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Published: Sunday, Sept. 16 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Can't see a problem. Those that have a CFP are actually having a background check daily (continually). If they are convicted of certain crimes the CFP becomes invalid instantly.

There really is no difference in a paper application and that done online. The renewal is basically a fee to cover the costs associated with the administration of the permits and the continual background checks we as law abiding citizens have agreed to. The online renewal is efficient and more cost effective for the state.

Also the CFP permit program is self sustaining (actually the state makes a little profit).

Law abiding citizens, Pack’em if you got em!

Sierra Vista, AZ

I am for people having their own guns. Guns don't shoot by themselves. Children should never know where a gun is kept. It's the owners responsible to make sure that no one else can find the gun, there aren't any bullets in it or with it and wherever it is, the container is locked and the owner is the only person who has access to it.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Why should the government require you to have a permit in order to exercise a constitutional right?

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