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Published: Monday, Sept. 17 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Well now he's gotta deal with the Obama campaign latching onto video of Romney behind closed doors talking about how 47% of Americans don't care about personal responsibility, nevermind that the 47% who don't pay income taxes include groups like
A: seniors
B: people who are looking for jobs but are struggling to find employment
C: couples whose incomes are low enough that things like child tax credits take their tax burden for federal income taxes down to 0 (this is rather common of course for young Utah families).

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

really and what is barry's message? tax, deficit spending, $16T debt and forward? great message america.

Ogden, UT

To ute alumni 5:37 p.m. Sept. 17, 2012

really and what is barry's message? tax, deficit spending, $16T debt and forward? great message america.


I know one thing the president's message is not -- unlike Willard, the President does not want to do things that would seriously benefit the uber-wealthy to the detriment of everyone else . . . benefit the top 1% to the detriment of the remaining 99%.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Based on Mitt's latest foot in mouth incident...dissing 47% of all Americans...I think his campaign is waining.

I can hear it now....

Oops! Hey, Ann, remember when you asked me what my shoe size is, so our personal shopper could get me some new shoes? Well, I can tell you that my shoes are the same size as my mouth. Does that help, honey? I'd tell her myself, but I ow I have to figure out how to extract my foot from my mouth? Does our Bain Health Care Policy cover that? I think, now thanks to Obama Care, this pre existing condition of mine can't be excluded.

salt lake city, utah

"really and what is barry's message? tax, deficit spending, $16T debt and forward?" Ten trillion of which was given to him by Bush..nice gift George. 5 trillion of which was spent to save the collapsing economy given him by Bush..nice gift Bush.

Farmington, UT

Oh this is just like a USU football game; you never know how it ends until the last second. The media all want Obama so they will always show him as being shead. Just be patient and we'll see how things turn out.

Provo, UT

Yes, Utah Republicans who don't pay federal income taxes (you elderly, you young students, you very poor who may be working a couple of minimum wage jobs), he's talking about YOU too. Mitt thinks you are lazy and just looking for a handout. Or wait, you don't think he's talking about you, do you? Well, yes he is.

Salt Lake City, UT

The media's messages is designed to depress the Romney vote. If anything it is the Obama camp that is off message, and confused. But, thanks to the media, we hear about how a correct assessment by Romney of the Egypt appeasement message was a gaff. Instead the whole blow up is evidence of years and years of failure in the middle east and a complete misread by the White House including it ambassador to the UN about the cause of the Libya attack and killing of the US ambassador. Shame on the press for this deliberate misleading of the american electorate in support of their favored candidate.

South Jordan, UT

President Obama is going to win a second term, and we should all be grateful for that. The last thing I want to do is go back to a time when pre-existing medical conditions were not covered. That's MY pro-life position.

Saint George, UT

Mitt hit it out of the park tonight.

In his taped interview...

He mocked 47% of Americans.

He mocked African American voters.

He mocked Hispanic Voters.

He mocked anyone who does not make enough money to pay federal income tax.

Nice job Mitt.

Bart Van Allen
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Perhaps you misunderstand -- it is not Mitts campaign that is struggling, it is the ludicrous coverage by the radical leftist Main Stream Media -- your perceptions are flawed - The R&R campaign is doing just fine --

Agua Dulce, TX

Schultze takes a gratuitous shot at polling in the last paragraph but won't elaborate. Is this the first negative Romney article at the DesNews?

Bart Van Allen - Fox is starting to turn against him. The polls are turning against him. GOP insiders think he's going to lose...

South Jordan, UT

The whole media is for Obama. I don't believe all of this! They mostly poll Democrats. None of the people I know have ever been polled. It's all rigged.

Mitt Romney is the best candidate and will win. This negative spin is all garbage. The left has no record to run on so they will continue to downgrade Romney. The guy is sterling and will bless our country and bring us back from economic ruin. Obama needs to go!

Romney-Ryan 2012

Chris from Rose Park
Hartford, CT


I am one of the proud 99% that support Romney-Ryan. By the way, the vast majority of Romney supporters are of that 99%. We support him because we believe his policies are better in helping the 99% live better lives.

Murray, UT

Every day articles on what Romney is doing wrong yet he stays within the margin of error.

Yet I still don't know how Obama is going to fix the economy. Let's start covering the issues.

Mesa, AZ

Tea party democrats of 2010 are still out here. Although we poll in favor of the incumbent, most of us regret our vote because the downward spiral of big government spending has excelerated. We will never admit we were wrong in public or to a pollster, but in the voting booth will be another matter. This is one voter among many who won't waste his ballot on a novelty again. The survival of my country means too much to me. I am a maker, not a taker.

Taylorsville, 00

So what would George Romney do in this situation?

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

I don't care what anybody says, you should be paying income taxes. I'm newly married, go to school full-time and work to put MYSELF through school and I pay income taxes. Now I agree that there are some who may not be able to do it at this time, but that is not 47%. Maybe some people should get rid of their iphones and budget their income and stop thinking they are entitled to everything. Maybe then they would be able to pay their income taxes. This is a joke. If anything Romney will simply expect responsibility from the American people. Something the Democrats and many of citizens in this nation don't want. Its pathetic!

Taylorsville, UT

This article is just reporting on what reporters have said.

What I get from this artilce is that Romney is more frugal than Obama is, even though he has gotten more donations over the past few months. No surprise that Obama is not good with money. But he really doesn't have to spend that much money because he's got the mainstream media melping him too.

We've got the reporters caught on tape, conspiring to beforehand to spin and control the story on what Mitt Romney says. And he patiently and presidentially answered their repetitve questions. Obama rarely answers questions. And when he does, they are softball, or even "plants."

And we know that polls aren't reliable either. In fact, Axelrod bullied a poll recently because it showed Romney ahead. The polls can't be accurate at this time.

All in all, this article was useless. Why wasn't the Romney campaign interviewed. Just reporting on what other reporters have written, and on polls, is not worthwhile our time to read it

Go West
Taylorsville, UT

Mitt Romney's campaign has done amazingly well to stay on topic, despite all the distractions the mainstream media (i.e. Obama's propoganda machine) has dished out on him. Romney responds to them, but quickly gets back on topic aboot the economy.

I have to wonder what the writer of this article's intentions are. What are his biases, and political leanings?

I think it's so funny that when I listen to a speech and experience things first hand, and then I listen to or read a "journalist" tell me what I'm supposed to know or thing about it--it seems way off from what I heard. The mainstream media is losing it's grasp. They will be obsolete soon. We don't need them anymore. They 've been shown many times to lie to us.

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