression.

Let's be smart enough to recognize deception when it comes.

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